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The Relapse

PostPosted: Fri Nov 04, 2016 3:30 am
by Tentacles
Who knows for sure when this tragedy took place.

Whatever happened, it was violent. The leader's office is complete disarray - the desk has been smashed, split down the middle as if hit with a giant fist, the bookshelf knocked over, papers strewn everywhere. More worryingly, is the hideous amount of blood splashed about the room. Frantic handprints of the stuff dot the walls, accompanied by smears made by unknown appendages. Human teeth are scattered around the room, almost enough for a whole set.

A stack of papers has been very neatly fixed to the eastern wall, lodged there by a butterfly knife. From the well trained hand and the aged stationary, it is not hard to imagine who left these behind.


It appears my condition is deteriorating - I am reverting to whatever it is I arrived as. I don't even know where your Medic or Engineer is; it is as if everyone has vanished overnight. However I will leave this here, should anyone remain, or at least, so someone will know what happened here. Seeing as how I have been abandoned to this fate, I no longer feel it necessary to protect the company's secrets. Enclosed are the dial codes, over-ride protocols and a list of outside contacts that may be able to assist.

I deeply regret what happened while I was...the monster. As a precaution I will be taking myself as far from the base as I can before I am no longer myself. Hopefully at that point I will be too lost to return to you.

Best of luck to the survivors. If what I believe is happening at this base is actually happening, you will need all the luck you can get.