So Damned Graceful (Closed)

The place one goes to wash up. In total, there are 20 showers and 36 lockers; more than enough. The lockers centerpiece the stall-showers, which only have a curtain to protect from prying eyes. Same as the bathroom, this is unisex.

So Damned Graceful (Closed)

Postby HauntedParka » Sun Nov 27, 2011 10:00 pm

[I didn't particularly make this with others in mind, but feel free to join if you'd like]

Miguel eased the bathroom door open with a bare toe, making an extra effort to prevent noise. The experience in the barracks wasn’t exactly something that needed repeating. Bare feet eased carefully onto the cooled tile beneath him. With a step to the right, the door swung closed, generating a cool wind against Miguel’s parched skin.

The bathroom was vast but devoid of any life other than himself. An enthusiastic smile marred the young man’s face as he truly drank in the entire room. All 2Fort had to offer was a communal shower with 9 spigots, which were shared among twenty-something men. The shower room had been cramped, to say the least.

He hurried off to the nearest of the lockers that lined the walls: locker number 3. Miguel pulled it open and slid his bundle of hygienic goods onto a chest-high shelf inside. The sound of clinking metal bounced off of the tiled walls as his belt was unfastened. Without removing the strap from the loops, his jeans and briefs were shucked off in one swift move before being shoved into the shelf beneath the first. His tank-top soon followed the rest of his clothing.

With his maroon towel and wash rag slung over his shoulder and antiseptic soap in hand, he sauntered over to the first stall from the door. Miguel paused to observe his floor-length reflection in the mirror across the room. A lightly calloused palm rubbed suspiciously at his, mostly hairless, chest.

“God-damn I’m getting’ fuckin’ huge.”, he cooed with a grin on his face. Miguel flexed with all the grace that a naked mercenary in an empty bathroom could muster. His chest had in fact grown larger, though not significantly, since he started taking lifting advice from the heavy back at 2fort. Satisfied, the scout pulled himself away from the mirror in order to bathe.

The cold water from the shower caused goose bumps to rise on his warm skin. Miguel shuddered, though he continued to soak himself under the cold stream; he’d grown accustomed to it at his previous base. In minutes, the water warmed, allowing the scout to begin washing himself.
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Re: So Damned Graceful (Open)

Postby HauntedParka » Thu Dec 08, 2011 6:33 pm

Miguel emerged from the stall, a new man. He felt like he could take on the entire BLU team plus a radioactive bear with his bare hands. Two days worth of grime had been scrubbed clean from his skin, leaving the scout feeling almost weight-less. These small pleasures were all he had to look forward to at his time working for RED.

He stole one more glance at his reflection in the full-body mirror before begrudgingly pulling his coarse towel about his damp, tan skin. A little self-admiration never hurt anyone from time to time, right?

After he was adequately dry, the Scout pulled open his locker with a rusty rattle. He quickly stuffed his damp wash-cloth and soap into the highest shelf then he pulled on his lucky pair of mallard-patterned boxer shorts. Ah the stories those shorts could tell. The three bullet-holes just above the hemline could attest to them.

Miguel applied a generous amount of deodorant to both his underarms then carelessly tossed it in with the rest of his belongings. He scratched idly at his backside before tossing the towel over his shoulders in a manner not unlike a cape. It felt oddly appropriate. He didn’t really feel like figuring out where the hell laundry was located at the moment, so leaving them seemed like the next best thing to do. With a shrug, he slammed the locker shut and sauntered out of the shower room, a jaunty spring in his step.

Those pictures weren't going to tape themselves up, now were they?

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