Molly's Reappearance (OPEN)

The place one goes to wash up. In total, there are 20 showers and 36 lockers; more than enough. The lockers centerpiece the stall-showers, which only have a curtain to protect from prying eyes. Same as the bathroom, this is unisex.

Molly's Reappearance (OPEN)

Postby Molly Clairise Du Plessis » Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:33 pm

(Molly's been in the graveyard for a while. However did she disappear?)

"Ah.. Firetruck.... What time is is.." Molly woke up groggily in her bunk. Wait, why was she waking up in her bunk? She didn't remember going to bed at all... "Ugh.. Wonder what happened last night..." She said aloud. Was it last night? Two nights ago? How long had she been out?

Molly wearily scratched at her leg, then proceeded to grab a large black T-shirt, some shorts, a towel, and headed out for the showers. However long she'd been out, she really needed a bath. That seemed more important right now than finding out what happened, what she thought was, last night. "Hmph... I'll just ask somebody in there or something.." Molly thought. Though, she only knew a handful of people. It was doubtful any of them would happen to be taking a shower around the time she would be.

It was eerily quiet as she stepped into the off-white tiled room. The slap her bare feet made each step they took echoed around her. "Ehh.. I knew it'd be empty" She walked towards a random shower stall and started taking off her night attire, her baggy pants and a RED issued T-shirt she got from her dad. She threw them and her other clothes in a pile in front of the stall, opened the curtain, stepped inside, and then pulled it shut again. It took a few minutes, trying to find a balance between the hot and cold shower knobs, but she eventually found a happy medium. It was around this time she saw a large scratch, about seven inches long, across her thigh. "What the fu- What in the world did I do yesterday??"
Molly Clairise Du Plessis

Re: Molly's Reappearance (OPEN)

Postby Gavin Evander MacEacharna » Mon Nov 14, 2011 11:35 pm

It was fairly late, the sun having gone down long ago and the day's activities settling. Earlier on, Gavin had been out at the shooting range with his rifle. Even though it was ceasefire, there was no point in letting one's skills go rusty. So he'd let the time roll by, perfecting his shot, though he would have preferred moving targets instead of the stationary ones. But you take what you can get.

Now, he hobbled through the halls of the base, humming a little tune to himself. He'd stopped off at his bunk to drop off his equipment and grab a spare change of clothes, a towel, soap, and a loofah. He always preferred to wait to take a shower till he was fairly certain no one else would be around. It wasn't as if he were shy. Just that he preferred no one to see him while in a compromising state; he had to take his prosthetic off. Last thing he wanted was an audience watching him hop on one foot.

When he entered the showers, he cut his humming off as the sound of running water met his ears. Shite. Someone was in there. He contemplated just waiting, but that would be silly. From the sounds of it, it was only one person. And as long as he was discreet he could probably pop in for a quick wash and then out without notice.

With that resolve, he quietly picked a stall on the opposite side the row of lockers as the other person. Sitting on a bench, he quickly went about taking off his clothes and his leg, propping it on the bench by his clothes. It didn't take long before he was in the privacy of his own stall with curtain drawn and water flowing.
Gavin Evander MacEacharna

Re: Molly's Reappearance (OPEN)

Postby Molly Clairise Du Plessis » Tue Nov 15, 2011 7:34 pm

Molly had, for the most part, tried pushing the large scratch out of her mind for the time being. Worrying was a useless emotion, Molly had often voiced. If you couldn't do anything about it, why worry? If you could, why would you worry instead of doing it? Instead she thought about other things, like the REDs she had met at the base. Who were they.. Connal, a giant dog person thing, a drunk guy, or two if you counted her doc. And then there was that BLU medic, the one with the tentacles. He was alright. But still, she shouldn't be making friends with him anytime soon, specially if he was a no good BLU-

The thoughts of the people she met had frozen for a moment, for she had heard the sound of another stall shower starting up. "Hm?" She peered out of her stall, trying to see where they were or if she could tell who they were by their clothes. He had decided to choose the farthest stall he could? Hmph. She looked at the pile of clothes on the bench, and saw a kilt, some other clothes, and a.. A prothsetic of some sort. Ah, well that might explain the stall choosing, a little bit. But they were on the same team, and it was crucial to know everybody's strengths as well as weaknesses. She would have to find out eventually.

Upon finishing the cleaning of her hair, Molly realized that there was no soap. "Aw for the love of.." There was shampoo, conditioner, and a complimentary razor. But no soap? Jeez, what kind of base did she get reasigned to? Molly turned off the water, annoyed that she would have to find the happy medium between hot and cold again, and stepped out of the stall. She did not bother putting on her only towel, it would have gotten wet, and it was her only one. She checked the stalls around her for some, and then the stalls near the other bather. But her search proved fruitless. It seemed like she would have to ask for some.

Molly reluctantly grabbed her towel, messily wrapped it around herself, and proceeded to call out to the occupied stall. "Hey. Excuse me, would you happen to have some soap I can borrow?"
Molly Clairise Du Plessis

Re: Molly's Reappearance (OPEN)

Postby Gavin Evander MacEacharna » Tue Nov 15, 2011 10:52 pm

After entering the shower and getting the water running, Gavin had started up his humming again, though softer than before, the sound getting drowned out by the echo of the water. Grabbing the shampoo bottle in the stall he'd picked, he squeezed some out into his hands. Careful to only take what he needed, he lathered it into his hair, both on the top of his head and on his face. Might have been an odd thing to do, figuring most men who even had beards would just use regular soap. But it wasn't a habit he was about to break. The softer the better. Even the cheap-o shampoo was better than plain soap. And when he'd lathered and rinsed it all out, he did the same with the conditioner that was provided.

At some point, he heard the other stall cut off, and shortly after the sound of footsteps on the tile floor. He supposed any hint of going unnoticed he might have had was gone now, his shower the only one still running. But supposing the other person was through, it wouldn't matter anyway. He listened for the sound of clothes to rustle and then steps pattering off out of the room, but instead just heard them going around the room. He would have payed no mind to it, if not too long after he heard a feminine voice call out to him.

Pausing, he glanced down at the soap he had only just grabbed, not even having had a chance to suds-up the loofah in his other hand. Didn't they supply that with the shampoo and whatnot? The pure fact that she was asking though. . . Ah, that must have been the deal with all the pacing. Sure enough, looking around his own stall, he didn't see any bars of soap. He hadn't even realized. He always tried to snag one bar for himself at previous bases when he needed, seeing it as something that shouldn't be for communal use. Shampoo, sure, not body wash, unless it was in a bottle.

But he wasn't usually one to turn down someone if he could help it, especially a lady. Quite a young one, by the sound of her voice. But she couldn't be that young if she were there; he'd never seen anyone younger than early 20s.

“Ah, aye. Sure thin', lass,” he said, a hand going to the wall for support as he shifted his one-legged balancing act a bit. He reached his hand out past the shower curtain enough to hand it to her as he gave a bit of a chuckle, “Here ye go. 'm guessin' all th' rest ran out? 'least I hope tha's th' case an' we're not jus' expected to make do with shampoo.” He didn't know, still getting his bearing at this new base, but he hoped that wasn't the case. On the rare occasion, as he'd probably do now, sure. But that stuff, especially the cheap stuff, dries your skin out something fierce. And with winter coming along, it'd make for an itchy, uncomfortable season.
Gavin Evander MacEacharna

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