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Postby Henry Adams » Sat Apr 07, 2012 2:34 pm

After a long list of events that a few of you know of intimately, I've started putting together my own forum based on a story design by another RPer in another community. After a lot of work and thought, it's nearly finished!

Right now, all that's left to be done is determine a list of power-sets (classes), and then applications will be open for acceptance! ^_^ I have a short list of power-sets in mind that i'll be adding, but I don't feel that it's nearly long enough, so I'd like some input, and Since the SR community is by far the best out there, I'd like to send you all an open invite to come help out ^^ The website has a chatbox built in, so please stop by and register if you're interested in starting up a character when all's said and done, and we can discuss the possibilities.

See y'all there!

(HAAAHAHA. forgot the link, doy XP)
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