Desolate Haven: The World of Tomorrow

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Desolate Haven: The World of Tomorrow

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Sat Apr 06, 2013 2:59 pm


One hundred years into our future, war has ravaged the planet. Nuclear and biological weapons have eradicated the ideas of civilization and countries, leaving only those unlucky enough to have survived the fallout.

But within the depths of the Australian Outback, a single bunker symbolizes a ray of hope- A cure for the radiation enhanced virus that has killed the majority of those who managed to survive the fallout.

Humanity barely managed to escape extinction.

Forward some two hundred years further, and the bunker in the desert has developed into a bustling walled city of mass proportions. Within these great swathes of brick and stone, the descendants of the surviving few are divided into castes by virtue of their genetic purity.

This is the world of tomorrow.

This is Haven.

- - -

Desolate Haven is a roleplay forum taking place in a possible dystopian future, where humanity survives within the walls of an isolated city. Technology is generally of a steampunk level, and society is split between the Nobility and the Mutants who serve under them.

We are currently taking applications, and would greatly appreciate anyone spreading the word of our forum to those who might be interested.
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