...But am I?

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...But am I?

Postby Connal Reid » Wed Dec 02, 2015 12:22 am

A Py-bro is losing it.

Am I dead?

It's scary funny, that I can recognize how... not me that thought is. I know I'm not one for dumb, soul searchy type bullshit like that.

This place, though... This place makes me think. There isn't much else to do, anymore. I've tried reading what books were left. I still try to pick up something on the radio and the TV. Sometimes I can get it to work, but it's not for very long, and it's all stuff I've seen and heard before.

Is it repeating?

Are they dead?

I can't find anyone anymore. Everyone's gone. Could they really have just... left? Gone to a different base without so much as a goodbye? Leaving some of their things behind?

I fucking hate this swamp.

Some of them could have done that, sure. Not everyone was tight with me. I tried to get along, like I was supposed to, but not everybody can get along.

I can't remember a lot of their faces. At least I still have their names.

I wonder how they all might have died. They could be stuck in respawn. I know at least one of them is, for sure. Because of me I could have saved SHOULD HAVE HELPED He NeEDeD Me whY am i suCH-

What if I'm a ghost? What if we're all ghosts? What if everyone was here because they were dead? What if this was some sick sort of limbo? Or is it Hell? Can't say I wouldn't belong.

That would be terrifying funny, if there had only just been pieces of us here. If there still are pieces of us here. Maybe that's why the sugar's never where I leave it, even still. Why the TV is sometimes on a different channel when I wake up than when I fell asleep.

It would explain the notes.

I fucking hate those notes.

I fucking love those notes.

I don't know what to do.

They're here but they're not Here but I don't understand whERE ARE THey i fuckin h a t e hate hatehatehaaaAAATE

Are they Am I dead?

I don't want to I have to don't make me i have to i'm so scared I have to i won't I HAVE to i can't do it I HAVE TO

I'm going to.
I have to know.
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