Pics of Louisiana.

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Pics of Louisiana.

Postby Yuri Vanavich Karloff » Sun Aug 07, 2011 10:42 pm

Over this past weekend, I went up to louisiana (i'm in texas, and on a lower latitude XP) for a shrimp boil on my cousin's birthday. And along the way, I crossed the atchafalaya basin, where it's pretty much assumed that Swamp Rat sits. We didn't really have time to sit and take pictures, cause it's a six hour drive, and we wanted to get there, but I managed to catch some of the prettier visages from the car. Please, don't mind the sideways ness of it all. We were going seventy miles an hour...

ok, so, imbedding each and every one of them was getting taxing. Here's a slideshow :S
Yuri Vanavich Karloff

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