By These Hands (drabble)

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By These Hands (drabble)

Postby Felicien Sauvage » Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:14 pm

"Venez vite, vite!" They line up one by one, their expressions blank no matter how bright. Each child knows that today may be his last day. Everyone knows that the boy next to him has a blade in his hand. In moments, they will turn upon their brothers. Whatever memories they had fostered in the short six years they knew were to be cut down.

The first blood splattered against the floor. Rather than finish the first victim off, the blue-eyed boy bounded over his first victory and sought another. He came in between a duel and slit the throat of an unsuspecting boy, sparing not a single glance as his victim collapsed to his feet. One by one they fell, dropping like flies upon a windowsill. Tiny. Insignificant. Unwanted.

Until at last, only two were left.

"Et moi, Felicien? Tu vas me tuer?"

"Oui, David. Je suis pas desolé." It's the first lie of many as he drives the blade into his friend's back.
Felicien Sauvage

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