Activity Check - March 2013

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Activity Check - March 2013

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Sat Mar 23, 2013 3:47 pm

OKay everybody, you know what to do.
Considering the current lull, posting here in the Check and/or in the new Event counts as a latest post, so you do not need to link a thread.

Please fill out the form below for each character you have currently in play and post as a comment.

Character Name: First Last, Position
Team: RED/BLU/Other (monsters, missing, etc)
Latest Post: Thread Name (Participants), Date of Last Post
Current Status: Active (played often and consistently, main)/Intermittent (played on and off, secondary)/Declining (losing interest)
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Re: Activity Check - March 2013

Postby Connal Reid » Sat Mar 23, 2013 6:59 pm

Character Name: Connal Reid, Pyro
Team: RED
Latest Post: Not Your Bartender [Talbot] [open to others] (Puff, Falco, me), February 20th [I think, I'm not even sure]
Current Status: Active

Character Name: Tihun, Heavy
Team: BLU
Latest Post: One Sick Puppy (Ger, Maddie, Open) (Soul, Puff, me), March 1st
Current Status: Intermittent
Connal Reid - RED Pyro
Tihun - BLU Heavy Hyena Bitch
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Re: Activity Check - March 2013

Postby Penultimate Pi » Mon Mar 25, 2013 12:45 am

Character Name: Josif Arcson, Soldier
Team: RED
Current Status: Intermittent

Character Name: 'Xavier', Soldier
Team: N/A
Current Status: Intermittent

Character Name: Adrian Langer, Demoman
Team: BLU
Current Status: Declining

Character Name: Craig Synathen, Acting Medic
Team: HARA
Current Status: To Be Introduced
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Penultimate Pi
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