HARA (Edited Nov. 9, 2012)

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HARA (Edited Nov. 9, 2012)

Postby Penultimate Pi » Sat Jun 23, 2012 8:01 pm

What is HARA?

-incoming giant wall of text-

The Human Augmentation Research Agency. It was first conceptualized when a few different Medics and scientists applied the idea of using gene modification to make humans better, in such ways as merging them with animal DNA or simply amplifying their current abilities. Starting as a private military company, they accepted various commissions for creating hybrids and enhanced soldiers, including one from RED Team.

Applied in disguise as a series of stimulative shots to help survive the heated environment, the teams of Reactor as a whole had no idea they were part of HARA's project for creating the ideal fighter. As the mercenaries set out, each was assigned a scientist behind the scenes to monitor their progress. Initially, their efforts didn't seem to have much effect, for a while. It came as a surprise to all parties when Reactor went up in smoke, radiating the whole area. Respawn in Reactor was knocked out, and with that HARA didn't have the ability to monitor the status of the mercenaries there. Additionally, HAD began to delcine in popularity, due to the mistakes and deformities produced in their hybrids. HARA had an old mercenary base known as Swamp Rat bought out, under the agreement all mistakes of HARA and the companies would be sent there.

Desperate to keep up progress, they accepted BLU's similar commission offer, hoping to make a better impression. After a while, though, Reactor's Respawn finally kicked in again, sending one person though and a signal out to HARA. It was horrifying for everyone to discover that not only was Josif X. Arcson alive, but had devolved into a violent, radiated form of himself. Progress in the laboratory drastically slowed down to accommodate for correcting these revelations in their new mercenaries.

Dr. Synathen, meanwhile, tried to save Josif by sending him to Swamp Rat, paying a large bride. This fared little better; as Josif's animalistic mentality grew sentient and eventually took over his body, killing Josif in the process. Along with the other HARA-made hybrids and monsters that populated the swamp, Craig not only gave up on Josif, but the project and HARA itself; even when various improvements to their mistakes were being made. Dr. Synathen, having developed a strange empathy for Swamp Rat and the many misfits sent there, decided to desert HAD in favor of aiding the desolate location.

Of course, HARA doesn't like this course of action, it being a complete surprise considering Dr. Synathen's background. But they allow Craig to carry though with his plans, because of two main reasons.
One: there was no way Dr. Synathen could undermine HARA's intentions while he was in their dumping ground.
Two: Dr. Craig Synathen wasn't dealing with Josif. He was dealing with the ruthless killing machine known as Xavier, along with the many other hybrids, mercenaries and creatures trapped in the desolate swamp. There wasn't a good chance that the scientist, clearly trained for science and experimentation, would survive long in the swamp.
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