Trained Monster (Jericho Intro, OPEN)

Where everyone arrives. Arrival is not team-separate, and we trust you'll be able to figure out which you're on. We send supplies plus purchases every month, on the first. The original dock was destroyed, and the current one is still only half-finished, so you're dropped off a bit of a ways up the bank where its safer to land. Just don't get lost.
The team Warehouses also stand out near here, or at least used to. RED's is the only one still standing, while BLUs seems to have been burned to the ground. Or maybe exploded. Or both.

Re: Trained Monster (Jericho Intro, OPEN)

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Sun Oct 16, 2011 1:21 pm

Quiet? Whatever for?
He could only assume that the Pyro had a good reason for wanting to keep his arrival under wraps, and if he was patient, he would probably learn why himself, so he didn't bother to question, simply nodding and turning to his kennel.
A moment to push the gate closed, and the chimera came around to grip the padded carry handle in his teeth, hefting the heavy plastic and metal construct up off the rotting dock with little effort. Returning to Connal's side, he looked up to the man, an ear flicking as he waited for the Pyro to lead the way home.
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Re: Trained Monster (Jericho Intro, OPEN)

Postby Connal Reid » Wed Oct 19, 2011 1:21 pm

Looks like he was going to have to save the fishing for another time. Connal turned towards the base, and motioned for the others to follow as he led the way. Where to keep Jericho hidden...? He'd probably want to stay close to the others... Actually, he probably could just go ahead and bring the carrier into one of the bunks. Tom had his own place to sleep, anyway. So long as none of the others said anything, and he kept the cage out of view of the door, it should be alright. Yeah. It could totally work. "So, uh, how long you guys been with RED?" he asked, curious.
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