Seeing Eye Salamander (Niklas, open) (BACK DATED)

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The team Warehouses also stand out near here, or at least used to. RED's is the only one still standing, while BLUs seems to have been burned to the ground. Or maybe exploded. Or both.

Re: Seeing Eye Salamander (Niklas, open) (BACK DATED)

Postby Tentacles » Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:04 pm

There came the sound of some more snapping, followed by a savage sounding guttural inhale as the water continued to be disturbed. Well. The frog would get to keep its life today. A damn shame, that was a big one.

"Naw, its nothing. I thought I saw something." this lie came a little easier then the others, as Niklas definitely didn't see him flinging himself mouth first at some poor little frog. The disappointment in his voice was obvious however. "Hmrph. Sorry about that."
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Re: Seeing Eye Salamander (Niklas, open) (BACK DATED)

Postby Puffin » Mon Sep 24, 2012 7:07 pm

Niklas was entirely suspicious, protectively and unconsciously hiding the turtle in his hands. "What was making that squeaking noise? Was that some other animal you were trying to catch?" He had heard that sound which sounded like something inhaling, but he wasn't sure if the source was the animal or James.

It wasn't really of much consequence, though. "What were we talking about?"
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