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Re: Falling Out of the Sky (Intro, Open!)

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 11:51 pm
by Gerhard Melsbach
Oh. OH!
THAT made a lot more sense, yes, much much more sense.
Jericho frowned, ears angling back as his claws tapped unconsciously on the floorboards, taking a moment to think and put his thoughts together before speaking.
"The crash... Vehicle would have been monitored, tracked..."
He looked up to Connal, brow furrowed.
"Would RED follow here? Check for survivors?"
The guy might have been a test subject of the Companies, but the Companies had a lot of test subjects. As far as he recalled, so long as they roughly knew where they all were, the Companies tended not to really care to much where one or two ended up. Much like himself and the monster in the swamp.

Re: Falling Out of the Sky (Intro, Open!)

PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, 2012 2:09 pm
by Connal Reid
"I dunno, maybe," Connal replied to Jericho's question, with a shrug. "Dunno how well that'd work out for 'em, though. Even though new people are comin' in, they all gotta walk 'cause the boats won't come out here any more. I guess that wouldn't stop them from tryin' to rent a boat, but Henry was talkin' about strippin' the crash for parts. If anyone comes nosin' about, we can just say everyone was dead."

What was the octo-dude doing now? Oh, writing. He wanted to write. Which was weird, since he had already said he couldn't, but apparently he was still going to try. "Okay, I'll be back in a sec, then, see if I can't find you somethin' to write on an' with." Remembering a drawer full of miscellaneous supplies, the big redhead got up and headed toward the kitchen. It took a minute to find, and he let his mind wander while he checked through drawers. One hybrid that might as well not be able to see, one that couldn't speak... Heck, they just needed one to be deaf, and then they'd have the perfect trio; See no Evil, Hear no Evil, and Speak no Evil. Actually, no, he should probably keep that to himself. Someone might get insulted by that.

Then again, they might get a chuckle out of it, too. Just depended on the person, he guessed.

Connal managed to find the drawer he was looking for, and for once was lucky enough to find both a small pad of yellow paper, and a pencil. Sure, the pencil was broken in half, but at least the half that was there had a sharpened end. Where the hell someone had found a pencil sharpener, though, he couldn't even guess.

After a random thought, Connal pulled down a cup and filled it up from the tap. The octo-dude hadn't had any water since they set him outside, he was probably thirsty. With everything in tow, he made his way back to he porch. "Back," he greeted, letting the front door slam behind him. "Here ya go, found some paper an' a pencil. An' I brought ya some water, thought you might be thirsty."

Charades advances to Pictionary

PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, 2012 3:39 pm
by Anu Laar
Anu looked around a bit, but mostly stayed still and just listened. The buzz of insects, the song of birds, some sort of machinery. The hybrid on the deck. Perhaps they were expecting him to return the rescue with some favour later. There had to be some reason it was quick to suggest lying to protect him.

Once he had the tools, he put the paper down beside the water and curled over and around it, concentrating very hard on holding the pencil. He started with the basics, things that they already knew to put it in context... and there had been a time he could write his whole name. Both of them. He mused out all over the paper, made an attempt to indicate what he did want, then tore it off the pad and handed it over.


And then, the water. His long blue tongue snaked into the glass to get wet, then he drank the rest up.

Re: Falling Out of the Sky (Intro, Open!)

PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, 2012 6:58 pm
by Gerhard Melsbach
Jericho didn't bother to follow Connal, knowing he'd be useless in a search for writing utensils, and instead stood guard, just in case the stranger got antsy and tried something (which he doubted, but better safe than sorry).
The moment the ginger returned, the chimera was moving over to sit on his Master's feet, waiting until the Pyro stopped moving to do so and putting himself in the ideal position for both protecting his Master and getting the absolute best petting. Because Connal always had the best of the petting.
Anyone saying otherwise was an idiot.

He was a bit surprised by how quick the stranger was about getting his 'writing' done, idly wondering what had been written but knowing very well that his near-sightedness and colorblindness made it practically impossible for him to read unless the words were super high contrast (and fairly large), so he simply handed it up to Connal, waiting expectantly for his Master to tell him what was going on.

Re: Falling Out of the Sky (Intro, Open!)

PostPosted: Sat Jul 28, 2012 10:02 pm
by Connal Reid
Connal accepted the paper, and then sat back down on the deck chair. He licked his lips and let out a sigh, looking it over. This was going to be interesting to try to decipher. "Okay, so, uh... There's a stick guy, and a bomb and a knife... Oh, that's like, the Spy symbol, right? And the stick guy is you? So you're a Spy, okay. Then the bomb's something to do with a Demom- no wait, I get it, it's the RED logo. A RED Spy. And then there's a Medic, I know that cross. So... There's a can of spaghetti? Wait, no, that's you as an octo-dude." He stopped thinking out loud for a bit, working through the rest of the arrows. "Okay, so there was, like, one Medic in charge of you, I think, an' them some guys with either three fuckin' arms or Gene Simmons tongues and they took you away from that Medic and into a plane where you crashed and met the swamp monster. And that stuff in the corner looks like a fish an' some water, I don' really get what that has to do with anything. What I don' get, though, is this thing circled in the middle. Issat a word? The first part kinda looks like a capital 'A' and the last looks like a lowercase 'u,' but I can't figure out this middle thing. Is that an 'm,' or an 'x?' Oh, is this your name? Amu? Axu?"

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2012 4:31 pm
by Anu Laar
Not arms; ties. He outlined one over his chest to clarify, maybe. Not important, anyway, beyond that there weren't any three-armed men sending him on missions. As if "mission" was the word for anything they'd want him to do. There was a bit else off, too, but by and large that was the gist of it.

Except the name. Yes, his name, but he didn't have it right. He didn't know letters well enough to do any better than that, but "amu" sounded... kinda close. Anu made circling gestures, trying to get him to keep guessing. He was so very close. Couldn't recall the last time he'd heard his name, actually, the aforedoodled Medic seemed to enjoy re-badging him like a second-hand car that needed a nickname.

He was sitting up again now, feeling a bit better, apparently, and now with some tentative hope about a good arrangement happening with these People.

Re: Falling Out of the Sky (Intro, Open!)

PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2012 6:54 pm
by Gerhard Melsbach
Jericho frowned, listening to his Master struggle and wondering what was so scribbled that Connal was fighting to understand it, finally huffing crossly and reaching up to pull the Pyro's hand down so he could look. Huh, not so bad, still hard though...
Mentally, he went over what had already been determined and said aloud, using that to decipher what he struggled to see.
"Okay... RED, Spy, Medic experiment..."
He glanced up, ears perking up at catching the Spy's movement, then looked back to the paper.
"Scientists? Scientists under the Medic?"
That made sense, the TentaSpy was a favorite of the Company facilities, the 'sure' thing they liked to play with. Right, so that bit made sense, the experiment bit, what was the rest...
Frowning at the paper, nose nearly touching the pad as he struggled to focus, the chimera growled in frustration and pulled the paper from his Master's grip to pace over to the stranger. Setting the pad down, he pointed to the first image in the last row.
"Is this a plane?"

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2012 7:36 pm
by Connal Reid
Connal did his best to hold back a chuckle. Jericho hadn't needed to try to read or look at any drawings so far, so it was a little funny how he just yanked his arm, and then stole the paper entirely. It was also a little sad. He knew his friend's eyesight wasn't the best, but he hadn't realized it was quite that terrible. Maybe that glasses idea wouldn't be so ridiculous, after all.

No, it totally still was hilarious, but if they did do that, he'd get used to it.

"Yeah, that's a plane, Jer," he answered for the octo-dude's sake. Then he went back to trying to get the guy's name right, a little harder now that he couldn't look at the paper. "Uhh... Avu? Ayu? Awu?" No, none of those were correct, apparently, and they kind of sounded a little stupid, too. "...Anu?"

Winding down, I do believe.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2012 8:37 pm
by Anu Laar
Yes! Anu actually smiled at that, albeit briefly. His name mangled in some American accent, but who cares, close enough. Hearing that was not something he expected, when he was thinking about his day to come on that plane. Yes, that was a plane.

Alright then. He would go find his small dark place nearby. Perhaps he could get the People between him and the beast, that would be a good start for some sort of arrangement. But he would not stay here. They didn't seem to have any food. Food he wanted.

So he pulled himself up, watching them as he began moving toward the steps. Food. And somewhere to sleep food off. Unless food out here wouldn't make him sleepy, that was something he wasn't going to wait to go find out. The beast went off to go lick its wounds, nothing intelligent would do so near humans with their guns. Except him, apparently, which was probably stupid.

Re: Falling Out of the Sky (Intro, Open!)

PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2012 9:45 pm
by Gerhard Melsbach
He'd been asking the Spy, but hey, it was an answer.
Jericho puzzled over the pictures for another few moments, ears flicking to and fro as he listened to the 'banter' going on over his head. Ugh, he was going to need an ibuprofen after this...
Wait, they had a name now?
The chimera looked up, mismatched eyes double checking what his ears had picked up, a brow quirking in obvious interest.
"Anu? You're name's Anu?"
Looking back to the paper and its scribbles, he could see the word now, and smiled, the tip of his tail wagging. Progress! Progress was always good, yes! About to turn and ask further about the images, the hybrid's ears drooped at seeing the TentaSpy starting off on his own. Not good, not good! Especially with the monster about!
"H-Hey! Hang on, where're you going?!"

Re: Falling Out of the Sky (Intro, Open!)

PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2012 10:54 pm
by Connal Reid
"It is Anu? Cool! Well, nice to meet you, Anu." Not a bad deduction, Connal decided, for a high school dropout. And yet, just as it seemed like there were finally getting started, Anu decided to leave. "Wait, whoa, don' ya wanna at least lemme show you where the shallower places are?" he asked, sitting up in his seat a bit more. He guessed that the hybrid wanting to leave was probably to get fish and relax in some water, like in the corner of the picture. Unsure how he'd feel about this, the firestarter went ahead and asked, "An' we got some tanks, I think, if ya wanna chill in water that's a bit deeper an', y'know, not got a big ass monster that wants ta eat ya? An' no leaches. Fuck leaches."

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:41 pm
by Anu Laar
He was going. Anu looked back and nodded at his name, again, yes yes that was a nice word. But no, no he would not be spending any time in a tank thank you very much. Anu made a face at the suggestion. No, none of that. He was going to do everything he could do to avoid that.

The wounds would knit once he ate and rested for a few days, perhaps a bit longer out here. And then he would get used to swimming with... less help in the number-of-limbs department. Damned beast. Relatively speaking, a small change, compared to what he'd gotten used to. But still. He could be mad about it.

It was pretty easy for him to be mad about something.

The offer of being shown around made him pause, but.. hm. Anu pointed to where he planned to go, the edges of the water out there. Just far enough to fish. He would take his chances, in this window of time he was betting his new nemesis was doing just what he himself planned to do very soon. Healing up.

But he had to get going. Back toward the water he went, pulling himself forward carefully. He would mind the stitches.

Re: Falling Out of the Sky (Intro, Open!)

PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:22 pm
by Gerhard Melsbach
The chimera rapidly shifted his weight from foot to foot, ears flattened as he glanced between the tentacled man and his Master. Anu was new, but he hadn't hurt anyone yet and he was injured, so he wanted to help keep the TentaSpy from getting eaten. But it was his job to look after Connal, even if he wasn't hurt and probably wouldn't mind him helping someone else.
It was the principle of the thing, his Master always came first-!
He whined, looking to Connal in the hopes that the Pyro would help him decide on what to do.

Re: Falling Out of the Sky (Intro, Open!)

PostPosted: Tue Jul 31, 2012 6:15 pm
by Connal Reid
In response to the upset face, Connal gave a sheepish grin. Okay, maybe making the suggestion of sleeping in a tank wasn't the best one for someone who had been stored under a mountain inside a tank. "Well, okay, if you really want. But hey, be careful out there okay?" he called after Anu. "An' feel free to come back around here if ya ever need anythin'! I'll make sure to spread the word that you're cool!" As an afterthought, he added, "And I meant it about the leaches! Watch out for them little fuckers!"

The Pyro then turned his attention on his chimera friend. "Hey, don' worry, buddy. He'll be okay. 'Sides, this is probably the first time he's not had somebody forcin' 'im t' do stuff since he got the tentacles. An' now he knows it's safe here, so even if he does run into the swamp thing again, he knows he can come here to get taken care of." He hoped. "'Cause, y'know, he managed to get away after bein' in a plane crash. Imagine how tough he'll be once he's healed up a bit."