There's no place like.. The Swamp? (Mel's Intro, Open)

Where everyone arrives. Arrival is not team-separate, and we trust you'll be able to figure out which you're on. We send supplies plus purchases every month, on the first. The original dock was destroyed, and the current one is still only half-finished, so you're dropped off a bit of a ways up the bank where its safer to land. Just don't get lost.
The team Warehouses also stand out near here, or at least used to. RED's is the only one still standing, while BLUs seems to have been burned to the ground. Or maybe exploded. Or both.

There's no place like.. The Swamp? (Mel's Intro, Open)

Postby Oliver Levandi » Sun Sep 25, 2011 6:58 pm

It seemed like the weather here was turning out just like he had been told it would. Melvin had never been a big fan of this kind of weather, but it wasn't something that bugged him much, nor would he even bother to complain about it. He had been in freezing rain, icy snow, scorching heat.. a little mist, an eerie breeze and a bunch of alligators floating around underneath him was nothin'.

Hell, he was kind of excited to see where he had been shipped off to. Most people gave him a sympathetic pat on the back and wished him all the best before he left, but Melvin saw no reason to pout over his sudden transfer. It was a Swamp, so what? It wasn't as if this transfer was a bad thing.. kind of abrupt, yeah, but that was it. What could he possibly have to worry about?

The small boat lurching to a halt quickly snapped the Scout out of his thoughts, nearly sending him off the edge he had been leaning and off into the alligator infested water. He was thankful for his quick reflexes-- Melvin would rather not be alligator food right now. The bag he had been carrying on his shoulder however, was not so lucky.

It was hard balancing yourself and a bag when you were about to be thrown over, so the Scout didn't even bother keeping a hand on it. They had reached the Docks, so the water wasn't very deep.. but since he had all of his clothes and a few snacks in there, the depth of the water was the last thing on his mind. Boy, he hoped alligators didn't like sour cream chips..

Letting out an irritated sigh, he gathered the rest of his things, hopping over the side and onto the ground near his shipwrecked bag. Setting the rest of them down out of harms way, he began to trudge toward the mudding water.
Oliver Levandi

Re: There's no place like.. The Swamp? (Mel's Intro, Open)

Postby Gavin Evander MacEacharna » Mon Sep 26, 2011 11:09 pm

The entire place was a bleedin' maze.

Gavin had arrived at the docks not all that long ago, maybe an hour or so, if that. He'd quickly found himself alone when the boatman had taken his leave after he'd barely stepped off the boat. Not having received much information about his new base before hand and not having found anyone there to greet him and lead him to the base, he'd grabbed up the few belongings he had and trudged away on his own.

He hadn't though it would be hard to find; he tended to have a fair sense of direction. And it couldn't be all that far away either. But when the rickety board walk he'd been following had split off into different paths through the muck and water, that's where he'd had problems.

He'd chosen one path pretty much by random with the hope he'd be lucky the first time. When it had brought him to a watering hole full of at least two dozen gators, he'd backtracked as quickly as his wooden leg would allow. He'd chosen another path that had been a dead end and, again, backtracked. The third he decided to try? Along it, the boards had broken from beneath him and he'd narrowly avoided taking a swim, ending up losing a boot in the process that he'd had to fish back out.

So there he was, standing at the crossroads yet again, a soggy boot and only two paths left. He'd been there for a good five or ten minutes trying to decide. He didn't really think he could afford another mistake. For all he knew he'd end up picking the path that lead to the BLU base. And though he didn't mind that at all, he wasn't so sure it would fly quite as nicely with whichever BLU he ended up stumbling upon, ceasefire or not.

It was then that the familiar sound of a boat not that far off at the very docks he'd first arrived at reached him. Curious and hopeful it was someone who could give him direction, or at last a bit of company, he turned and headed back to the dock, boot squishing with every other step.
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Re: There's no place like.. The Swamp? (Mel's Intro, Open)

Postby Oliver Levandi » Mon Sep 26, 2011 11:46 pm

Trying to get his bag out of the water was proving to be fairly simple. The 'gators that were beginning to swim near the shallow water on the otherhand, were going to be a big problem. The thing was, mud liked to stick to things. Namely, heavy things that sunk into it. His bag just happened to be heavy enough to settle itself into said mud and didn't seem to budge. Now, this wouldn't be a problem.. except alligators would take any meal they can. Even if they had to grab the Scout's bag and drag him along with it.

Sure, he could just leave the bag... and walk around in the same outfit during his entire time at the new Base. He figured there was a clothing store around here, but really, they were his clothes. Keepsakes. Some of the shirts in there had been given to him by fellow teammates, so it was fair to say that they were pretty important to him. And oh, Melvin would be damned if he was letting a bunch of damn 'gators have his clothes for lunch.

But as strong as the Scout's upper muscles were, the bag was stuck firm.

"Oh, c'mon.." he let out a low growl, leaning all of his weight back in an attempt to pry the bag out of the mud. A small noise from the water indicated that it had moved.. kind of, but certainly not enough to make decent progress. Man, if he couldn't pull it out with all of his weight, how on earth was he going to get it?

And then, he saw it.

A tall, blurred figure in the distance. It was a long shot, but certainly one of the civilians would want to help him out? He probably had some spare change lying around somewhere.. yeah, he could tip the guy or somethin'. "Hey, pardon me! Over here!" Melvin gave a small wave toward the stranger in the distance, trying to catch his attention. "Vould you mind giving me a leetle help?"
Oliver Levandi

Re: There's no place like.. The Swamp? (Mel's Intro, Open)

Postby Gavin Evander MacEacharna » Tue Sep 27, 2011 1:54 am

Gavin hadn't gone all that far before he'd heard a voice call out for assistance a ways off and managed to catch a bit of an outline of somewhat through the fog waving to him.

“Aye!” he waved back, responding to at least let the other man, he figured by the tone of his voice, know that he'd heard. Somewhat picking up the pace, it wasn't long before he came to a stop at the edge of the boardwalk, the view of the other becoming clear.

“Aye, what seems tae be the trouble?” Gavin set down his bags, noticing a couple others that seemed to belong to the other man, easily assuming that, like him, the other was fresh off the boat. Looking towards the other, calf-deep in the thick muck, he found his question already answered as he observed what was in front of him. He also observed the gators that were slowly starting to make their way into the shallows toward him.

“Ah, here!” Not caring about getting his boots thick with mud--one already was, may as well even them out—he waded into the water as well. Though he didn't fancy getting his prosthetic muddy and wet, even if it was water-sealed, he always helped a person in need.

Grabbing the bag along with the stranger, he gave a great pull. There was a gurgling suction sound as it started to shift in the mud and then popped out soggily.

“There ye go!” he laughed as he handed it over, giving the slightly taller male a hearty pat on the shoulder and making his way to solid ground, being careful his leg didn't get stuck in the mud, “Would do ye no good tae have tha' stuck in a gator's belly!”
Gavin Evander MacEacharna

Re: There's no place like.. The Swamp? (Mel's Intro, Open)

Postby Oliver Levandi » Tue Sep 27, 2011 2:27 am

He was immensely thankful for the other man's assistance, especially when he noticed the familiar RED color of the man's uniform. He was confused as to why the man was already here, besides the obvious 'welcoming committee' idea, though that didn't explain why he had bags just like Melvin did. Ah, well.. it wasn't as if there was only one ferry running about. The other RED had probably arrived before him or something. It wasn't exactly hard not to get lost in the swamp.

The Scout pulled as hard as he could along with the Sniper, though he nearly fell back in surprise when the bag popped out of the muddy water with a light gurgle. Upon closer inspection of the other male, though, his surprise was quickly wiped away; the guy was built just about as well as he was, though obviously not as lean. (it was a Scout thing) He offered his hand out as a thanks to his new teammate, giving a light chuckle at the comment. "Thank you, that was a real pain.. I had no idea that boats halted so suddenly, and the next thing I know, my bag had flown overboard. I didn't really feel like valking in the same outfit for god knows how long. All of my clothes are in here." he held up the muddy bag, giving it a light pat. "I take it you are new as-vell? I'd offer you a hand, but.." it seemed like there were a bit too many bags to split between the two of them, and trading luggage would be pretty redundant at this point. "Ah, vell.. I hope the rest of the area isn't like dis. Too muddy for my taste.."
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Re: There's no place like.. The Swamp? (Mel's Intro, Open)

Postby Gavin Evander MacEacharna » Tue Sep 27, 2011 7:43 pm

“Haha! Sure thing, lad,” Gavin chuckled. He reached out, taking the hand that had been offered and giving the other a firm shake, taking a moment to size him up in the process. Slightly taller, only by a couple inches, lean though obviously well built. Based on the hint of an accent, Gavin assumed Russian. And his colors showed him to be a fellow teammate, though even if he hadn't of been he was friendly, and that was all that really mattered to him.

“Better yer bag 'n yerself. But aye, 'm fresh off the boat. An' there be no need; I don' have tha' much anyway,” he smiled as he reached down to pick up the only bags he had. He slung the duffel bag with his clothes over his shoulder and held his violin case under his arm, the handle having long ago broken off of the old thing.

“Could help ye if ye like, tho,” he offered, not minding taking another, “An' I can tell ye now it don' get better by much. Been here an hour, tryin' tae find the way. Bit a bad luck there. But, 'm pleased tae say I narrowed it down tae two paths!” He laughed, “Either way, 'm glad to see a friendly face. The name's Gavin. Nice tae meet ye!”
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Re: There's no place like.. The Swamp? (Mel's Intro, Open)

Postby Oliver Levandi » Tue Sep 27, 2011 11:59 pm

He was tempted to protest the other man carrying his bag, but if the men was confident in his abilities, well.. Melvin couldn't really complain. It was nice to see a friendly face right off the bat and since they were on the same team, it wouldn't exactly be hard to pay the man back later. It was a long day, and he was pretty darn sure he wouldn't be getting transfered again anytime soon.

"Thanks man. I collected a lot of tings from my old Bases, so even though I'm a light packer, they seem to add up quite a bit." he picked his own bags up with a chuckle, swinging out over his shoulder and letting the other one hang by his side.
"Really? Bah, it's no wonder dey warned me about dis place. Playing hide n' go find-de-Base doesn't sound like a very fun ting to do in a Swamp." especially with 'gators crawling all around you, trying to take a chunk out of your ankles every chance they got. Melvin was not at all envious of his fellow teammate-- he wouldn't even wish one of the BLU's gettin' lost in this place. "Pleasure to meet you, call me Melvin." his free hand was offered toward the other man as a friendly gesture, though since it seemed Gavin's hands were just as full as his were, he wasn't going to hold to hold it against the other man if he didn't get a shake in return.

"I take it dis is not your first Base? Dis is my.. fith now, though hopefully my last for avhile. I'm not very keen on constant transfers."
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Re: There's no place like.. The Swamp? (Mel's Intro, Open)

Postby Gavin Evander MacEacharna » Thu Sep 29, 2011 1:16 pm

As soon as he was given the okay, Gavin picked up one of the other's bags, fully capable of doing so and not minding in the least. He himself was used to carrying only the bare essentials. Other than his clothes and his fiddle and a few things for hygienic purposes, all he had were his weapons and the tools used to keep them in working order. But that was how he preferred it.

“No problem,” he chuckled, smiling at his new friend as he learned his name, “Well Melvin, hope ye don' mind if I call ye Mel!” Figuring they could talk while walking, Gavin moved to start walking alongside the European. They'd have a ways to get to the spot where the path split and then they would have to try their luck. Hopefully it'd be better than what he himself had before. Last thing he wanted to do was walk into another pit of gators and end up taking a swim with them.

“Fifth, eh? Tha' don' seem too bad. M'self, I've gone 'n lost count! Haha! Never stayed in one spot too long afore I got carted off elsewhere. 'm thinkin' tha's pretty much become a habit. But, aye, 'm figurin' to be here for a while as well. End a' the line 'n all tha.”
Gavin Evander MacEacharna

Re: There's no place like.. The Swamp? (Mel's Intro, Open)

Postby Oliver Levandi » Fri Sep 30, 2011 10:15 pm

"Nah, dat's alright. Truth be told, dat is vhat most people call me anyvay." he copied the other mans movement, walking beside him as they began their casual chat. Melvin wasn't even going to bother trying to navigate by himself-- the other man had been here longer than he had at the moment, meaning he'd probably have a better chance of finding the correct path. Much like Gavin, he didn't really feel like walking into a 'gator trap anytime soon.

"I know vhat you mean. I never seemed to stay at von Base for more dan a year, year and a half if I vas lucky. But I served at my past two Bases for roughly two years each. My comrades varned me that being transferred here vas some kind of demotion, but I doubt it is dat bad here. I mean, besides de alligators, swamps and all de fog." but really, who judged a book by its cover? For all he knew, the Base could be amazing and he could end up here for a few years to come. ..Or, he hoped as much. The Scout couldn't think of a single reason to be transferred here for a demotion, meaning that there had to be SOME other reason. But, he tried to stay optimistic.
"Vell, I'm sure de actual Base is nicer dan this place. It's not good to judge on appearances, da?"
Oliver Levandi

Re: There's no place like.. The Swamp? (Mel's Intro, Open)

Postby Gavin Evander MacEacharna » Sun Oct 02, 2011 4:37 am

“Ah, sounds like ye have a few years more under ye'r belt than I do either way. Was lucky tae stay at a base for more 'n a couple months m'self. But don' I know what ye mean; place seems tae have quite a rep!” Gavin chuckled a bit as they walked, the other's testimony holding true to what he had similarly been told. But, like Melvin seemed to see it, he himself didn't view this as a bad thing, the other's optimism matching his own. It just pleased him all the more as he gave a happy nod to the other.

“But aye! Never judge a book by her cover. Or buildin', in this case. Long as there's a roof over our heads 'n food for our bellies, tha's fine with me!” he said with a smile as they continued walking. Though it wasn't long before they reached the spot where the path split off and had Gavin stumped. It was then that he stopped and turned to his new friend.

“Right, well. This is as far as I know where tae go. There's only two paths I didn' take,” he said, indicating them with a nod of his head, both leading in fairly opposite directions, “I wasn' shown any map a' the place, but 'm fairly sure tha' one leads tae our new base, 'n the other leads tae BLU's. Afore ye showed up, m' gut was tellin' me tae go with the left. . . but I don' know 'bout tha', considerin' m' gut's firs' three picks lead tae dead ends. One damn near literal.”
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Re: There's no place like.. The Swamp? (Mel's Intro, Open)

Postby Oliver Levandi » Thu Oct 06, 2011 9:08 am

"Vhat's funny is nobody I know has actually been here, but dey all seem to say de same ting, or just have de same assumptions. Really, I don't think it's that bad here.." it could definitely be worse, Melvin imagined. They could have crocodiles who shot lasers out of their eyes, or man-eating cattails.. the possibilities were endless!

He gave a big nod at the mention of food-- he wasn't a bit eater, but he still loved it to bits. Growing up on his Mom's homecooking after a hard day of football practice or a day working with the Mob was always something he looked forward to. And no matter how different things were now, food was still just as important to him. "I hear you. My Mother used to make de best food one de block. Even if ve had a rough spell, ve always knew ve'd come back to our nice little home vith a warm meal on the table, vhich was more dan enough for us."

Melvin listened to the other man contently, scanning both paths over himself with a light hum. "I can see vhy you had such a problem; dere's noting to indicate vhich path goes vhere.. vhich you vould tink dey'd have, seeing as dey vhere bound to loose a few people to de 'gators odervise." unless the Company just didn't care, in which case he was not a happy Scout.. "My old Bases' vhere always on de right, vhile BLU's sat on de left. I have no clue if it's like dat here, but I guess it vouldn't hurt to try? At-least now if von of us gets stuck, ve have two brains to vork out de right path again."
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Re: There's no place like.. The Swamp? (Mel's Intro, Open)

Postby Gavin Evander MacEacharna » Fri Oct 07, 2011 6:28 pm

Gavin had nodded thoughtfully at Melvin's words. Actually, when he thought about it, everything he'd been told about the new location had all been rumor. No one actually had any solid information to go by based on time spent there; no one had. It was something that lead him to believe that, once you transferred to this base, the only two ways to leave were to resign from the Company of one's own volition or be carried away in a casket. Either way, he wouldn't take the rumors to heart.

“No kiddin',” Gavin mumbled in agreement with the lack of direction, “But, aye, we can certainly try tha'. An' it shouldn' be too hard tae get outta trouble if we happen on it. Worse tae worse, we backtrack 'n take this last path. Process a' 'limination! Though with any luck, this'll be the one right off.”

Having chosen a path, and sincerely hoping that this was the right one, Gavin hefted his bag over his shoulder again, it having slipped a bit, and moved to walk along with the other.
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