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Predation (for Enrico, may open later)

PostPosted: Thu Oct 11, 2012 9:20 am
by Tentacles
The relative safety of the RED base had its draw-backs.

Sure, it was easy enough to stay out of sight, out of mind of most of the inhabitants of the base. Jasper had some hesitation at first on taking over the 'Leader's' office, but seeing as it was abandoned and had its own private quaters, he had taken it as his own personal lair. Plus it put him closer to the phone - he wanted to be on top of that thing the minute the call came in that he could transfer out of this stink hole. The waiting was starting to wear on him, and there was only so much sunning and smoking (and drinking with Pyros) a predator could take to distract himself. And the quieter it was, the more that sadistic little voice in the back of his head whispered bad ideas...

...well, what was the harm in indulging in those ideas a little?

Fortunately none to any human (or humanish) inhabitants of the base.

All Jasper could remember was leaving the base and heading into the swamp. The next moment the sun had moved suspicously closer to the horizon, he was in the middle of a grove of cyprus trees and also an aligator appeared to have exploded all over the general vicinity.

The tail was hanging over a branch like a discarded towel, and the hollowed out body of the poor beast lay just a few yards away. Intestines were strewn about like streamers. The head was similarly removed, thrown against the base of said tree with a bailsong lodged firmly in its left eye socket.

This is the last time I let you talk me into anything. Jasper was disgusted, not with what appeared to be the complete and total loss of control, but mostly that he was completely caked with aligator gore. It was all over his face and up his arms, to say nothing of the completely ruined suit.

Still his hunger was impossible to ignore. The canned food over at RED just wasn't cutting it. It made his mind ill to admit it, but he was absolutely salivating looking at the mutilated gator. Nobody had seen this happen. Noone would ever even know this happened.

With a measure of caution, glancing about before crouching down to tuck in, the former monster quietly set upon the carcass.

Re: Predation (for Enrico, may open later)

PostPosted: Fri Oct 12, 2012 1:40 am
by Gerhard Melsbach
Speaking of canned food, the resurrected Spy wasn't the only one out searching for food.
Though Enrico was out more for the collective rather than his own self, since BLU had started going through supplies a great deal more quickly now that there was a pair of Heavies as well as a pair of large pseudo-canines running around. Funny how the hyenas were actually more amiable than their owner...

The New Zealander had been out and about for nearly 48 hours straight, a little walkie-talkie thing rigged up by Henry keeping him in contact with the main base so Gerhard wouldn't have a panic attack trying to find him, and finally -FINALLY- managed to shoot down something big enough for everyone back at base.
A wild boar, some big old sow that had gotten just a bit too slow in her advancing age, a neat hole through one temple and out the other. A nice, clean kill, just how he liked it.

Humming idly to himself, Enrico knelt down to start the messy business of getting the animal skinned and butchered into parts he could easily carry back, his big hunting knife a wonderfully well suited tool.
He was part way through the process of stripping off the tough, coarsely haired skin when he heard an odd wet 'plop' from some distance ahead. Listening a moment, he shrugged and went back to work, only to pause at hearing the same noise again. Frowning, he sat still, listening intently, and that frown deepened at hearing another almost sickly sounding 'plop'.

What in the world...?

You keep using that wordALSO THIS THREAD IS GOING PLACES

PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2012 9:17 am
by Tentacles
The 'plop', as it were, was originating from one hungry monster about a dozen yards out. Specifically, he wasn't eating very neatly, that is to say every inedible piece of offal was being tossed over his shoulder.

If he had been not-covered-in-blood and less occupied, he would have noticed the Sniper less then a hundred feet away. However at the moment his head was rammed up inside of an aligator's ribcage.

This is absolutely disgusting.

But its satiating that bloody hunger of yours, isn't it? Too bad its not human.

You be quiet.


Re: Predation (for Enrico, may open later)

PostPosted: Mon Oct 15, 2012 2:40 pm
by Gerhard Melsbach
It took a moment for the Sniper to actually figure out where the sound was coming from through the trees and thick under growth, but once he did, he started towards it, his bloody knife gripped firmly in his good hand even as a little voice in the back of his head fervently wished he'd grabbed his kukri for the extra protection. Whatever was making that noise... It didn't sound good, not in any way, shape or form.

Pushing his way through some massive ferns and slipping under a low hanging branch, he stopped when he found himself on the edge of the water, a long sweep of the bank stained a mottled brown-red color from the blood suspended in the water, and he grimaced at seeing stray bits of offal that had been tossed aside like unwanted toys by a young child. Well, that explained the plop noise...
"The heck is goin' on here?"

watch me try to into animal instincts and shit

PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2012 2:51 pm
by Tentacles
"The heck is goin' on here?"

The Sniper's announcement of his presence startled the monster, who had been partially hidden in the corpse of his victim. He spilled out of the gator's torso like a snake, and just as venomously as one. The surprise prompted an immediate snap change in Jasper's head; Enrico wasn't going to be dealing with a RED Spy.

Jasper hissed and fell into a crouch. His lips pulled back, revealing the nightmarishly long needle fangs of his animal heritage. For all appearances, he was acting like an extremely irate serpent, with no clear sign if he was going to strike first.


Re: Predation (for Enrico, may open later)

PostPosted: Fri Nov 09, 2012 3:20 am
by Gerhard Melsbach
He didn't even recognize anything remotely human in the large blood spattered stripe-patterned thing that came slithering through the water towards the bank, partially from his own color-blindness and partially from the seriously inhuman behavior, but it all came down to one thing-
What the hell was he going to do to make sure he didn't wind up dead.
Normally, his first reaction upon being confronted with such a threat would be to kill it as quickly as possible with whatever firearms he had on hand, but he currently had nothing but his hunting knife and his rifle, two extremes of range that did him no good in the current situation. If he'd had a pistol or something, sure, but a short knife and a sniper rifle?
So, Fight was not an option.

Which left Flight.

A split second to glance around, get a better look at his surroundings, and the New Zealander was off, running as fast and far as he could away from the water and the monster it held, knife still in hand as he checked the nearby area for anyplace he could use as shelter. Goddamnit, why were all the tree branches so freaking high?!!!

Re: Predation (for Enrico, may open later)

PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 9:51 pm
by Tentacles
Running was the hunter's first mistake.

Enrico turning tail and trying to make a run for it just triggered some deep primal instinct in the former monster. He burst from the water and sprinted after the hapless Sniper. While built for neither a land advantage or endurance, the beast was upon him in moments, long strides sending him careening into his prey. The pair fell into a confused heap to the muddy ground.

Jasper's size gave him the advantage in this situation, and the hybrid was quickly straddling the Sniper's chest, claws around his neck. Strangling someone to death wasn't all that different from drowning someone. It brought back a plethora of fond memories to his bestial side to feel Enrico struggling under his weight.

Enrico - Jasper is trying to choke you to death! What do you do?

Re: Predation (for Enrico, may open later)

PostPosted: Sun Nov 11, 2012 1:49 am
by Gerhard Melsbach
The first thing that went through the New Zealander's mind was 'Damn, this thing is fast' followed very shortly by 'And scary strong' then 'Fuck, it's gonna kill me!'
While he knew he was within range of the Respawn machine, he also knew that it was in less than fantastic shape. It had glitched multiple times if Gerhard was to be believed, with varying results that included a hybrid being turned human. And if the machine could turn a hybrid human, it could very easily do the reverse as well.

He did not want to die.

So he would have to fight.

His rifle useless and pressing harshly into his back, but his knife- That was already in his hand, unsheathed and at the ready. Just need to wriggle his arm that little bit, and shift up- THERE!
Shifting his legs slightly to try and bring them up between himself and his attacker, he lashed out with his knife, the serrated back edge scraping harshly over narrow humanoid shoulders as the sharp, slightly curved point sought out the soft spots between ribs, intent on driving inwards to puncture a lung or maybe severe a vital artery. If that didn't go well, he had a long enough reach to try for a kidney stab, and a monster with its hands-claws-talons-things busy around his neck, it wasn't very concerned about protecting its own. Maybe a knife up through the brainstem...?

Whatever worked to get him out safe and alive.

PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 6:07 pm
by Tentacles
Armored your post confused me a little bit so im just gonna derp with an answer

The wickedly curved knife found its mark, in the soft pocket of flesh between the monster's neck and shoulder. The pain was enough of a distraction for the creature to release the sniper's neck, claws raking down the other's chest as it scampered backwards. The wound was nothing to sneeze at, belching streams of dark blood. The monster clutched at its shoulder, and directed a familiar, challenging bellow at the sniper.

Not-Jasper is wounded enough to loose a turn, but for how long?


Re: Predation (for Enrico, may open later)

PostPosted: Sun Dec 02, 2012 9:31 pm
by Gerhard Melsbach
Enrico swore as the creature pulled away, taking his only close quarters weapon with it, the blade stuck firmly into that soft spot, but it gave him the room he needed to get to his feet, adrenaline preventing him from really feeling or fully noticing the claw marks raked down his chest. He'd be feeling that later, probably curse a blue streak and have to visit their weirdo hybrid of a Medic...
But right now he needed to think of someway to get the hell out of this situation, hopefully alive.

He scrambled backwards, unwilling to turn his back to something that had attacked him so viciously, and actually fumbled a bit before he managed to bring his rifle to bear, cursing the fact that he had left behind his other weapons. A pistol would do wonders right now, or another knife... Hell, that stupid shield would have been nice, protect his spine from getting chewed on.
But no, he'd just brought his knife and his rifle, figuring he wouldn't need anything else for a little hunting trip.
He fired a warning shot, only a warning due to the fact he was still trying to move backwards and wasn't really able to aim so well while moving across the unpredictable terrain, but the shot echoed loudly around them, bouncing off the tree trunks and half-submerged rocks as the bullet went wooshing over the human-like monsters injured shoulder, almost nicking the handle of that knife.
"Back the hell off, or the next one goes 'tween yer eyes!"


PostPosted: Thu Dec 20, 2012 1:11 pm
by Tentacles
The monster knew when it had been beaten - or at least, that its prey was going to put up more of a fight then expected. Like all animals, it was afraid of gunfire and stumbled backwards with a yelp most unbecoming of a super predator such as itself.

The knife still firmly lodged in its shoulder, it bellowed a final time at the Sniper - a warning not to follow - and skittered back to the swamp.

It vanished into the black waters as quickly as it had appeared.

Re: Predation (for Enrico, may open later)

PostPosted: Thu Dec 20, 2012 5:10 pm
by Gerhard Melsbach
Enrico kept his sights aimed at the monster until he could no longer make out the sharp jutting shape of his knife's handle sticking out over the water, and he managed to back away a good 3 steps before his knees gave out and he crumpled against a tree, gasping for breath to calm his frazzled nerves.
With the adrenaline rush waning, he was beginning to feel how badly he had come out of that encounter, and looked down to see why his chest burned so.
"Ah, geeze..."
He carefully felt over the bloody slashes, testing to see how deep they were, how much blood he was losing, and swore rather colorfully under his breath before he took another deep breath and began to force himself upright.
It was going to be a long, arduous walk back to base. Better get started.