In Comes The Mutant

The swamp that is a fixture surrounding the battlefield. The swamp, like most, is quite full of trees, moss, and most notably leeches. There are some strange things that pop out of the waters; are you willing to brave into them?

Re: In Comes The Mutant

Postby Rufus Schmitz » Fri Mar 16, 2012 10:18 pm

The German went from being mildly irritated to pissed off. Not only from being ORDERED to do something against his belief, but to be yanked almost out of his chair by the tie by this Soldier in serious need of anger management. So what does Rufus do in this situation? Simple, he slaps Josif across the face. "Do zhat... again and it vill be mein shotgun up your ass! DON'T...Do it... AGAIN." He growls back, face almost turning a bright crimson with rage.

Then his attention is adverted to Jericho, seeing the hybrid equally pissed off, but calmly stating Rufus to perform his Medic duties. The pair stare at one another before a groan escapes the blonde's throat and turns his chair around, wheeling over to a cabin. "Fine! But muzzle it so I don't lose an arm or somezhing! I don't trust..." He pauses, catching himself from saying 'freak' again lest the party gets even more enraged. Pulling out a standard examination tray with syringes, pain killers, stitches and gauze, the Medic turns back around and points to the operating table. "Get it on ze table and strap 'em down unless you vant to take ze honors of digging out a broken needle should it struggle." He states, taking a deep, almost gasping breath through his nostrils and feels a headache coming on again as he's been suffering them for two days as well as shortness of breath lately.

"And... Herr Josif.. should you ease drop on mein studies again, next time pay attention vhen all I'm splicing is cells! I vork on ze molecular level in hopes of a hybridization of genes to promote recover or elimination of zhings like cancer cells or harder to treat diseases. I don't turn people in to circus acts for pleasure."
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Re: In Comes The Mutant

Postby Penultimate Pi » Sat Mar 17, 2012 1:13 am

That sharp sting across the face very nearly made Josif snap. Had it not been for the suppressant implant, he would've broken the frail Medic in two right there and then, and yet still the desire to do so burned in his eyes. The Soldier stood back, desperately trying to ignore Rufus's angry, sarcastic comments. He watched the wheelchair-bound man with a newfound contempt for him, and suddenly wanted nothing more to do with him.

Or rather, everything to do with killing this bastard.

Xavier's influence was still there, and Josif didn't know that the ever-persistent alter-ego now put Rufus as a sworn enemy. Surely Josif would forget the whole thing later, but the inner emotion would still be there. And as Rufus made his final comment to the Soldier, his only response was, "Well, fuck you too."

And he was out the main doors a second later, not to be seen again 'til the day's end. Perhaps for the better of all of them.

{Yeah, this my rushed departure from this thread. Hope you don't like it because I know I don't.}
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Re: In Comes The Mutant

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Sat Mar 17, 2012 1:41 am

Jericho scented the Soldier's ire before the man's body language had even shifted, and he acted quickly to keep the skittish Sniperdile from catching on, stepping aside and using his stance to scoot Riley along with him. A motion that the croc-man would likely disapprove of, but better the disapproval than Josif causing a snap of defensive action.
As the doors swung closed, the chimera huffed, grumbling irritably under his breath before shfitng his attention back to the doctor and his injured friend, purring softly for a moment in the hopes that it would help keep Riley from panicking before speaking up to Rufus.
"Riley's already skittish, no need to make things worse with binding."
The patchworked hybrid shook his head, turning to his tail-buddy, mentally crossing his fingers in the hopes that the Sniper would listen to him as he whispered in the man's ear.
"Rufus will help, fix leg and tail, but you need to not hurt him, okay...?"
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Re: In Comes The Mutant

Postby Riley O'Neil » Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:54 pm

The complicated social interactions between the two yelling REDs were past Riley's comprehension level; too busy hunching behind the furrier mutant. The noise was beginning to give him a headache further his already raised temper. Too many sights and sounds to take in and now yelling. One had been, the one who smelled fishy. Seemingly defeated by the seated man, he turned to watch him storm out, nostrils flaring at the sensed hostility in the air. Now he considered running with his eyes trained on the swinging door. IF he recalled hard enough he was there may have been something about...restraints? Whatever those were but they didn't sound very nice. He'd have preferred deep and dark swampy water to hide in.

He grunted, not turning his head to respond to Jericho. Not hurt him? Riley didn't believe it when the sitting RED was so hostile. Biting was a better option. Slowly he turned, sizing the man and making to slip back around his fellow mutant for the door.
Riley O'Neil


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