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RED - Elias Saaresto, Spy

Postby Elias Saaresto » Sat Jul 30, 2011 8:30 pm

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Name: Elias Saaresto. Alias, "Kettu".
Age: Forty-one.
Date of Birth: February 14th.
Team Favorite Color: Black.
Class: Spy.
Gender: Male.
Languages: Finnish and English as well as the other Scandinavian languages. He can also get by on German.

Primary: Ambassador
Secondary: Cloak & Dagger
Melee: Your Eternal Reward

Personality: Responsible and mature, Elias finds himself at odds with the world in casual settings; he's a by-the-book student and doesn't deviate from the formula unless the situation calls for creativitity. While he is very professional, Elias doesn't do well in crowds. He can become quite skittish when asked personal questions. And don't ask him about his love life. His last relationship ended weeks before he even noticed her letter beneath his bills. He hardly deserved a face-to-face confrontation.

He puts work above all else because it's all he's ever been good at; he doesn't have many friends, and views people in terms of authority. He doesn't step over those beneath his rung, and actually spends more time with them, trying to keep things running smoothly like a well-oiled machine.

Sexuality: Identifies as straight.

Cooperative, mindful of his manners, easy to work with; talented in many areas; years of experience.

Awkward in social settings, easily flustered; thinks of himself as rather dull.

History: There isn't much to know about Elias, other than he doesn't keep in contact with his parents; he hasn't since he turned 16. They shipped him off to a boarding school for gifted children, one that was rather ambigious in its advertisement. In fact, the school that he went to gave him more than just a well-rounded education; it taught him many facets of espionage, including how to assume a new identity.

As one of the fringe members of his class - one of them few who didn't come from a line of special agents - Elias always stood out. To counteract this, he was given the name "Kettu" or "fox", able to vanish without a trace through any means - cunning and sly. He didn't make friends with his fellow classmates, seeing them all as either superiors or subordinates throughout the years (assuming they weren't killed on missions.)

He's never had a normal life. All he knows how to do is obey orders and kill. It's a little tragic, but he doesn't seem to think much of his fate. He doesn't exactly have a comparison.

Nationality: Finnish
Ethnicity: Half-Finnish, half-Danish.

Hair Color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Height: 5'7" (170cm)
Weight: 143lbs (64.8kg)

His hair is beginning to gray at the roots. His eyes are a sharp blue. His nose is fairly angular, but not too long. He has this youthful appearance about him, save for the wrinkles beginning to crease the corners of his eyes.

When he is out of uniform, he is often wearing something practical, probably a tanktop for mobility and cargo pants.

First Person Sample: I had been assigned to a new company. Rather, I had been commissioned. I knew little of the Reliable Excavation Demolition. I tried to get into their database, but the security was surprisingly sophisticated. What little I had to work with came from HQ. That... wasn't a good sign. Still, I placed my faith in my superiors and reported to the docks. From the docks, I went on trains, and then to another boat - though, to compare it to the craft I took to sea wasn't right; this small 'dinghy' looked ready to fall apart. Hardly professional.

I had no right to complain, though. I only wish that I had met my new surperiors in person. To be communicating through papers and static-ridden lines irked me. But alas, I never complained.

Third Person Sample: Elias pressed up against the metal wall, ignoring the way loose bolts dug into his skin. He stilled his breath and waited for the threat to pass. He could do nothing against a Medic and Heavy duo while the Übercharge was employed. If he wanted to be useful to his team, he'd have to deal with that Engineer nest that always caught them in the chokepoint.

Elias ducked around the corner and watched the motions of the Sentry, undetected by its creator. He saw one of his teammates rush in - the Heavy - and leapt into action as soon as the missiles were deployed. He hated having to use a teammate as bait, but the momentary distraction was all he needed to assume the Engineer's guise. Then he placed his Sappers upon the man's devious contraptions and faded into smoke.

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Elias Saaresto

Re: RED - Elias Saaresto

Postby The Announcer » Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:39 pm

You’ve been accepted to RED, you social inadequate.

While we understand you are a 'perfect spy', we also support the theory you are a terrible one due to your inability to socially adapt. We find this theory hilariously amusing, and celebrate it over drinks twice a day.

Remember, your team’s activities can be accessed here.
You are required to make a introductory thread in the Docks, even if you don’t get any replies. This is an important process, and should be done the same day you are accepted. However, as you are a returning member, you may opt out.

Please remember the rules, and that you are allowed to update your application with information on your character; we have specifically designed the app for this purpose. After beginning your dock thread, tag as you like.

Remember: We at RED do not support friendships with the enemy. These will be found and destroyed.

We like to play drinking games: for every RED friend you don't make, we down a bottle of wine. We're, at this point, quite pickled.

Enjoy your time on RED!
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