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RED - Connal Reid, Pyro

Postby Connal Reid » Sat Jul 30, 2011 8:18 pm

Active Thread (the term is used loosely)

I Have To Know - (Open)
Why the hell can't I do this...

Name: Connal Reid (don't call him Conny)
Age: 27
Date of Birth: April 1st
Team Favorite Color: RED
Class: Pyro
Gender: Male
Languages: English

Primary: Flamethrower
Secondary: Shotgun
Melee: Axe

Personality: Tries to be friendly, but is usually more quiet around new people. Very possibly fears being judged and/or rejected, as he looks to be more extroverted around those he has known for a while. Seems to enjoy observing things, especially wildlife, which could be because of living in a large city most of his life. Somewhat childlike, but doesn't appear to be truly offended easily. Protective of his cassette tapes and "boombox." Often hums, unless it bothers others, and sometimes sings loudly when he thinks he's alone (usually to those cassettes).
Sexuality: Technically bisexual, but has never done anything with another man. That sort of thing would have gotten you a beating where he was from, and that's if you were lucky.
Strengths: Able to focus more clearly in a panic situation. Good physical strength and solidly built, so he would be hard to knock around. Genuinely cares about being able to work with his teammates.
Weaknesses: The mask completely removes his peripheral vision, along with his ability to communicate (also black lenses in a dark swamp aren't exactly advantageous, but at least his eyes can adjust to that). Not used to the kind of heat common for the south, so will start out sluggish and with low endurance until he can better handle it. Has problems with voicing an opinion if it contradicts what someone else has already said; he just can't argue well, and would rather avoid it. Also mistrusts medicine. It's not doctors he has trust issues with, he's just not comfortable with anything that has to be injected or swallowed, and will most likely hide them instead of take them. His inhaler is an exception, since he could instantly feel it working.

History: Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. Often picked on in school, but was able to get good grades, despite some of the more ruthless children dubbing him "Conny." Father was a mechanic, mother didn't work and died shortly after giving birth to her second child, one late younger brother. Grandparents on the father's side immigrated from Ireland. Family never did have much money. Recorded as having asthma, has been sent to the hospital once because of it, but seems to have lessened almost to the point of nonexistence as he aged. Despite this, still keeps an inhaler on him, just in case; it is little more than a security blanket, at this point. Didn't show much tendency toward violence or arson until his high school years, when he and a group of classmates went out the night before Halloween ("Devil's Night"), and set fire to an abandoned home. He continued the tradition, later setting small fires throughout the year, trying his best not to get caught. Brother ended up joining one of the local gangs. Was reported to be trying to get out years later, but was shot to death. It is unknown if he was killed by a rival gang, or by his own. The night after his death, the gang's main headquarters was set ablaze, and although the structure was left standing, everyone inside had been killed. Authorities declared the incident nothing more than one gang attacking another. Responded to a tiny ad for a mercenary in the paper two weeks later.
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Irish-American

Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6'6" (198 cm)
Weight: 195lbs (88.5kg)

Built a little larger and more solidly than most Pyros. He has muscles, yes, but also enough pudge to just smooth it out. Usually keeps his hair styled in a Mohawk, but it will fall wherever it pleases and stay plastered to his head once that mask goes on. Some of his teeth are slightly crooked, but surprisingly healthy for never having been to a dentist. Nose is a bit round. His face gets flushed easily, so there will be times when it appears he's blushing, usually when doing something physically exerting.

Third Person Sample: "Gah!" Reid's arm stung a bit, but it barely registered. Had he been shot? It didn't matter. The gang was coming, the flames were roaring, and it was time to turn his homemade flamethrower on something a little more worthy. Ducking into a corner first, the redhead waited, listening to the sound of their angry shouts and pounding feet. Not yet... There! He pulled the trigger again, laughing even before the shouting turned to screams of pain. God, it was beautiful the way they flailed, how some tried to keep their heads and reach for weapons... Too bad he needed to keep his dad's work goggles on, the Michigander would have loved to see this uninhibited. Something above creaked, and a large portion of the ceiling fell, separating him from his targets. "Damn it!" They'd probably still be killed but that wasn't the point; they were supposed to die because of him. Because of what they did to his brother. Another stinging sensation, this time in his back. Reid swung around, knocking someone even younger than his brother had been down with the neck of his weapon. The boy looked frightened, the hand with the knife (probably what caused his own pain) shaking, like it could have dropped at any moment. Connal lit him up without a moment's hesitation. This was more than just a rush, he realized, it was a calling. Later he would deny it, but he had even forgotten why he was doing this, other than a need to let the fire get to everything and everyone it could. All those dead end jobs, never being able to get enough cash to get his own place, how badly he failed to protect his brother... None of it even mattered. Another loud creak brought him back to reality, making him realize he was dangerously close to cutting himself off from the exit. No, he couldn't die just yet, he had only just fully embraced his passion. Time to go.

First Person Sample: I had never been on an air boat, before. Even as hot as it was, and with the air smelling like both ass and an armpit, I was still enjoying the ride. The driver didn't seem very chatty, but that was alright. If he was, I probably would have lost my voice trying to shout over the giant fan. Oh, sweet, was that a gator? This was so cool. There were still a few things that worried me, though. Weren't swamps supposed to have a lot of gas? A lot of flammable gas? Sure, it might increase my flamethrower's reach, but... Couldn't it also just cause it to blow up in my face? Fuck! Gagging, I turned my head so I wouldn't be face-first in the wind. We had just gone through some kind of bug cloud... I think I even heard the driver laugh at me, but that might have just been my imagination.
(Art by Bloodhound aka Kathy
full view here
omg I love you thank you so much)
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Re: RED - Connal Reid

Postby The Announcer » Sun Jul 31, 2011 12:26 pm

You’ve been accepted to RED, oh arsonist of the ages.

We here at RED support you burning your enemy and your teammates during all work and non work hours. Especially your teammates. After all, all of them want to break your boombox.

All of them.

Remember, your team’s activities can be accessed here.
You are required to make a introductory thread in the Docks, even if you don’t get any replies. This is an important process, and should be done the same day you are accepted. As you are a returning member, however, you may opt out.

Please remember the rules, and that you are allowed to update your application with information on your character; we have specifically designed the app for this purpose. After beginning your dock thread, tag as you like.

Remember: We at RED do not support friendships with the enemy. These will be found and destroyed.

Arson is something we support fully, though we suggest you remember that the swamp gasses are hilariously explosive. But then, we guess you wouldn't be able to resist, would you, you firestarter?

Enjoy your time on RED!
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