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NOTICE: For people currently wondering about Jericho's less-than-murderous attitude and general amiability, he's never been so long without being in a battle situation and really has no idea what to do with himself. This, combined with Connal's friendly nature and kindness, has mellowed Jericho out considerably. However, once battle kicks in and his Master starts becoming endangered, he'll get back in the groove of a proper killing machine.
NOTICE #2: Jericho's current protectiveness towards the RED Team in general is further influence from Connal, as the Pyro cares about the welfare of his teammates, prompting the hybrid to look out for the rest of the team on top of his duties regarding his Master. He's stretching himself thin, but he won't quit until Connal directly tells him to.

Name: Jericho, formerly Ian Forsythe
Age: 26, DOB 14 August 1964
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green/Yellow
Height: 3ft 5in at the shoulder, aprox. 10 ft long, 6ft 5in standing
Weight: aprox 230-240 lbs
Position: Soldier
Company: Reliable Excavation and Demolition

Jericho is a mess. He's a patchwork of multiple animals stitched together into something like a modern-day chimera, and it's only because he started out human that he's even vaguely recognizable. Primarily, he seems to be a mix of hyena, rattlesnake, bat, some kind of large cat, and either a goat or ram.
He walks mainly on all fours, dragging his heavy scaled tail behind him, but he has good enough balance to stand up on his hind legs if he needs to, and he wears a chainlink collar with his information on it and a rather shredded pair of pants that were forced on him by a scientist when he was knocked out. Most of his back is covered in a thin layer of coarse, spotted fur, though there are patches of scales that run up his spine and across his hips and shoulders where his tail was anchored to him. His back legs are very dog-like, with broad paws instead of feet and bending in that distinctive digitigrade angle, but his front pair can still function as arms, though his hands are rather heavy and clumsy because of his thick fingers and claws, so don't expect him to be doing more than grabbing food. His ears are massive mobile dishes on either side of his head, half-hidden by the long arches of his ridged horns curving back over his skull, and his eyes are mismatched, the left being a normal dark green with a rounded pupil, while the right is an acidic yellow with a narrow slitted pupil. On his back, he has the scientists' failed attempt to create the ultimate monster, a pair of stunted little wings that hinder more than help, being fragile and almost always getting caught on something. His teeth are arranged for a carnivorous diet, with his top canines capable of injecting small doses of hemotoxic venom equivalent to the average rattlesnake, and his tongue is black and has a forked tip.

In the general sense, Jericho is very much like a large feral dog; wary and cautious around those he doesn't know and incredibly viscous when backed into a corner. It is very easy for him to get mad, and he will lash out at anyone or anything that irritates him enough. With someone he trusts, he's a bit more amiable, though still grumpy and easily annoyed unless he really likes them.
Except with his Master.
He has been trained to think that he cannot survive without a Master, someone to watch over him, take care of him and tell him what to do, so until he manages to find someone to fill that role, he is incredibly skittish and shy, terrified that he won't be able to find someone. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending upon how you look at it, the first person to offer him help or food is pinned as his Master, and he will immediately assume his duties once he has claimed someone as his Master.
His duties are as follows: 1) Protect Master at all costs. Master is not allowed to come to harm of any kind, and any who attempt to cause harm to Master must be removed. 2) Keep Master healthy. If Master is hungry, bring him food. If Master is sick, get him medicine. If Master is dying, get a doctor. If Master dies, KILL EVERYTHING. 3) Obey Master. If ordered to, Jericho will kill himself to obey his Master. He won't like it, but he will do it, and he'll trot back from Respawn in a sullen funk.
With a decent Master, he pretty much acts like a loyal guard dog, following the person everywhere and carrying out his duties with pride. With a less-than-decent Master, he becomes sullen and cranky and lashes out at those around him, but still carrying out his duties, if rather half-heartedly. If he gets a downright horrible Master... Well, they won't be his Master for long.
Jericho is not a pet of any kind and was not made to be one. He is not your playful puppy and he is not your toy. He is your protector, your guard dog, and expects to be treated as such.

Relationships: TBA

Orientation: Panamorous, hasn't really got any sex drive. Is sterile.

Ian was a messed up kid. Burdened with abusive parents in the poorest slums of New York City, he was forced to cope with bullying at his elementary school and the various gangs that hung around his neighborhood until he turned 8, when a gang war killed his parents and left him to bounce into the less-than-spectacular foster care system of the early 70's. He fled the moment he was able, dropping out of school and applying to the military. His time in the Army was arguably the best time of his life, being taught and trained alongside his fellow recruits without the discrimination and mistreatment he'd struggled through in his developing years, even going to the extent of calling his drill sergeant Dad when they weren't on duty, though the man never really understood why.
After four years in service and having decided he wanted to become a drill sergeant (just like Dad), Ian overheard something he shouldn't have while on his way to visit a friend in the Infirmary. While heading past the private office, he heard a voice he didn't recognize talking with the doctor, which wouldn't have been all that uncommon if not for one thing: It was a woman, and their hard-ass of a CMO sounded /scared/ of her. Suspicious, Ian moved to listen, and was unprepared for the door to come flying open, smashing him in the face before a giant hand reached out and pulled him in. A moment's glimpse of an older woman in a two-toned suit, the white-faced CMO, and the humongous man who had grabbed him, and he was knocked out cold.
When he woke up, he was strapped down to a surgical table, a strange doctor looming over him and a scalpel halfway through the process of slitting him open from sternum to groin. He barely managed to scream before being injected with something that made him fall unconscious again.
The next 18 months were torture, Ian coming awake for only snippets at a time and catching glimpses of what the scientists were doing to him, changing his body in ways he hadn't thought to be physically possible. When he woke to them patching on a tail, a fifth limb he could already feel but not yet move, his mind finally could take no more and he broke down in tears, sobbing and praying and begging forgiveness for whatever sin he'd committed to deserve such punishment until the tail was done and they knocked him out again.
The next time he woke, the doctors found themselves battling with the creature that they had created, that which had been Ian no longer present in the body that had been made, and they had to scramble to figure out how to make him manageable again.
Six months of training later, Jericho was deemed ready for deployment, and was released at a RED facility with a handler.
He killed everyone, first attacking the handler before continuing on to rampage through the bases. It took them almost 2 months to capture him again, employing a Sniper with a tranquilizer gun, and he was dragged in for another 6 months of training.
Now they're testing him out again to see if the training actually works.

Primary Weapon: N/A
Secondary Weapon: N/A
Melee Weapon: Teeth, Claws, Tail

+While he can hear and smell exceptionally well, Jericho's eyesight is very poor. Not only is he color blind, but he is also short sighted, and depends heavily upon his more enhanced abilities and the heat sensing organs in the roof of his mouth to get around. To be identified as an ally, he needs to first have the person approved by his Master, and then memorizes that person's scent. If he doesn't know your scent, you are not an ally.
+Being such a large creature, Jericho needs a lot of food to keep himself going in optimal condition, and the vast majority of it needs to be meat. He is a poor hunter when the prey is not man, but he's more than willing to learn if someone offers to teach him.
+Having extremely sensitive ears, loud noises are a very big no-no with Jericho. He attacks anything that makes too much noise for him to handle, and is strong enough to rip weapons into pieces. Oddly enough, he really likes classical music, and can be calmed rather easily if someone sings to him.
+Being part reptile and having a very thin fur coat, Jericho hates being cold, and though he'll wrap up in blankets if that's the only thing around, he much prefers body heat. Don't be alarmed if you find yourself with a lapful of patchwork monster when it gets cold out.
+He can't swim. His tail is too heavy and drags him down, so water above knee-height worries him greatly. He'll still follow his Master into water, but he won't like it.
+Jericho is carted from place to place in a heavily reinforced kennel, and he has been trained to see this kennel as his safe place. He will always return to his kennel to sleep, and if he feels uncomfortable or threatened, he will hide in it. He also uses his kennel as a protective measure, and will drag his Master kicking and screaming inside if he feels it's the best way to keep his Master safe. Also, he has been known on rare occasions to invite select trusted individuals inside his kennel. This is a sign that he trusts and cares quite a lot for the chosen person, and will be supremely offended if the invitation is turned down.
+Jericho CAN talk, but he rarely finds doing so necessary. When he does find the need to talk, it's very rarely more than a few choice words spoken in a very clipped manner and in a very rough voice from disuse. More often than not, he will use animal sounds and body language to express himself, and gets very irritated if someone insists on him talking.

Should Jericho be approved, he will NEED someone to be his Master. His kennel will be dumped on the docks with him sedated inside and left there until someone finds him and lets him out. Essentially, whoever lets him out and sticks around to get sniffed will be his Master, no matter who they are or their personal views regarding his attachment. He will endure a great deal of mistreatment from his Master, but even he has his limits. There's a good reason why the scientists didn't bother trying to send along their own handler this time.
Also, picture of crate:

Profile Image:
Some extra information here.


First Person:
They drugged me again. I hate when they do that, but I suppose I can see why, especially after last time. You think that they'd learn to keep that asshole away from me, but no...
My head hurts, and I try not to move too much. Probably near-overdosed again, my legs feel all tingly and rubbery. Can't feel my tail just yet, but it'll come round soon enough, always does take the longest to get things together. Wings itch, not touching them. I don't need any more holes in the skin there, thank you very much.
Something smells strange. Where's the antiseptic smell of the labs? It smells... Good. Clean and natural, dirt and grass and- Hmmm, that's an awful lot of water. I wonder where I am...

Third Person:
The kennel was big, built out of heavy khaki-colored plastic with a door made of steel grating. It's been sitting on the docks for almost an hour, the old wood creaking under the weight of it, but so far it's all been quiet. Abruptly, the kennel seemed to rock slightly to one side, the dock groaning ominously, and there was a soft whine as something scratched at the plastic. From the inside.
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Re: RED- Jericho - So sorry for the wait!

Postby The Announcer » Mon Aug 15, 2011 6:36 pm

You’ve been accepted to RED, dogbomination.

Arf, arf, woof.

Remember, your team’s activities can be accessed here.
You are required to make a introductory thread in the Docks, even if you don’t get any replies. This is an important process, and should be done the same day you are accepted.

Please remember the rules, and that you are allowed to update your application with information on your character; we have specifically designed the app for this purpose. After beginning your dock thread, tag as you like.

Remember: We at RED do not support friendships with the enemy. These will be found and destroyed.

We hope you enjoy working at the base filled with psychopathic abomination-haters! Remember, if you murder them, you get a bone.

Enjoy your time on RED!
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