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RED - Dimitri Kaczorowski, Spy

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Name: Dimitri Kaczorowski
Real Name: Louis Kirouac THAT MAN IS DEAD AND GONE.
Age: 33
Date of Birth: February 3rd
Team Favorite Color: RED
Class: Spy
Gender:Cat Male
Languages: French, English, a wee bit of Italian, German (he’s still learning it)

Primary: Enforcer
Secondary: Dead Ringer (still alive olololol)
Melee: Butterfly knife
Misc.: Familiar Fez (Surprisingly expensive)

Personality: ] Narcissistic, egotistic, and endowed with an offbeat sense of humour relying mostly on Schadenfreude, Dimitri is--let's be honest here--an unlikeable jerk. A flamboyant and showy one at that. What he lacks in professionalism he possesses in his undeterred enthusiasm on the job and a willingness to screw everyone and everything over.
However, his degree in linguistics and his tendency to toy with others--enemy and teammate alike--are not synonyms of talent. While he describes himself as 'a risk-taking, dashing and efficient rogue', others will probably agree that he is in fact a reckless--if not occasionally lucky--slimy, treacherous, and downright Machiavelian son of a bitch afflicted with a bad case of chronic backstabbing syndrome.
Dimitri is a talkative fellow, he loves to talk, whether it is to rub something in a person's face, humiliate--which basically is rubbing something on their faces--and insult or any other attempt to tease, annoy, enrage, or to throw anyone in any uncomfortable situation or show off how much of a perverse smartass he can be (or at least validate his self-proclaimed smartassity, as it is perfectly questionable) . Or, if an individual is “lucky” enough, Dimitri might try being nice for a change, provided he can get something out of it.
While he has sharp wits and is imaginative enough to think of plans that are occasionally crazy enough to work—like that one, inimitable time he managed to backstab two Heavies and a Medic in a row—Dimitri wastes his potential on rubbing people the wrong way for his own amusement or to inflate his already bulging ego.
He’s been in the company long enough without getting himself fired though, so he might not be completely incompetent.Maybe.

Sexuality: Either he is simply messing around with everything on legs and otherwise to try obtaining something, or he might be a pansexual. Either way, he doesn't seem to care.

Creative: Dimitri has a quick wit, trying his best to think ‘outside the box’, will try outsmarting his opponents in (hopefully) ways they might not see coming....or his plan can be so far-fetched it would backfire horrendously.
Risk-taking: Dimitri (almost) never refuses a challenge, and is ready to try almost anything if he can get something out of it.
Enthusiastic: It is hard to kick Dimitri’s spirits down, more often than not, he is brimming with optimism--authentic or otherwise--and whether or not he thinks he's playing everyone as he wants or if he's completely deluding himself is up to interpretation.
Pickpocket: Just one of the tools of the trade.

Arrogance: While it might is definitely not the case, Dimitri practically believes he is one of the best RED Spies the company has out here on this wretched map, and that the sun practically shines out of his ass. He will not listen to you unless you are the person who signs his paychecks, and whether you are the team leader or the pope he does not give a damn because he is DIMITRI and the world revolves around his pretty navel. Usually a really good punch to the face will make him listen for a couple of days, thought it is not guaranteed, and he might instead plot a demise. Needless to say, such an attitude can only ruin his chances of working as a team.
Scheming: In the off chance that he might listen to orders or be actually nice, chances are that he is thinking up something to put whatever situation in his favour, and team spirit be damned. He will do whatever is possible to have things going his way, and that is usually not a very good thing. If you don't get a backstab, he might be simply busy twisting the knife in your gut.
Amoral: At this point, I believe it is painfully clear he has no work ethic whatsoever. If it makes him ‘win’, anything goes, from bribing to conning to defamation and conspiring to outright torture or even murder, if he really has to, and the fact that he doesn’t seem to care much about compassion will put him at odds with his fellow coworkers.
Paranoia: What goes around comes around; while Dimitri certainly isn’t to be trusted, what probably passes as his conscience is convincing him that the world is out to get him.
Also, he is severely allergic to apples. One bite and his throat swells until he dies of suffocation.
Near-sightedness: Those glasses aren’t ironically fake.

History: In the summer of 1985 there had been a rather sordid case that had landed on the Montreal Police Force’s lap: a corpse had been found at the Lachine waterway by tourists, and with what little they could identify from the body—as the face had been beaten so horrendously its traits were indistinguishable, and the hands and feet had been apparently burned to the point that no fingerprints were available—they came to a hesitant conclusion that it was the body of Louis Kirouac, a 28-year-old linguistics graduate from UQAM, aspiring stage comedian that had been kicked out of every drama school he had enrolled in, and—most recently—failed con man part of a recently dissolved fraudulent company whose main targets were sick and elderly people who had been stripped of what little funds they had left for their old days. As the detectives dug further into the case, they discovered that Kirouac had come from a modest and disintegrating family in the nearby town of Saint-Hubert, hadn’t made many friends growing up due to a rather difficult personality—the team’s psychologists were sure he had personality disorders—and he had managed to attend university with a combination of rather questionable odd jobs and loans. Kirouac might have been exposed to the criminal underworld while he was still underage, but whatever his roots he had begun to be under scrutiny two years after his graduation, when the media had gotten wind of a certain company that fraudulously claimed to help elderly people sell their homes. A few weeks before the body had been found they had begun a manhunt that had culminated in a shooting in a bar by the former Red Light District, and the murder of a prominent member of a gang in an abandoned apartment building, with Kirouac’s fingerprints all over the premises. The detectives came to the conclusion that Kirouac’s last days alive had been spent in a state of panic, as his former associates and enemies old and new were obviously after him.
Known felons were arrested and questioned, but the trail soon went cold, and soon enough everyone moved on with more pressing and important matters.
Sometime during the investigation, a man with a horrid personality and whose traits and mannerisms were uncannily similar to the late Louis Kirouac had applied for a job at Reliable Excavation & Demolition, and said man had been employed as a Spy for almost five years already.
The Swamp is the third base he has been transferred to.

Nationality: Canadian
Ethnicity: Franco-Canadian.

Hair Color: Greying black.
Eye Color: Black
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 133 pounds

Dimitri is a springy Spy with a slightly angular face and a somewhat pointed nose, and he keeps his greying hair short and trim and usually swept to his side. His thin lips easily stretch into a sly grin, and his somewhat droopy eyes are usually hidden behind a pair of thick-rimmed glasses (he is under the belief that his face is harder to identify if one doesn’t calculate the gap between his eyes). The Spy moves nonchalantly and tends to move his hands a lot whenever he is talking, sometimes almost theatrically; his gestures do get dangerous if he’s waving around a weapon.
Dimitri prefers not to wear the suit’s jacket, instead opting to wear only the Spy vest and rolling up his sleeves, and while he might not have qualms about taking off his mask in public, he never takes his gloves off, and he has a certain and inexplicable attachment towards his fez, which is usually seen perched on his head at any hour of the day. Stay the hell away from that fez, he will lose his cool if anyone touches it.
His palms and fingers are scarred smooth, old traces of chemical burns. Someone wiped his fingerprints years ago.

First Person Sample:
That wasn’t so hard.
I’m glad they transferred me already; Yukon was getting so horrendously tedious. I just wish they didn’t put Baranski’s health bills into my daily expenses.
Seriously, who in their right mind puts a Heavy as a team leader? They’re so brutish it actually is in an insult to my senses, and no one even understood his jumbled English or whatever the hell did he try passing as English. And he had so much flab and belly, the Sentry couldn’t miss him.
I will miss him, I think. He was so much fun to annoy, and half the time he wouldn’t even understand the passes I was making at him. It’s such a shame we had to go that far in our petty argument. It would be such a shame if he ended being a cripple and not being able to pick his Minigun again. He’d lose his raison d’être. Poor man.
Heh. Who am I kidding?! As if I’d miss the fat motherfucker. Maybe he’d do the world a favour and ask to be euthanized by his oh-so-dear-and-beloved Medic.
I still can’t believe he flew.
It was really fun though. The look on his face when I lured him into that sentry nest was priceless.
However I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that the fatass actually flew. Pigs can fly, after all.
Now all I got to do is wait on my dainty little spot on the boat as they give me a ride through these swamps, and see what kind of base I will get this time. I heard the stories of this new base. The BLUs had abandoned the place, then RED followed, and now that it’s open again they’re sending over the mutts and mutants and whatever the hell they call them. Or maybe it’s just an excuse to get rid of the more undesirable employees.
At least, that’s what I would do if I were in charge. Sending the most useless pieces of shit—I don’t count, there’s a mistake, obviously, or maybe it’s just a test to see if I am worthy, which I AM—to the most backward base they could have. Like this one.
I can see the base’s outline through the fog already.
I’ve got a feeling I’m going to like this place, as retarded as it may be. I love it when I get gut-feelings. I just know I will have fun here, find something big that will probably have me rising into whatever convoluted excuse of a social ladder they have in this company.

I think I saw something move in the water.
Must’ve been a fish.

Third Person Sample: Dimitri had to admit that his last move had been very, very stupid, and now he had the gash to prove it.
‘So facestabbing someone is a one-in-a-million fluke, after all.’
He crouched under a nearby staircase as he did his best to stop the bleeding from his wound—that Engineer’s Southern Hospitality did a nasty job there—as he scowled. It’s no use. He knew his ‘body’ was still lying within a foot from the sentry he had tried to sap earlier, but at this rate he was going to die—for real, this time—and he was so far into enemy territory...
The Spy pursed his lips as he took on the guise of a BLU Soldier and limped out from under the staircase.
Hopefully, he would make it to the BLU dispenser before their Pyro—or the Engineer—would eventually find him.
No, he will make it. He had to do it, or he would never hear the end of it.

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Re: RED - Dimitri Kaczorowski

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You’ve been accepted to RED, you beautiful hunk of man, you.

If you desist in your harassment towards your team, I will be very disappointed in you.

Remember, your team’s activities can be accessed here.
You are required to make a introductory thread in the Docks, even if you don’t get any replies. This is an important process, and should be done the same day you are accepted.

Please remember the rules, and that you are allowed to update your application with information on your character; we have specifically designed the app for this purpose. After beginning your dock thread, tag as you like.

Remember: We at RED do not support friendships with the enemy. These will be found and destroyed.

We support you 100%!

Enjoy your time on RED!
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