BLU - Bartholomäus Fritz Brotmarkel, Medic (w/cat)

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BLU - Bartholomäus Fritz Brotmarkel, Medic (w/cat)

Postby Bartholomäus Fritz Brotmarkel » Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:48 pm

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Name: Bartholomäus Fritz Brotmarkel

Age: 35

Date of Birth: November 9th

Team Favorite Color: Blue

Gender: Male

Languages: Fluent in English, German is beginning to deteriorate

Personality: Fritz is usually very friendly, unless in a crowd of strangers. Then he will become very shy. If you're left alone with him, he'll become very talkative. He usually makes friends easy, but if somebody doesn't like him for whatever reason, he becomes a bit depressed. It's very easy to cheer him up though. He doesn't hold grudges, and unless you did something extrememly bad, he will forgive you easily. He's also very good with his hands, and gives great massages. He could melt you into a cooing ball of goo at his feet if he wanted to. But he doesn't enjoy taking advantage of people.
Strengths: Fritz will put most anyone's health above his own. He may be clumsy, but he's a fast runner when he's not tripping over his feet. He's very good at taking care of people and no matter what illness you have, you will get over it quickly if you are in his care. He's extrememly intelligent when it comes to medicine and chemicals.
Weaknesses: Puppydog eyes. He can't bear them. He's very easy to manipulate. He can't harm anyone he's ever befriended, and he will always give mercy when it is asked. He's a huge brownie fan too, and a couple of nice fudgy ones will usually persuade him into anything. Battle-wise, Fritz usually trips alot, and is not very good at aiming because he is blind in one eye. He's more of a mother hen than a bloodthirsty brute, so if he happens to be left alone in the midst of battle he's usually a dead man. He's not the best socially, and his over-friendliness will end up hurting him sometimes.

Sexuality Pansexual

History: Fritz was adopted by a nice old couple when he was 3 years old from an orphanage somewhere in Brandenburg. His parents found out that his real mother was only 16, and did not want to deal with him. Fritz's parents took this secret to the grave. He never really cared about knowing his real parents though, his adoptive parents loved him and that's all he cared about. Shortly after adopting Fritz, he and his family moved to America, Texas more specifically. During his school years, Fritz never really had too many friends. He had always just stayed quiet & kept to himself. He would sit in the schoolyard during recess and read any books he could get his hands on. He became very interested in medicine and chemicals, and would often try to do the things he read in books. Sometime in the middle of his sophomore year in high school, Fritz thought he fell in love. She was a popular girl, and she had no idea who he was. Her boyfriend didn't like someone eyeing his gal, and one day in chemistry he threw something they were working on in Fritz's face, thus; he lost sight in his right eye. He never told on that kid though, he just kept quiet. He was too scared to snitch. Once Fritz got into college, he became a bit more sociable. He stayed in college for quite a long while. He liked learning things and he was more accepted there. Due to his high intelligence, he eventually got a job working for the government. But, since Fritz accidentally created something of more worth than he bargained while in the lab, he was put under house arrest to keep his knowledge of this new substance from the wrong hands. Eventually his employers told BLU about his progress, and Fritz was forced to leave his home to work for BLU. He will be taken away if he tells anyone about his past work experienced.

Appearance: Fritz has hair so dark brown, it's often confused as black. It grows quickly, and he has to cut it often. When it's not cut, he usually pulls it back in a small pony tail. He used to have hypnotizing amber eyes, but now only one remains the pretty golden honey colour it once was. The other is a pale, almost light green, whiteish colour. It's not the same kind of hypnotizing as his amber eye, but it's still hard to break away once you're in his gaze. His skin is very light, but not pink. He has freckles along his shoulders, on his nose, and under his eyes. His skin is very soft, and he is not a very hairy man. He has glasses, but they're cracked on the right side (not that it matters). He wears them all the time. He is 5'10" and weighs 150 lbs. He's not fat, but he's not the most muscular guy in the world either. That doesn't mean he's scrawny at all though. He can most definitely pull his weight when he needs to. Fritz enjoys wearing his lab coat, so you will mostly see him in it. It's the thing he feels most comfortable in. But he doesn't enjoy the gloves (unless he's working with something dangerous), so his hands are usually bare. His hands are slightly feminine, and he takes care of his nails. He has a black leather bracelet his father gave him when he was younger. It's on his left wrist and he never takes it off. Ever.

1st Person RP: I was overjoyed, estatic, exillerated, a million other synonyms for happy. Finally, yes, I was finally able to escape the prison that was once my home! This felt amazing! I had no clue where in the world the train was taking me, though. But who cares, I was free! Mostly free. But still, I could move about, I could talk to strangers, I could have lunch at a cafe, the possiblilities were endless. Endless I say!! I was a bit suspicious though, why were they letting me off house arrest so suddenly? Surely they haven't told the public what we found, they would never have done that..

I shifted around in my seat, trying to get comfy. This was all very confusing, and I haven't had the time to contemplate all of this until the long train ride. Reaching to the seat next to me, I picked up my cat's carrier and fumbled around with the damn lock. I can cure 15 deadly diseases, yet I can't figure out a stupid carrier lock? How pathetic.. One scratched finger later, and I finally opened up the pink plastic cage. I carefully placed my hands around the fuzzy sleepy body inside and pulled it out. Petting my siamese cat Valentine always calmed me down. She was my closest friend, and probably my softest one. Had my eyes, too. Same colour (excluding the broken one). She quickly fell asleep in my lap, purring contently, most likely not aware that we were leaving her home forever. She was starting to.. Aaaahhh, make me tired as well.. I yawned a couple more times before dozing off, slumbering until the train would come to a startling halt.

3rd Person RP: "Ach, fick fick fiiiiick!!" Fritz screamed, tripping all over himself, trying desperately to run away from the crazed soldier currently chasing him down. He had just been healing the team's pyro when a rocket blew Mister Gas Mask to bits, leaving naught but a pile of Pyro Saurkraut. He knew he had no chance against the soldier, but after hiding behind a tree proved fruitless, he had no choice but running away. Not knowing where in the world he was running to didn't make the matter any easier. Or the fact that he was in the RED base itself. Don't forget the sprained ankle he just aquired, and that he just rammed into a wall. "I WILL MURDER YOU, YOU WORTHLESS NAZI SCUM!" the psycotic man screeched, upon witnessing his prey fall down with a thud. Fritz froze, like a deer caught in headlights. He didn't think to act until the man pounced, only 5 feet away from him. As a last resort, he pulled out his syringe gun and started shooting blindly, hoping desperately that any of the deadly little needles would hit their target.
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Bartholomäus Fritz Brotmarkel

Re: BLU - Bartholomäus Fritz Brotmarkel

Postby The Announcer » Tue Aug 02, 2011 1:38 am

You’ve been accepted to BLU, stupid sexy medic.

I have informed your team you are a lesbian.

Remember, your team’s activities can be accessed here.
You are required to make a introductory thread in the Docks, even if you don’t get any replies. This is an important process, and should be done the same day you are accepted. However, as you are a returning member, you may opt out.

Please remember the rules, and that you are allowed to update your application with information on your character; we have specifically designed the app for this purpose. After beginning your dock thread, tag as you like.

Remember: We at BLU do not support friendships with the enemy. These will be found and destroyed.

We hope you enjoy having the other lesbian furiously and awkwardly hitting on you!

Enjoy your time on BLU!
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