BLU - Jacque "Jacob" Duhon, Sniper

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BLU - Jacque "Jacob" Duhon, Sniper

Postby Jacque Duhon » Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:33 am

Name: Jacque Duhon

Nicknames: Jacob (Jacque is a variation of Jacob)

Age: 46

Date of Birth: June 7

Gender: Male

Position: Sniper, Gator-Sniper

Company: [color=739BA6]Builder's League United[/color]

Appearance: The first thing one would notice about this Sniper would be, well, from the waist down is a large reptilian body. Now, after getting over the initial shock of spotting him, you may notice the subtle changes in his skin tone, around his waist, the large bumps running along his back, the tiny, almost black scales along his shoulders and jaw, the small scars over his lips or along his left shoulder... those two olive green reptilian eyes staring at you...
Jacque tends to go shirtless, his blue uniform shirt usually just dragging in the water, though on occasion he may wear the thing, that is if it is rather chilly out. He keeps his aviators on, finding them useful when he's out sunbathing in the morning or trying to line up a decent shot and the sun is blinding him. He'll occasionally wear his company issued slouch hat, but finds it rather pointless when diving into the water.

Personality: Jacque is a local, born and raised. It is obvious in the way he speaks and the way he acts. One might even go so far as to call him a real southern gentleman. He'd always been friendly and social and despite becoming a horrible abomination, he doesn't let that get him down, he's just as friendly as ever. He tries to make the best of every situation, being optimistic even when facing impossible odds.
There are few things that will upset the man, though when he does get upset, you better run for the hills unless you want to get between a seven-hundred pound hybrid and his target.

Background: Born in New Orleans, Jaque grew up living in the French Quarter with his rather large family, but grew particularly attached to his younger sister Valerie. His younger years were spent mostly helping his mother around the house till he was old enough to go out working with his father who was a hunter and trapper.
Jacque worked along side his father up until he was about twenty-three years old when his father died in a hunting accident, ironically he was killed by an alligator. Unable to take care of the family business on his own, he was forced to give it up. There was a long period of scrounging for cash, that was until about six years later that he found that BLU was hiring.
He took it upon himself to take care of his family, even if that meant he would have to become a mercenary... What he didn't realize though was that whenever he signed up, he was signing his life away.
Jacque worked as a field agent for ten years, thankfully being stationed close to home had its advantages. He could slip out and see his sister Valerie for one, though he kept these visits short and rare, he didn't want to get her into trouble. He found being a Sniper was rather easy, mostly because of his previous hunting experience.
He stuck close to home till he was reassigned and sent to a research facility. This was where he was where he learned just what he'd gotten himself into... He received daily injections of some mysterious liquid... put through tests and frequent physical exams... It didn't take long to see physical changes, excruciatingly painful changes.
Now, he doesn't quite remember some of the experience... having either blocked it out or he simply wasn't awake during the time, having been sedated for fear he would go into shock. To him it just seems like some horrific nightmare.
A while after this transformation he was sent home in Louisiana, home to his family, home to his sister, who seems to have gotten a family of her own. He was an uncle now. That was the best new's he'd ever heard in his life... He saw it as a silver-lining...
He stayed at a local facility for a few years, occasionally finding his way out and being able to see his sister who, though horrified by what he'd become, still saw him as her brother... Now he's returning to his old base, the base he'd started off at all those years ago. The one he'd been ripped away from for testing...

He'd heard strange rumors... apparently there was some mystery surrounding his old home... He had no idea what had gone on while he was gone, maybe once he returned... he could see what had become of the place with his own eyes....

Weapons: Huntsman, Claws, Teeth, and Tail

- He is unbelievably protective of his family and friends. Don't talk bad about them.
- He can play the harmonica and Cajun accordion, though sticks to the harmonica considering his situation.
- He can stomach almost anything. This however does not mean he will ENJOY whatever it is he is given or has to eat... He prefers fresh food.

Roleplay Sample [First Person] - (note: I don't usually do first person.)
They just had to send me here during the driest part of summer.

I thought to myself as I laid in probably the shallowest pond I'd laid in for a while. My scales ached as I rolled over, trying to dampen the rest of my body to keep my skin from starting to dry up. I look up to see a heron picking off the small minnows stuck on the bank that were trying desperately to reach the water.

"Sorry lil guys... survival of the fittest." I mutter to myself as watch the large white bird pluck one of the tiny fish off.

Oh well... at least it's overcast... looks like we'll finally get some rain, hope its a lot.

Roleplay Sample [Third Person] -
It was a warm night, the sun having set an hour before but the heat staying with them... the humidity was the worst part about living in a swamp, but he was used to it. He was however somewhat curious to know just what his colleagues thought of this sort of heat. The spys would learn not to wear those heavy suits all the time unless they wanted to pass out and end up in the med-bay on regular occasions.

He always explained the humidity like a blanket being put over you, or having to carry weights around wherever you went. It could be exhausting... He'd learned not to overwork himself though and did alright.

He laid out in the darkness staring up at the starry night sky, the branches of the cypress obstructing his view a bit.

He squeezed an eye shut when a light was shone at him, quickly getting up from off the small dock and quickly jumping into the water, disappearing before whomever had stumbled upon him got a decent look...


Thread List:
Sunrise in the Swamp (Closed)
Jacque catches his fellow team mate taking a morning dip in the swamp... That seems a bit odd.

Mutual Creepification (Closed)
Oh... a Medic. Hopefully he doesn't end up strapped to a table again...

Scaly Encounters (Closed)
Jacque accidentally freaks Riley out and chases him up a tree.

We Freaks Need to Stick Together
Being different isn't so bad when you're with friends.

Into the Darkness...
It's too quiet... The reptilian marksman seems restless and finds himself standing in-front of the old warehouse... What could be inside?
Jacque Duhon

Re: BLU - Jacque "Jacob" Duhon - Gator Sniper

Postby The Announcer » Tue Aug 02, 2011 1:30 am

You’ve been accepted to BLU, gatorbomination.

Your history is full of sweet ironies. I am holding your history right here, and I am laughing. Your father was stupid, your sister's a slut, and her children aren't even her own! That's great. I'm happy for you.

Remember, your team’s activities can be accessed here.
You are required to make a introductory thread in the Docks, even if you don’t get any replies. This is an important process, and should be done the same day you are accepted. However, as you are a returning member, you may opt out.

Please remember the rules, and that you are allowed to update your application with information on your character; we have specifically designed the app for this purpose. After beginning your dock thread, tag as you like.

Remember: We at BLU do not support friendships with the enemy. These will be found and destroyed.

I see you can eat many things. I'll be selling your trash disposal and spending it on better things, like mouth tubes and funnels large enough for people to dump trash into.

Enjoy your time on BLU!
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