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BLU - Vincens Laure Perrault, Spy

Postby Vincens Perrault » Sun Jul 31, 2011 1:00 pm

Vincens Laure Perrault

Date of Birth:
November 20th



French and English

Team Favorite Color:


>Primary: Revolver
>Secondary: Electro Sapper
>Melee: Conniver's Kunai
>PDA: Disguise Kit
>PDA2: Dead Ringer

>Strengths: quick, fast plans and always has a back-up one, smooth-talking in most situations
>Weaknesses: trying to be solely self-sufficient, not asking for help when needed, reckless and cocky at times
>Likes: solitude, rain, cigarettes, sex, cooking, hot weather, walks by himself, dancing
>Dislikes: groups of people, being forced to be social, losing, swimming, sleeping in, snow, being unable to figure out his feelings/emotions, asking for help or receiving help, chocolate
>Fears: needles, being rendered useless, vomiting, commitment, thunder
Vincens prefers the role of the loner as well as the asshole. He really doesn't enjoy getting near people unless it's completely necessary (like if losing is at stake). Trust comes hard from him, and there will never be a second chance. His beliefs are strong in that people do not change, and it's best to discard them as soon as they make a mistake large enough (a few small ones are acceptable, of course). It's hard to become his friend, seeing as the word is very foriegn to him-- but that doesn't mean there's no trying. Vin has the ability to make friends and letting people "in" (he just prefers not to, it keeps work and other things cleaner), though it takes time and you're lucky to do so. However, when he does allow somebody to get close, he will either use them for his own gain in some shape or form, or award them with sex. He marks friends this way, and sees no problem with sleeping around (actually, he's terrified of commitment, but shh). Males more often than not are chosen for this, but he doesn't have a problem with girls here and there. Getting him to talk past more than calling you names or completely ignoring you is quite the feat, seeing as it takes patience and time to end this (it's like a test to see if you're worthy of his attention). Vincens can be capable of being nice, though usually it's a trap. He believes heavily in self-gain, seeing the world as a dog-eat-dog place. But, once in a blue moon, he will be sincere and polite-- but you have to be quite special for this. It's a hard hike to get on the man's good side, but he'll be sure to make it worth it if you make it that far.

>Sexuality: bisexual (prefers men, however)
>Virgin: nope
>Friends: nobody seems lucky enough just yet
>Relationships: nobody's lucky enough still (isn't sarcasm fun?)

>Ethnicity: French
>Country of Origin: France
Born and raised in France, Vin was brought up into a shakey family. By the time he was born, he had a brother Lazare Claude of the age of six, and his mother had moved on to a new husband, for he had been killed in the risky business he played around with. To Lazare, Vincen's father was his step-father. Although, Vin always felt as if his "father" fit the role of a step-father. Or even just an authoritive male figure-- he never was much of a father at all to the boy. His brother and father were very belittling and harsh towards the youngest, and the mother was never able to speak up to the abusive man. Her oldest son detested his own mother, somehow thinking it was her fault his real father died. Vin was always seeking his mother for comfort, seeing as she was the only acceptance he could find. Going through school was difficult with their constant moving around, and money was getting bad. Vincens could never really make friends, because he rarely trusted people. He also thought of it as a waste, seeing as he would move just before he got to know somebody. His father got worse with his abuse towards his son and wife, and while this ramped up, Vin took it upon himself to runaway a few times. It never did him any good, seeing as his dad or brother would always find him, even if it took a few days. This of course only made his father more destructive. During one of his runaways at the age of seventeen, the father had actually convinced Lazare to kill his wife, he feeding into the lies spurred by his step-father that she had a part in his real father's death. When Vincens had come back and learned of his mother's death, he freaked out and turned as cold as ever. He was led to believe it was his fault for her death, he not there when it happened and didn't protect her. He started to counter his negative feelings towards his father, stepping up more and more towards the dad (who now had custody over him), and finally had a successful getaway. Lazare was left for the father's outlet of endless rage, and quickly tired of it. Being more powerful, he had easily run from "home" and set out to find his younger brother (also to go a bit into hiding). It took him nearly a year to track him down in the Americas, having not expected the move of countries. Vincens had picked up quite a bit of English in his time of living off of the streets, and eagerly learned whatever else he could, wanting to fit in and start new here. By the time Lazare had found the sibling, he had gotten himself into the "Spy" business (he was promised protection from his little stunt) and figured he'd get his brother into it as well. It had started as a way for him to mock and use the younger, and constantly reminded him he'd never grow to anything. Though, it wasn't until a year later of the teaching and helping that he actually had gone back to his old ways, treating Vin like he did when they lived with their parent(s). A year later, Vincens killed his older brother, his already short fuse being gnawed down as far as he'd allow it. Fearing himself from the almost accidental murder, he was scared he'd turn into a product of his childhood home life. He knew commitment (something he already hated) would have to be sworn off, not wanting to cause any more damage that he would expect out of his father (or brother). He fled back to France and continued to persue the "career" his older sibling had started him off in, doing it for him. He may have killed him, but Vincens had always loved his brother. He carried on for two years in France and built himself a small reputation. Off of this, he started up as a freelance assassin, finally getting himself off of the streets. The now turned assassin got himself up on his feet, and got pulled into his job, mind and heart set to it. It was a way to get out his frustrations from his past, a way to run away from the pent up feelings he could never share or completely get out. Though, it came to a crashing halt when Vin picked up on word of his father hot on his trail. Doing the only thing he could, he set off back to the Americas, really not wanting to deal with "family affairs." It was sure his father wouldn't put more effort than planned into finding him, so he'd be safe in another country. Taking about a year of hiding and laying a lot lower, he went about his bussiness when he thought it was safe enough, unable to stay away from the satisfaction of the kill and the aderaline that accompanied it. Finally back up on his feet, he once more felt reckless, glad to be self-suficient again. Although, this all came to a screeching stop when the risky business and financial problems caught up with him, as well as the law. Ducking into hiding once more, he started looking for an escape of the constant worry of being caught. Another year of complete hiding and searching, he changed things around (actually becoming known as Vincens now), escaping his past the best he could (and willing it off to his dead brother). With his searching he had caught wind of a place that caught his interest, deciding it was now or never to make a move. After a bit of prep, he made his way for Swamp Rat Corp, aiming to truly bury his past and plant a new one over it.

>Eye color: pale blue
>Hair color: brown
>Hair style: short and tossled, curly, bit of sideways bangs
>Weight: 137 lbs
>Height: 5'4"
>Scar(s): a deep one on his left cheek, downwards diagonal; usually hidden completely by his balaclava
First off, don't let his size fool you. He may be small, but it just means the moody killing-machine has everything all compact, his fuse being shorter than expected. Vincens is rarely seen out of his suit, and if he is, he still keeps on the balacava. He is quite fit (but not overly so), thanks to his class/profession, so you won't find any "fat" on the youngin'. Vin has an untameable mop of brown hair, it always curly and bothersome (another reason his balacava stays on-- it's just easier to tame it once). His eyes are an icy shade of blue and usually very serious, so his gaze may be more intimidating than he aims for in some cases. He has long legs for his size, and his chest size is average (meanly not overly broad). Vincen's hands are a bit bigger than what would be expected, and are rough and scarred from overuse. His feet however, are small, and he prefers to wear socks at least, having been made fun of them a few times (he doesn't really mind it, but just likes to stay away from the chance of it happening again). Also, he shaves. Everywhere. Except his head (his mother always loved his hair, so he tries to keep it as is) and eyebrows (and things that would just look weird shaving). Vin's also a bit higher than averagely "endowed," but his attitude of being a giant dick kind of makes up for that (plus, there has to be a real reward for somebody he considers close, right?). But, he's an overall nice-looking kid (with leetle feet), just has a shitty personality until he trusts you.


Roleplay Examples:
>First-person: It was always the smallest of mistakes that could guarantee you death out on the battle-field-- even more-so for those in the same class as myself. One needed to be alert always, constantly aware of the surroundings or situation, for one tiny change could, and would, mean the end. To make things a bit more of a challenge to make sure I was always cautious, I had quite the predecessor to live up to. I couldn’t afford to make silly mistakes, and those same silly mistakes were the ones that had offed previous Spies for the blue side. For my first few weeks, not to boast, I had done utterly terrific. Within the short period of time, with my help and watchful eye, we had taken two of RED’s points, pushing them back rather far, they now forced on complete defense. Two more and we would easily reach their Intel room. Things were in BLU’s favor-- but I worried my luck would soon be turning for the worst... and my gut feeling (I believed that’s what it was called) was never off. Sure enough, with the excitement of nearly capturing yet another point, I had grown cocky and careless... An easy mistake for being as young and fresh to this all as I was. I was quickly reminded of how real all of this really could be. This pleasant reminder was a blade similar to my own being slashed past my calf, rather deep. How my calf? I had a bit of a clash with the opposing team’s spy and I thought I was home-free (after he had been grounded), being a bit of a braggart with my “victory” over the older of my class. Though, I was very, very wrong to believe I’d be getting away to brag over my feat. It seemed my cloaking and impossible path all went to waste, seeing as I had let a convenient little path of blood to trail along after. My wounded leg had been forgotten about, survival and getting away successfully being the only two things on my mind. The second I had stopped to survey the area, thinking I was safe in my hiding spot, I had a rather familiar balisong ram its way into my lower stomach, the knife being ripped to the side in a bit of a jagged motion. Of course, the other hadn’t been aiming for anything-- no, his real aim was to hit nothing vital, instead have me suffer through the slow process of bleeding out. Luckily, I was filled to the brim with adrenaline, eagerly feeding off of this to summon my revolver. I shot where ever in front of myself, eyes glazing over the slightest from the rather fatal blow. Something was hit that was rather painful, and that’s all I knew. Not bothering to check or find out, I cloaked once my watch was ready for another long go, holding my midsection as if my innards were to fall out at any second (it sure felt like it, anyway), darting off and around the other Spy. Hurrying off, I looked around quickly, mind scrambling for a plan. I needed help fast if I planned on living longer than a hour at the most. Flagging down a Medic would be chancy and stupid seeing as I was on enemy lines, and I didn’t want to risk trying to get the attention of a RED one. Chewing on the inside of my cheek, I settled on possibly one of the stupidest plans I could ever follow through with. Revolver being traded for my disguise kit, I stole the appearance of the one I had just been attacked by (and attacked, thank you), headed for the loft I knew that would be manned by a Sniper. I could either hope he’d take pity on me and help out a “fellow teammate,” or go with the more drastic choice of killing him and taking his hideout hostage-- he had to have First Aid kits up there or /something/. Carefully ascending the ladder, I tried to be as stealthy as I could-- but not overly so. Scaring him would only result in being killed out of fear. That would be rather counterproductive and would have proved all of this hassle a waste. Once I only had a few more pegs to go, I made a bit more sound, nearly collapsing as I had reached the top. God my stomach killed. I heaved myself to the wall of the “nest,” eyes on the opposing team member now. “Jour az'istance would be appreciated.” Now I had my other hand back from climbing the stairs, it to was held to my stomach, as if holding the wound would keep blood from continuing to spill out.
>Third-person example: Vincens really detested the "company" of others, especially when they made their "playful" jabs. These would result in rather physical jabs of his own, but only after a few things were uttered in his home land's language. The assassin found himself "hidden" off in the Storage Room, having placed himself in their to cool off after the little fight he had with a Scout. The stubborn little bastard was wrong, and Vin knew it. Whatever, he really couldn't afford to think about it again-- it was over, and he came in here to relax a bit. And sate his nicotine fix. The BLU member sighed a quiet breath and fished out his disguise kit, remembering that he'd need to restock the case of more cigs sometime very soon. Tugging one out carefully, it was soon placed between the man's lips, lighter now his target. He searched his front pockets, very pleased to find one; he almost worried he wouldn't. Lighting the cigarette and putting everything back in their respective hiding places, Vincens then reclined back against a crate. Eyes closed, he took a deep and long drawl, thoroughly enjoying the first fix he had all day. This was rather unusual for the Spy, seeing as he could easily sail through a pack on a normal day. He eased his mind onto emptiness, making sure to concentrate on nothing but the blissful cancer stick settling on the edge of his bottom lip and the man-made fog floating around himself. It was hard to think of nothing when he had "company," seeing as they usually spurred confusing feelings and trust issues. No, lonliness and quiet surroundings suited the assassin much more, and he would make sure it would stay this way.

>Vin has the (usually) hidden talent of ventriloquism. He dabbled around in it, practicing the ability to throw his voice mainly for means of escape. He's actually quite good at this, having a lot of spare time to put into it (and a lot of reason to do so). Mimicking accents and ways of speech comes easily, though he can't just pick up the person's language and tone within seconds of hearing them. It takes practice and a bit of research, obviously, as anything else would. Usually, the Spy just wings it and hopes for the best. His own voice and accent, however, is (obviously) perfected, and he tends to just stay safe and use it.
>Although Vincens comes off as one to hate everything, it's mainly people-centered-- and one thing is safe from this seemingly all-around hatred: animals. That's right, the man has a soft spot for animals and the like. Especially cats, seeing as he can easily relate; they hate almost everything, are antisocial and prefer their own company generally, and use others when it seems fit.
>Probably not the best fit for it, the Frenchman is a bit of a power junkie; he loves being in charge. His favorite instance would probably have to be controlling from a stand-point that would be nearly impossible (ex: controlling the situation when the enemy has the upperhand).
>His hearing is by far his best sense, and his ears are quite "sensitive" as well. The order of his five senses would go in order as so: hearing, smell, sight, taste, touch.

Thread List:
>Arrival (OPEN)
Let's see what this Medic's all about, hm?
>Sunrise in the Swamp [Private] - FINISHED
Well, an early-morning swim was intended...
>Tobacco Topaz [Vincens]
Intentions: Smoke and unwind alone in the Smoker's Lounge. What really happens: Find a fellow teammate occupying that very room.
>Can Brains Atrophy? (Fefe+Vincens)
It seems every time Vin seeks solitude he comes across a new teammate. What's this one like?
Vincens Perrault

Re: BLU - Vincens Laure Perrault

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You’ve been accepted to BLU, worthless orphan.

If you fail to achieve the rank of 'Better Spy then Goldilocks', we will be deporting you. We will also let your father know.

Or we'll just delete your data. It's a coin flip, really.

Remember, your team’s activities can be accessed here.
You are required to make a introductory thread in the Docks, even if you don’t get any replies. This is an important process, and should be done the same day you are accepted. As you are a returning member, you may opt out.

Please remember the rules, and that you are allowed to update your application with information on your character; we have specifically designed the app for this purpose. After beginning your dock thread, tag as you like.

Remember: We at BLU do not support friendships with the enemy. These will be found and destroyed.

We have told one person on your team your father's phone number.
Hint: He's a spy.

Enjoy your time on BLU!
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