Red Team: Jack Kane

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Red Team: Jack Kane

Postby Soulknight » Fri Jul 13, 2012 10:02 am

Name: Jack Kane
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: March 29
Team: RED
Class: Scout

Nationality: American
Ethnicity: American AKA Little bit of everything
Languages: English

Appearance: Lean body build and round facial features. He wears the standard red T-shirt to signify his team colours. Over his T, he wears a black jacket and wears faded blue jeans and musky brown laced boots. Covering his dark brown hair is his black wide brim hat that was given to him long ago by a dear family member. Around his neck he wears another precious gift, from his deceased wife, a leather necklace with a single circular stone carved and etched with Celtic patterns.
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Grey
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 154lbs

Personality:Most of the time, jack is relatively calm, respectful, and isn’t afraid to talk to someone new. He tries his best to see the good in everyone but at the same time can be very intuitive and if familiar with someone long enough, can easily read any expression or body language they may show. When focussed or given a task, he follows it to the letter and will rarely ever get distracted. On an average day he is laid back, chill, and tries to include people together to have a good time, he enjoys nothing more than to entertain others, whether cracking jokes to intentionally making a fool of himself, he always finds a way to make a person smile.

However, ironically enough, despite the times he may intentionally act idiotic, he absolutely despises taunting and mockery. He will be the first to call himself a moron, an idiot, a fool, or a retard, but the moment someone else speaks to him condescendingly, it makes his blood boil. But, unlike in his much younger youth, he has learned to reframe himself from responding violently in such conflicts. But will certainly put him in a bad mood for a while. And like a phoenix rising from its ashes, his rage soon evaporate and cycles back to his wise-cracking, content self.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Strengths: Quick, Adaptable, Good Listener
Weaknesses: Wiseacre, Impatient, fears falling.

History: Jack, as a small boy, lived a sheltered life. He barely made many friends and thus was very socially challenged for quite a few years. Moving around all the time hardly helped either. His father was a military man, and he was requested to transfer from one post to another through out most of the western coast of the states every one or two years. Jack had made many associates, though, most of them bad ones, but he rarely had the chance to sustain a true friendship with anyone. Despite the lack of human interaction outside of his family, he still managed to have his own fun by exploring. Coincidentally enough, jack had always lived and moved to reasonably small towns, he had never grown up in the loud and crowded atmosphere of a city; in fact, he’s hardly even visited one. Always living very near to woods and forests, he had grown very curious of the mysterious majesty and would, on a daily basis, travel and explore deep with in them. Even against his parents’ warnings and worries, he’d still visit the forests because it made him feel adventuress.

Once High school came around, and Jack now a freshly developed teenager, was able to live in a small town up near the northern border for the next five to six years. It gave him plenty of time to reassess himself socially. And, surprisingly sooner than he expected, he was able to company himself with great friends, thus enabling him to gain and increase a self confidents and becoming a very friendly and positive individual. For every year in high school, he obtained a greater and greater social life; he even managed to have himself a girlfriend during his senior year. However, despite the immense positive reinforcement he had received, his negativity from childhood still lingers and plagues him at times.

In his early years of adult hood, he started out with a promising future. With the help of his high school sweet heart and a money loan from his parents, he was able to afford himself an apartment and eventually found himself employment as a ranger for a local wild life preserve in eastern Oregon. However, at age twenty four, he lost his job under the suspicion of killing elk and selling organs for prophet, when in reality it was actually one of his co-workers trying to cover up his tracks by pitting the blame on someone else. No fines or charges were made but his requests for new employment became far more difficult. To make matters even worse, he lost his newly wedded wife in a car crash two weeks after he was fired. His life seemed to be spiralling downward, but, on the day of his wife’s funeral, a mysterious man approached him with a proposition to his financial predicament. He claimed he was an old army buddy of Jack’s father and offered him to join the ranks of a faction known as RED: Reliable Excavation and Demolition. With no where else to go, Jack accepted and had soon gone through training and found himself as a “Scout” in the ranks. For a few more years, he became a reliable and dependable member of his unit, and had earned his respect of his fellow men as well as respecting them back. Then bad luck struck again as he and his men were in the process of being transferred to another base through aerial transport, the planes navigation instruments and roader engines were compromised and crashed into an unknown swampland that breathed of radiation fallout. Only Jack survived the impact, but how long could he last in the poisonous swamp before he succumbs to the radioactive air?

Primary: Force A Nature (short nosed shotgun)
Secondary: 1994 Colt Python revolver
Melee: Crowbar

First Person Sample: Well, saying, “this sucks”, would be an understatement , but yeah, this majorly sucks. Just ten minutes ago, I thought to myself, “Okay, so Octo-man needs a certain part to help one of the engineers to build another fancy turret. ‘It’s not that far from the base’, he says, ‘the radiation shouldn’t harm you in that amount of time’, he says, ‘I’m sure there wont be any trouble’, HE SAYS. So, it shouldn’t that bad.” WRONG! Guess Doc-Oc failed to mention there would be reanimated walking CORPSES prancing about in that area! Okay, okay, I shouldn’t be blaming him for this, but, come on, he’s been in this glowing shit-pit longer than I have, and he wouldn’t know there would be zombies? I mean, in the fast 6 weeks I’ve been here, I’ve seen, ghosts, mutants, man eating plants, and giant radioactive rats the size of my mazda back home. At this point, warning a guy about zombie attacks wont sound that crazy.

Hell, maybe he truly did figure that this task was totally safe, but I guess bitching about it wont help me in the slightest, because right now I’m trapped in a cellar, and the only thing that’s between me and those zombies is a rusty door barricaded with a three legged chair, and my shot gun…that only has one round left…I REALLY hope the engineers got the respawn running back up now.

Third Person Sample: Jack ran through the sticky mud that seemed to cling more and more to his boots ever slowly with every dashing step. Not far behind him was a very large, very nasty, and very hungry mutant rodent. It was bigger than the usual deformed fur balls, this one was nearly the size of a bus, and could have a Volkswagen Slugbug as a midnight snack. But the vermin juggernaut wasn’t the main problem; the REAL problem was what Jack was carrying in his left arm. A small radiation bomb, that was accidentally activated by one of his teammates, and is now on a count down before detonation; 96 seconds and counting. He is the only one fast enough to take the explosive out of the bases range, but with a disfigured giant rat trying to make lunch out of him in the process, was proving very difficult to achieve this task.
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Re: Red Team: Jack Kane

Postby Connal Reid » Fri Jul 13, 2012 3:41 pm

Don't take this the wrong way, because I am absolutely not trying to be offensive here, but... Do you actually know what you're getting yourself into, here? There's some radiation in the swamp, yes, but an Engie has come up with a solution, and it's probably only somewhat dangerous around the old warehouses themselves, one of which has been blown up. There were a few zombies, yeah okay, but they've also been blown up, and currently there's just Josif's (a RED Soldier) zombie body with Xavier's mind inside (his alter ego or whatever. Too much to get into here). As for giant rats? They've been mentioned, but think more house cat sized rats and less giant monsters everyone has to be careful of, and they probably were also all blown up. I won't say anything about the ghosts or mutants, since those two still hold (and if by mutants you're talking about the hybrids, those'll probably be here forever). There hasn't been anything mentioned about man eating plants, but I like the idea.

But if you're just including these things to have fun with in your app, then okay, everything I said is moot. Just wanna make sure you're on the same page with the rest of us, here. I'd hate for you to be accepted, start posting, see pretty much none of this stuff is actually around, and get bored and quit.
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Re: Red Team: Jack Kane

Postby Puffin » Fri Jul 13, 2012 7:51 pm

^ She's right.

There was a radiation threat, but it's been largely dealt with. We don't have man-eating plants, giant rats, and the ghosts are contained within a small radius of the warehouses that your character won't know about until he actually makes it to base and goes to the warehouses to see them. The zombies are dead (permanently), and there are no mutants just running around the swamp. The only things that he would have to watch out are a giant swamp monster and an armed, dangerous, and half-dead sociopath. There is also a giant bird, but he is an escaped lab experiment, and you can read more about him here.

Since you're obviously confused about the situation here, I am going to ask you to read The Story Summary thread (which is in need of an update but it will bring you up to date for the most part), The Rules subforum threads (THIS IS REQUIRED READING FOR ALL PLAYERS), and the latest (and now ended) event thread.

While you're at it, you also might want to check out the Steam chat logs, where a lot of story points have been discussed (it's also a funny read), and since you're applying for a RED team position, this thread, which will explain the asshole in the woods.

I like your character's base personality and history, but I need confirmation from you that you've read the threads and understood the situation here before I can accept you. If you have any questions please contact me.
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