Argent, Hermit

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Argent, Hermit

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Tue Apr 17, 2012 2:18 pm

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Name: Subject Alpha-1980 “Argent”
Age: 42, approximately
Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: March 22, 8:32:27 AM, 195X
Team: Neutral
Class: N/A

Nationality: Made in a Company lab.
Ethnicity: Out of prehistoric genetic code.
Languages: English, sort of. Can't talk, but reads okay. Writes at a 1st grade level.

Hair Color: N/A
Eye Color: Black
Height: 6ft 7 in
Weight: 170 lbs
A massive bird, vaguely similar to an Andean Condor in build, with almost entirely black plumage. The face is largely bald, with a crest of longer feathers behind the jaw line. These feathers seem to have a faint silver-ish sheen to them. All flesh is dark gray, except for a few slightly pale patches above the long, slightly hooked beak. Wings are fully feathered and apparently functional, but the bird seems unable to fly and unwilling to unfold its wings in the first place.

This massive bird is a hermit of his own choosing, quiet and calm, with an air of aged wisdom one would normally associate with an owl. If approached, he will stand or sit quietly, watching intently as the individual comes closer, before lifting a foot when he deems the individual has come close enough. Should the individual attempt to come closer, he will clack his beak and lift his foot higher, showing off the large black talons he possesses. A further attempt will provoke a swift, non-harming attack to scare the individual back, and is a last warning.
Argent possesses an intelligence level to that of a human being, and may be communicated with as such. He is very calm and slow to anger, preferring to keep to himself and wander the swamps, stopping only to eat and rest. Should he come across someone in need, he will attempt to aide them to best of his ability, herding them to safety and tending to them as a parent bird would its chick. If attacked, he will react only in defense, moving to disable the attacker rather than outright kill, unless there is no other way for him to escape safely.

History: (apologies in advance for wall of text)
Subject Alpha-1980 was the result of the Companies on going attempts to turn the tide of the war in their favor. RED was able to obtain various fossilized specimens of creatures from the distant past, and promptly tried to strip their genetic coding and duplicate it into a living creature that they could train and unleash on the battlefields to decimate their enemies. Needless to say, a great many of them failed horribly, and millions of dollars worth of investment were wasted.
Until some smart guy thought up the idea of applying the recovered fossil coding to the coding of the fossil's closest modern relative.

Alpha-1980 was the first success of this technique, mixing the data recovered from the skeletal remains of the Argentavis magnificens with its descendent, the Andean Condor. The egg was hatched, and the hatchling was swiftly put into training, with its 'parent' handlers caring for it and teaching it how to kill on command. It wasn't long before the handlers discovered a problem; Alpha-1980 was too big to work on the field. With a 23ft wingspan and a height of nearly 7ft, the massive bird was simply too large to function properly on the battlefields were mercenaries fought back and forth. But they couldn't just scrap him, the bird representing countless man-hours and a massive monetary investment.
So, instead of putting the bird on the field, they locked it up for use as a test subject for some of the technology being developed by the Company scientists to further the war effort.

This went on for years, the bird used to further the development of such technologies as the Respawn system, the Teleporter, the MediGun, the first step above tiny lab rats to see if such tech could work with an organic mass equivalent to an adult human being.
During these years of testing and experimenting, the bird slowly began to develop an intelligence, piecing together the information laid bare all around it into a compendium of knowledge, but this would never have advanced very far if not for a botched Teleporter experiment. Though the bird survived, its base structure was altered, an alteration so minor there were no outward effects at all, and the scientists took no notice. But the bird knew. He knew that he had changed, that he had been given a chance.

It took almost a full decade for him to finally escape, biding his time, collecting as much information as he could, learning about everyone and everything around him and how it all could be used to help him get out. His chance came when the laboratory was getting ready for the rotation of location all Company facilities went through every five years. He struggled just enough to damage the lock on his transport cage, and when the boat was loaded, launched, he broke out.
Using his cage as a battering ram, he smashed open the boat's hull, allowing himself to be swept out into the murky water. It was harder than he had anticipated to swim to shore, weighed down by his waterlogged feathers and wing muscles that had never been used enough to become strong, but he managed, clambering up onto the muddy bank while the boat bubbled and sank and the humans screamed.
He fled as fast and far as he could, losing himself in the bogs and foliage of the swamp forest. It took him almost a week to dry out properly, needing to pause and preen every few miles to try and get as much water out of his plumage as he could, and he knew he was lucky he didn't fall ill.
Only when he was certain the Companies had given up on finding him did he finally stop to rest, clawing his way up into a big old cypress to perch and sleep.

He awoke 2 days later, hungry and still tired, to the sound of someone crying.

Curious, but wary, he waited in his tree, a huddle of black feathers watching his surroundings, until he finally found the source of the crying. A little girl, her clothing spattered with mud and a teddy hugged to her chest, sitting alone on a tree trunk. He'd seen children before, the rare occasion when there was a Bring Your Daughter/Son to Work Day sort of thing, but he'd never seen one without an adult.
To make a long story short, he investigated. The girl was terrified of him at first, a massive vicious-looking bird that peered down at her with beady black eyes, but he chattered to her, fluffed his feathers, crouched down next to her, and she stopped crying.
She stayed with him for almost two weeks, following him as he fumbled his way through trying to survive on the wild. If not for her, he would have died very quickly, not knowing what animals were poisonous, what plants could kill you. He killed ducks for her, she showed him how to pluck off the feathers 'just like Momma does', he carried her through the deep marshes, she found okra.
Eventually, they wound up wandering closer to civilization that he was entirely comfortable with, and the little girl ran to the squat huts and was reunited with her mother.
He decided then, seeing the girl happy with her own kind, that he would be helpful to these swamps and the people that lived in them. He would bring the lost home, and carry the injured.
The Companies need never know he had survived.

Primary: Large grasping talons
Secondary: Hooked tearing beak
Melee: Buffet with wing (last resort)

First Person Sample:
I watch them. I have been for a long time, actually, they just don't know it. I'm careful, keeping out of sight, up in trees, away from the mismatched thing that cannot see but smells well. The little bird is intriguing, I wish I knew how to fly so I could teach it as well, but my wings have never worked that well. I envy his tentative flutterings, small as they are. This group is much calmer than the last one, less violent, though they know of the practice. I saw them take down the turtle monster, the one I had seen burst from its mutated egg and devour the stillborn around it. It had grown so fast, I couldn't dispatch it. I am glad they were able to, in their own fashion, though the battle ended in a loss they could have done without. Pity.

Third Person Sample:
The thing was massive. It was obviously some kind of bird, but what kind of bird grew to such sizes?! Towering over them, clad all in sleek black feathers, head cocked to peer down at them with one black eye, judging them. It fluffed its feathers, stretching one taloned foot forward, bending the grabbing toes like a person making a fist, one toe stretched forward. It dug its talon into the soft ground, dragging lines, short and stiff, in neat motions that seemed almost mechanical. The foot was pulled back, revealing the marks. YOU NEED HELP?
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Re: Argent, Hermit

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