Unaligned - Craig Synathen

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Unaligned - Craig Synathen

Postby Penultimate Pi » Thu Jun 21, 2012 10:48 pm

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Name: Craig Synathen
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Sex: Male
Date of Birth: September 17, 19XX
Team: N/A
Class: Medic

Ethnicity: Scandinavian
Languages: English

Hair Color: Two-toned, black/grey
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5' 9''
Weight: 146 lbs.
Image: lolnope

Sexuality: Straight, abstinent
Professional - Don't ask Craig if he knows what he's doing. He usually does.
Infallible - This doctor has seen plenty his share of psychos and freak experiments. It'll take a lot to REALLY scare him.
Ambitious - Craig is quite ready to sacrifice whatever he can to ensure that mankind benefits.
Frail - He'll snap like a twig.
Inconsiderate - When you're ANY bit of a mad scientist, you have to be a bit heartless.
Insecure - His ambitions fallen apart into a zombified fiend, Craig's rather prone to this.

Not much of Craig's history is recalled at all, not even by him. He was a quiet little orphan, left alone for the longest time before he was finally selected to take part in a mysterious genetic modification group. Craig was raised as one of them, from the teen ages onward subjected to many different scientific techniques and theories, all eventually pointing to the idea that "genetic modification was a path that would save the world." It was essentially brainwashing, and Craig fell for it.

Craig grew into a gifted and devoted scientist, the doctor to his name only proclaimed (yet rightfully earned) by his superiors. Despite his young age, he was one of a few vital scientists invovled in the project to create the ideal mercenary as a commision from RED Team. Using specially crafted cells and DNA spliced into the body, the subject would become the most ideal fighters. Of course, nobody would have expected their test base to be destroyed, and yet produce such astounding, if horrific, results.

HARA had already begun and progressed of BLU's end of the commision When Josif, Craig's subject, was retrieved form the wreckage. His ruthless, barbaric behavior and condition had him slated to be euthinized. Craig, however was not so keen on allowing his subject to die, and in a desperation act, convinced and bribed RED to restore Josif and send him to Swamp Rat instead, under the condition that "he was perfectly battle-worthy, but in being so has become rather misguided in action."

Throughout Josif's assignment at Swamp Rat, his mentality slowly split in two, and eventually, his entire being split as well. This didn't bode well at all to the ambitious scientist in Dr. Synathen; as his project fell apart, he began to question the wonders of what he created: an undead freak of nature, determined form the moment he was retrieved from Reactor. Along with the other HARA-made hybrids and monsters that populated the swamp, Craig not only gave up on Josif, but the project and HARA itself; even when various improvements to their mistakes were being made. Dr. Synathen, having developed a strange empathy for Swamp Rat and the many misfits sent there, decided to desert HARA in favor of secretly aiding the desolate location.

Of course, HARA doesn't like this course of action, it being a complete surprise considering Dr. Synathen's background. But they allow Craig to carry though with his plans, because of two main reasons.
One: there was no way Dr. Synathen could undermine HARA's intentions while he was in their dumping ground.
Two: Dr. Craig Synathen wasn't dealing with Josif. He was dealing with the ruthless killing machine known as Xavier, along with the many other hybrids, mercenaries and creatures trapped in the desolate swamp. There wasn't a good chance that the scientist, clearly trained for science and experimentation, would survive long in the swamp.

Loadout [A]:
Primary: Overdose
Secondary: Quick-Fix
Melee: Vita-Saw

First Person Sample:
How? How could I have allowed this horrid mistake to follow through in its intentions? It is an absolutely cursing feeling, to know that everything you have done for the better was all wrong, wrong, WRONG! A horrible weight had set itself upon me, and I needed it gone, needed myself and others to be liberated from this madness. That is the reason I traversed all of this land here, crawled my way from a barriered laboratory generating misfits of nature to their trash pit, a god-forsaken swamp where the monster of my creation scuttled about freely. I simply could not allow it to continue. Here, at this point and place in time, marks where this incident will be put to rest.

Third Person Sample:
Craig was desperately trying to reassure himself as he trudged roughly through the swamp. He had decided to be subtle in his approach, and ignored the use of a ferry to ship him into Swamp Rat, as it would prove far too obvious for the Creature. He would notice almost instantaneously, and strike down the scientist in an instant. Despite the decayed form, Craig had every reason to keep his expectations raised for his mistake, given the fact he had created him to be more powerful than the typical human. Even this boggy, humid terrain that the ex-doctor struggled with now would be more easily traversed by him. Struggling to keep his all-purpose lab coat tucked tight around him against the increasing winds, Dr. Synathen trudged on, unaware he was being followed by nature's own tropical disaster.
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Re: Unaligned - Craig Synathen (WIP)

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Mon Sep 03, 2012 12:02 am

All I'm going to say is that the utter lack of a detailed history or more fleshed out personality is something that MUST be remedied.

You'll find the Application Format specifically requires one full paragraph for Personality and a minimum of 3 full paragraphs for History. I can understand wanting to have a mysterious character, but the Administrator and her team are very VERY through about their research so they approach the right people for employment into the Fortress Companies.

Until such time as a more fully elaborated backstory is provided, this character cannot be approved. Please refer to other Accepted applications for exampled, especially those by Puffin and 12.
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Re: Unaligned - Craig Synathen (WIP)

Postby Penultimate Pi » Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:12 pm

Didn't I just say this wasn't even slightly completed?
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Re: Unaligned - Craig Synathen (WIP)

Postby Puffin » Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:29 pm

Penultimate Pi wrote:Didn't I just say this wasn't even slightly completed?

Yes, and that's fine.
But in the plotting thread you asked for us to take a look at it, and the truth of the matter is there really isn't enough here for us to say anything. I don't see anything that looks really wrong, (the only thing I'm not 100% on is a research scientist being a sniper as well, but since I don't really know anything about his backstory that remains to be seen) but I can't give you too much direction or critique until you put more things here.
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