Application Format - MUST READ

All the information on applying goes here, including any updates and corrections. Once you've applied, you will not have to review this for app updates.

Application Format - MUST READ

Postby The Announcer » Sat Jul 30, 2011 6:50 am

When applying for Swamp Rat, please use the following format.
Applications go under the Application board and should be titled "TEAM COLOR - Full name, Class".
If a character is a Special, this should be mentioned IN the application, Ex. "Sniper, sub-class Sniperdile" or "Medic, sub-class TentaMedic".


Active Threads

[url=example_url]Example A (Participant A, Participant B)[/url]
Player comment.

- - -

Name: Character name, alongside any common nicknames.
Age: What they think they are, and what they are. Minimum of 20, please.
Gender: Remember: Cat is not a gender.
Sex: Cat is not a sex either (at least I hope not)
Date of Birth: Day and month best, year optional.
Team Favorite Color: RED or BLU? That is the question.
Class: Pick a class, any class.

Nationality: Where they were born.
Ethnicity: What they are; for example, Franco-American if their family’s from France.
Languages: Doesn’t matter terribly. Announcer gets it to know how much you understand the enemy.

Hair Color: Self explanatory.
Eye Color: Self explanatory.
Height: Self explanatory.
Weight: Self explanatory.
Image:[img]example_url[/img](If you would like, request it and we’ll host your character image.)

Blah blah, appearance, blah. Only one paragraph needed, try to keep it clean and concise. If you haven an image, even better.

Sexuality: What is your character attracted to?
Strengths: What’re your character’s strengths? IE, ‘level headed’.
Weaknesses: What’s their weaknesses? Like nightmares.

Same as appearance, but on their attitude.

History: Announcer preforms extensive background checks. Don’t leave anything out unless it’s a complete and utter secret. Remember to expand on the important parts of their employment with their team; how long, when, why, etcetera.
This means at least 3 paragraphs; 1 for early childhood and parental influences, 1 for teen to young adult years (and early professional career), then the situation that led up to them enlisting and eventually ending up in Swamp Rat. Remember, Swamp Rat is the place for rejects and throw aways, so your character had to have done something to tick off the higher ups to wind up in this place.

Primary: Typically, these are all standard weapons.
Secondary: Unless it makes sense they’d have a nonstandard.
Melee: Like previous military experience?

First Person Sample: Self explanatory.
Third Person Sample: Self explanatory.
-Minimum of 5 complete sentences per sample, maximum of 3 paragraphs.
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Re: Application Format - MUST READ

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Tue Apr 17, 2012 12:43 pm

Recap (for quick copy/pasting):

[b]Active Threads[/b]

- - -

[u]Date of Birth:[/u]


[i]Hair Color[/i]:
[i]Eye Color[/i]:




[u]First Person Sample:[/u]
[u]Third Person Sample:[/u]
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