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Acclimation ((Docks))

PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2012 11:46 pm
by Connal Reid
Connal Reid wrote:If he was going to have to get used to running around and fighting in that flame-retardant suit with this kind of heat, then he could at least start by sitting around in it. So Connal had decided to go down to the docks, and had brought his boombox along with him. Having already picked out and placed in a cassette, he set the radio on (relatively) dry land, a little nervous about it falling in. It was weird pushing the play button through the glove; his fingers felt almost too thick.

Then the first song on the Megadeth track started to play, and the Pyro gave a satisfactory hum. He let it be and turned, walked to the end of the dock, and sat down, staring into the murky water as he listened. Funny, how he was starting to like instrumentals like Into the Lungs of Hell just as much as some of the ones he could sing along with.

The redhead let his mind wander, and eventually it settled on his teammates. He knew there were at least four; Anton, whom he had met, and Tom, Gene, and Kette, who all had their names on the bulletin board. So far, Anton was the only one he had actually met. How did he keep missing everyone? Were they all Spies, and avoiding him because he was a Pyro? That didn't make sense, though, Anton never seemed scared of him. Oh, but a Spy would be good at hiding something like that, wouldn't he? Especially when he didn't have to speak.

Connal huffed and kicked at the water. Already, he wanted to rip the suit off and go swimming, and the cassette had only gotten to the second track, Set the World Afire. Oh, maybe there were some fishing poles in the base, somewhere. There sure as hell were enough cans of SPAM in the base he could use as bait.

Oh well. At least he had brought good music.

Elias Saaresto wrote:The standard Spy uniform suited Elias just fine. He had no qualms about the jacket, though he kept fussing with the sleeves and gloves, concerned about the material from a survivalist's viewpoint. It was difficult to breathe in and didn't offer quite as much mobility as he liked. But presentation counted for a lot. He bore it with no complaints and decided to don it before heading out of the base. It'd be good to familiarize himself with their surroundings. The climate alone would take some time to adjust to. It felt muggy at best which often meant that a storm was brewing in the distance.

While Elias explored, he began to hear things. More specifically, he heard music - if it could be called that. He started towards the source, wary of its origins. Perhaps it was a trap to lure people into a false sense of comfort. Or maybe one of the combatants was foolishly drawing attention to himself in the midst of a warzone. Ceasefire or not, that wasn't a bright idea. His hand went for his holster, lingering around the belt.

Elias saw red. Or more accurately, RED. He relaxed his shoulders but kept his hand over his revolver. He drew closer still and paused several feet away from his supposed teammate. "What are you doing out here?"

Connal Reid wrote:Thinking he saw something move, Connal's lens-covered eyes were locked on the water. Maybe it was a turtle. However, he then heard a voice, and his shoulders tensed as he turned quick as he could while sitting. A RED Spy? Holy shit, maybe they really were all Spies.

Only now did he realize how stupid he must look, with his back turned, his attention elsewhere, and music to drown out even the loudest of footsteps. He gave an awkward little wave, and tried to voice a greeting, but even to his own ears it just sounded like, "Hrorr." That wasn't good. How was he supposed to talk to the others in battle? The redhed pulled the mask up and off, and tried again. "Hello... I'm just trying to get used to how hot it is." After a second, he added, "What about you?"

Elias Saaresto wrote:The mask caused a raise of the brow. Elias imagined the necessity for such a suit, and wondered if this man was a so-called Pyro. If and when he did manage to scrounge up files on his task, too much information had been redacted for a clear understanding. He had to infer everything from the bits and pieces. "T'at's understandable," he answered, his thick accent drenching his words. "I wanted to have a look at de terrain. See w'at we have to work wit."

Connal Reid wrote:"Oh." Sounded like a good idea, but there was only so far one big, bright blotch of RED could get in this swamp before getting too close to BLU base. Wouldn't want to get in trouble for inadvertently breaking the ceasefire. He still hadn't moved from his seat at the end of the dock.

"Are you Tom, Gene, or Kettu?" Connal asked, wanting to know a little more about his teammates. Like why he couldn't ever seem to find them without music involved. After all, they were all supposed to be working and living together. He should at least try to get along with them.

Elias Saaresto wrote:Crossing territorial lines didn't seem like a breach of codes - at least not in Elias's mind. Were he to storm the enemy base and open fire, though, then they'd have an issue. Still, he remained vigilant about how far he wandered. The docks seemed like neutral territory.

Elias had a seat beside the Pyro, not minding the other man's so-called music. It was easy enough to drown out. "Kettu. You saw my note? T'en you are Konnal." So this was the one who'd gotten all excited over a crayon. Elias studied the other man, now that his face was exposed. He saw - much to his surprise - sincerity. What was he to do with this childlike naivety?

Connal Reid wrote:"What if I wasn'? What if I just saw th' writing on the board, and didn' put anythin' up, myself?" he asked, looking back down to the water. "You're right, though, I am Connal," the Pyro added, with a small smile. A little teasing here and there was fine, he was sure.

"So how long you been here, Kettu?" There was that thing moving under the water, again. This time he was certain it was a turtle. It was too small to be an alligator, and too fat and round to be a fish. He just hopped it wasn't a snapping turtle.

Elias Saaresto wrote:Elias shrugged at Connal's proposition. He could already tell from body language alone that Connal was the culprit. Not that his crime had been severe. It was just a little dust upon the shoulder, easily brushed off. "It is a pleasure to meet you t'en." At least this man wasn't quite so quick to judge, unlike the Spy he had run into before. Elias still didn't know what he had done wrong during his first encounter.

"It's my second day. I arrived yesterday. What about you, Konnal?" Having a glimpse at how far spread the arrivals were might help with his personal investigation.

Connal Reid wrote:"Today makes a week," he replied, still watching the turtle. Maybe his music was scaring it, and that's why it was staying in that small an area. "An' the weird thing is, you're the second guy I've met..." He honestly was not trying to hide from the rest of the team. Apparently he just had rotten luck the past week. Connal thought it might be funnier if he pretended the turtle actually liked the music, and was sticking around for it.

Elias Saaresto wrote:A week deviance wasn't too terrible. Elias rubbed his chin in thought, feeling nothing but the leather of his gloves. He followed Connal's gaze to the turtle. Slowly he leaned over the edge of the dock and actually put his hand in the water, scooping up the tiny creature. In his palm were bits of plant life as well, some munchies for the animal he'd picked up. He leaned back and held the critter out for Connal to see.

"Perhaps we should organize a proper meeting. I'll write up a notice and hopefully we'll konvene tomorrow for introductions." Tonight, he had other plans to take care of.

Connal Reid wrote:Connal looked up when he realized the Spy was leaning forward. What was he doing? That big turtle was way down the- oh. "I didn't realize it was that close to the surface." That at least explained why it wasn't going very far. He reached over and rubbed a finger along the thing's back, trying to feel the bumps of the shell. He couldn't.

"That sounds like a good idea. I don't even know for sure how many of us there are." After a moment or two, he took his hand back, looking up from the small animal. "I heard turtle soup is really good. This thing looks too small to be much of a meal, though, huh?"

Elias Saaresto wrote:"Neither did I. De water and light plays tricks on your mind." Elias let his gaze linger upon the turtle. He didn't make eye contact very often unless he was relaying a message to an officer or subordinate.

"T'at isn't a very good sign," he murmured. Elias's gaze snapped up from the turtle. "You wanted to eat t'is? I t'ought you just wanted to see it up close." He knew they'd have to make due with the local wildlife when rations grew sparse, but this creature was so young.

Connal Reid wrote:"...Neither? Both, maybe?" Honestly he hadn't been thinking much of anything about the turtle, except that it was something to look at, and why it might be there. "Sure wouldn't be much for even one guy, though. Maybe if we kept it and raised it, but then we'd probably just want it as a pet and not food." That... didn't really sound like a problem. Frowning a bit, Connal scratched at the top of his head before leaning back. "Sorry. I say weird things, sometimes..."

Elias Saaresto wrote:"...Neither? Both, maybe?" Honestly he hadn't been thinking much of anything about the turtle, except that it was something to look at, and why it might be there. "Sure wouldn't be much for even one guy, though. Maybe if we kept it and raised it, but then we'd probably just want it as a pet and not food." That... didn't really sound like a problem. Frowning a bit, Connal scratched at the top of his head before leaning back. "Sorry. I say weird things, sometimes..."

Connal Reid wrote:Elias made no comment and set the turtle back into the water. He understood that it was a delicacy in some parts of the world, but they lacked someone who knew how to prepare turtle soup. That and he didn't think the swamp variant was the edible kind.

"T'at is all right. I find it difficult to kommunicate with ot'ers, too." He sat with his legs drawn to his chest, arms circling said limbs. Elias stared out into the distance, seeing nothing but gray fog. "Do you have many friends, Konnal?"

Elias Saaresto wrote:Elias made no comment and set the turtle back into the water. He understood that it was a delicacy in some parts of the world, but they lacked someone who knew how to prepare turtle soup. That and he didn't think the swamp variant was the edible kind.

"T'at is all right. I find it difficult to kommunicate with ot'ers, too." He sat with his legs drawn to his chest, arms circling said limbs. Elias stared out into the distance, seeing nothing but gray fog. "Do you have many friends, Konnal?"

Connal Reid wrote:Connal blinked. He already told him that he had met only one other guy so far, hadn't he? "Oh, you mean, like, before I got here?" he guessed. "I dunno, I guess so. I mean, it sorta depends on how you define 'friend.' There were some people that I would talk to at some of the different jobs I had, and a few when I was still in school. Some of the older folks in the city liked to talk to anyone they knew wasn't in a gang. I was pretty friendly with all of 'em, I think. I mean, I don't think they didn't like me. But, the kind of stuff you see in kids' shows? Where it's, like, almost as big a deal as 'true love?' Haven't really seen a whole lot of that, let alone experienced it." It seemed a pretty strange question, but then again, his comment about the turtle was probably just as strange to Kettu. Still, it felt like something little kids would be talking about. Oh well, everyone had their quirks.

Re: Acclimation ((Docks))

PostPosted: Thu Aug 02, 2012 11:57 pm
by Connal Reid
Elias Saaresto wrote:Elias listened intently. He held a genuine interest in what Connal had to add on the matter. Growing up, Elias didn't make any friends. The people he surrounded himself with had no time to things like friendships; they were constantly expected to learn something new and then perfect it. "I'm not sure how to define de word 'friend'. I've never had one before. As for television, I only watch de news." Elias must have sounded so deprived now.

Connal Reid wrote:"Huh." Some people might think it was a shame, but as for Connal, he thought that if the person talking wasn't upset about it, then there was no reason for him to be. Although he did wonder why Kettu was telling him all this. Weren't Spies supposed to be secretive? Maybe he was just making judgements off of various works of fiction. That, or he was being lied to. "Well, I could be your friend, I guess. I mean, I dunno how gooda one I'd be, but I was at least hoping I could be on friendly terms with everyone here. It might help in the fights, if we knew and trusted each other." He tried to scratch his chin, but flinched when the rubber tugged on the short hairs. The suit seemed to just get more and more annoying, but he had to learn to live with it. "I could try showing you some of the shows I like since there's a TV in the base, but I don't even know if they'd play 'em this far south. Or what kind of reception we'd be able to get." That seemed a good solution to the problems. If Kettu even considered either of those to be problems...

Elias Saaresto wrote:Secrecy bred suspicion. Suspicion led to in-fighting. Elias had secrets, yes, but his lack of a social life wasn't a point of much embarrassment. He had no problem admitting it, for knowing your shortcomings was half the battle. And people could only help you if you told them what was wrong.

"Would you? T'at's kind of you. I agree t'at we should learn to rely on one another." Elias wasn't one to smile very often and his gratitude may have seemed lacking without the expression. But he truly did appreciate Connal's words.

He looked around, alert as ever, even as he partook in a conversation. Elias stopped and glanced at Connal. "I t'ink I would like t'at."

Connal Reid wrote:The Pyro was quiet for a few moments, not because he wanted to stop talking, but because he just didn't know what to say. He wasn't sure if offering friendship to a teammate was really "kind" or not, it just seemed like what he should do. Why wouldn't he try to be nice to the people he was going to need to depend on? It would probably seem rude to say that, though.

Connal wasn't sure how to respond to the next part, either, or even if he was supposed to. So instead, he just went with the very next thing that came to mind. "What kinda accent is that, anyway? I never heard one like that, before."

Elias Saaresto wrote:Elias nodded. He had been waiting for someone to mention that. "Finnish. I hail from Finland. If I try hard enough, I kan do away with my aksent." He had never run into many Finns in America before and imagined that he would be the only one present here at Swamp Rat. Which was fine by him, really, so long as everyone spoke a dose of English.

Connal Reid wrote:"Oh, you don't gotta do that," Connal immediately replied. Having to focus so hard on what you were going to say before you had a chance to say it? No, he didn't want to force the man into that. "It's kinda cool, hearing all the different ways people talk, depending on where they're from." Finland, huh? He honestly knew only one thing about the country, and that was the fact that it was a country. Oh, two things; vikings. Even if that was a general thing for that area.

Elias Saaresto wrote:Elias merely nodded. Then he would continue to speak, his words marred by his native tongue. The important thing was that he could be understood. "Very well."

"Language has a way of bringing people closer together. Even if it takes on many variations," he thought out loud. "I t'ink man was meant to understand one another. Ot'erwise, why do we have speech?"

Connal Reid wrote: Connal turned his gaze upward, thinking on what Kettu had said. It was at least five seconds before he responded. "I guess I can see what you're getting at..." he finally began, "But I'll be honest, a lot of things people do I just don't get. It's kinda confusing."

Elias Saaresto wrote:"I have de same problem," Elias replied in kind. People confused him. They were so caught up in their own destructive desires that they neglected the things that were important. You could live so long as you had water, food, and shelter, but people squandered their wealth and alcohol, delicacies, and material objects. The want for things - he never felt it quite so strongly as others, and perhaps that was why he couldn't relate. He saw things on a practical level while the average man merely want want wanted.

Maybe it was easier to simply give in and waste away in excess. "Did you have a specific example, t'ough t'at you wanted to share?"

Connal Reid wrote:"I didn't..." Connal admitted, leaning forward again and kicking at the water a bit. "But now that you mention it, I guess when people go out of their way to hurt someone or something they care about. It just doesn't make sense. If you like it, why try to break it...?"

Elias Saaresto wrote:Elias wasn't sure where this example was leading - he knew better than to make assumptions - but he listened with respect. It sounded weighty from the way Connal had averted his gaze. The Spy assumed that there was more to the story, the details trapped behind distant yet raw memories.

"People are irrational beings. T'ey act without t'inking. It hurts ot'ers in ways t'ey don't even realize."

Connal Reid wrote:"Heh... Ain't that da truth?" The Pyro was quiet for a little longer, before letting out a sigh and leaning back to lay down on the dock, hands behind his head. It was hard to see the sky here, and not just because of the trees. An interesting change of pace, if one he hadn't quite gotten used to, yet. "How 'bout you? Any specifics you wanna talk about?"

Elias Saaresto wrote:Eyes to the sky, Elias pondered the question. A million things floated through his head, but he knew not how to connect them into a coherent response. He wanted to say what was going on in his mind, but at the same time he didn't want to overwhelm Connal. Besides, his thoughts would probably bore the man to tears. Numbers, facts, concrete information, things that were grounded in science... ideas with only one answer, those were the things he knew how to discuss. But people disliked that sort of talk. They weren't machines. They couldn't process that compact information.

"It should be simple." Elias lowered his gaze to the planks of the docks. "If t'ere is more to be gained from one task, it should take priority. But no. People are wishy-washy and do what is easy first. T'ey put t'ings off and someone else must pick up de slack. De system falls apart because someone has to clean up after someone else. It becomes a blame game. People hide. T'ey lie. Deceit runs rampant. T'en fingers are pointed and everyone shouts and discord reigns." It occurred to him after he had spoken that he had reiterated the same points over and over again albeit in different words. Elias sighed.

"But t'at is how t'ey hurt each ot'er. By taking everyone for granted." If everyone knew what they were good at and stuck to it, there'd be no need for this nonsense and shuffling. Elias was good at sneaking around and not being seen. So that what was he did. "T'is is a bit heavy for a first conversation. We kan talk about somet'ing else."

Connal Reid wrote:Connal stayed quiet while Kettu thought, and while he spoke. Sounded like the guy went through some serious shit, because someone else was lazy and then didn't want to own up to it. He'd have to make sure he didn't slack off at all, now that they were friends. Not that he was really all that lazy to begin with, but still.

Then it seemed like the Spy wanted to change topics, and the redhead made a small hum in agreement. However, he wasn't very good at picking things to talk about. "...You know what else I don't get? When people do all kinds of harmful stuff just t' try to look 'pretty' or 'handsome' or whatever. It's, like... why?"

Elias Saaresto wrote:To say that Elias had experienced such a thing firsthand would be inaccurate. He knew from observing others, however, that it was a common problem. So long as there was order, there would be discord. One couldn't have a coin that lacked two sides. Elias was fortunate to have comrades willing to strive towards betterment, though. Surely Connal would prove himself in due time.

"Vanity is t'y name." The Spy crossed his arms over his chest, gloved fingers running along the thin fabric of his suit jacket. "Some people are not satisfied with de way t'ey are. So t'ey try to change however t'ey kan." That was his half-assed response at any rate, borne from years of intent observation but never personal experience. It must have been a blessing in disguise, though, to not know what it was like to crave attention by any means.

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Re: Acclimation ((Docks))

PostPosted: Fri Aug 03, 2012 9:08 pm
by Connal Reid
Connal Reid wrote:"It's still stupid," Connal decided. A loud click caused him to tilt his head back to look behind him. The cassette had reached the end, and he hadn't even realized the third song had passed. Normally that bothered him (he liked the music, after all), but this time didn't seem like such a bad thing. Besides, he could always go over and flip the cassette around, but he didn't feel like getting up at the moment.

Hang on, what was that bit of movement? "There's a lizard on my boombox." Now that was silly. It was pretty small, too. Maybe only two inches long. One would think the loud noise and vibrations would have kept small animals away. "I don't think the animals are scared of anythin', here. 'Cept maybe bigger animals."

Elias Saaresto wrote:Elias had noticed the changing of tracks if only because it was within his best interest to pay attention to every detail, no matter how minute. "Agreed." The Spy eyed the boombox for a moment, watching the vibrations more so than registering the music.

"T'ere is," Elias confirmed after taking a look for himself.

The Spy got to his feet and proceeded towards the boombox. In a fluid motion, one that might even be described as elegant, he leaned over and reached out. With his index finger, he scooped up the lizard into his palm. It crawled along his wrist, up his forearm, and Elias led it onto the opposing palm. He continued this motion, wondering if the lizard had the mind to feel perplexed. "Which strikes me as odd. T'ere first instinct is flight. I doubt someone went t'rew de trouble of domesticating lizards."

Connal Reid wrote:Connal rolled over onto his stomach, so he wouldn't have to keep looking at everything upside down. He frowned a bit, watching the small thing run across Kettu's hands. "That's so weird... You don't think there's somethin' up with it, do ya?" he asked. Even if it wasn't afraid of the music, it should definitely have been scared of a great big hand coming at it. Between that and the brave little turtle, it just seemed to stand out as not quite right.

Elias Saaresto wrote:Fearlessness in wild animals, secrecy shrouding the companies, it all cast suspicion upon this place. But Elias kept quiet about his hunch. He didn't want to start a panic. "Maybe. I'm rat'er quick to jump to konclusions, t'ough." He set his arm down and let the lizard scamper off along the dock.

Connal Reid wrote:"Might have somethin' to do with why they want us to fight over this swamp in the first place," Connal mused, watching the little thing run about. He doubted they would be told, however. The Pyro wiped and arm across his forehead, realizing that, maybe, he should have brought some water with him.

Elias Saaresto wrote:Right. This was a strange territory to desire. Elias looked about, seeing nothing of worth at a glance. Connal may have been onto the same thing. "Perhaps. I just know t'at t'is arrangement is far from normal."

Connal Reid wrote:That got a short laugh out of the arsonist. Sure, he hadn't been with RED very long, but from what he had seen, nothing about this company was normal. Not in the slightest. The idea that any of it could have been was just... funny. "Ah, but who knows? Maybe, if we do a good enough job fighting for the place, we'll find out." Very unlikely.

Elias Saaresto wrote:It was a terrible assumption, one rife with holes, but it was all they had to go by. So Elias nodded and answered, "It's worth a shot." He would give it his all, 110%, regardless of whether or not he got some answers.

Connal Reid wrote:After a moment or two in silence, Connal pushed himself up off the dock, stood, and stretched. "I'm gonna go back inside and get summin' ta drink," he announced, picking the mask up off the ground. He headed towards the base, stopping to grab his boombox. "Nice meetin' ya, Kettu. You have fun explorin'," he added, giving a wave as he left. Not a bad day at all, he decided.