Sunrise in the Swamp [Jacque, Vincens]

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Sunrise in the Swamp [Jacque, Vincens]

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It was early in the morning, the sun just starting to rise...

It was quiet on BLU's side... everyone else probably passed out for now, but Jacque was up... he had to be up early... he would need to warm himself before battle, which meant waking up at the crack of dawn to waddle outside and lay out on the bank to wait for the sun to warm him up.

At the moment he was half asleep on a bank, that long body stretched out on the muddy ground, waiting to soak up the sun's rays. The mosquitoes were still out but they didn't particularly bother him thankfully, his skin just a bit too tough for them to bite. Leeches though... they seemed to be a problem. They liked to find their way between his belly scales which ended up with him having to go see the medic to remove them.

The opened an eye, a frog having jumped right on the left lens of his aviators. He removed his glasses then gently plucked the lovely green frog free and set it aside, it quickly hopping onto a large leaf.
The Sniper let out a small groan and laid his head back down on one of his arms to rest...

Letting out a long sigh, Vincens stared up at the ceiling of his room, body not wanting to get up just yet. Though, it was now or never, really.

He grumbled silently to himself, not even looking at his alarm clock. Too early, that's all he needed to know. Slowly, the Spy worked himself into a t-shirt and jeans, seeing as what he was to be doing would ruin a suit. Although, he wasn't too sure why he was going to be trying this anyway. It seemed stupid. A stupid thing to be getting up at the asscrack of dawn for.

Blaming the negativity on not being a morning person, the Frenchman finished getting himself ready for his outing, headed for the door. His plan quietly spun in his mind while he exited, pale eyes running around before he silently slipped from the room. Closing the door with utter care, he then went about leaving the building. His destination? A small pool of swamp water he had spotted on one of his daily rounds of the area.

Once outside, he crept around, all senses alert. Even though it was early and he was out of the building, that didn't mean he was completely homefree just yet. Vin rubbed at his for once, unmasked face, nervously glancing down to his Invisiwatch every now and then. It would be a key item in all of this if things didn't go according to his plans.

He reached the sought after pool after a bit of back-way sneaking about, glad that it only took several minutes to do so. Taking a deep breath, he stared at the water momentarily, as if to second guess the whole plan. Pfeh, no, he needed to do this. One more disadvantage on his list wouldn't suit him at all-- being unable to swim in an area like this was simply unacceptable for him. Plus, it wasn't like he'd be found floundering about in his attempts to teach himself and practice out here, right? Right. Who would come all the way out in the middle of nowhere just to swim or something? Anybody but him.

Nodding, he stepped off to the side, finding an ideal branch to hang his clothes. He worked his way out of his shirt and pants in silence, body still a bit slow and sluggish with sleep. Another good thing about getting up so early, getting up when he was needed to would be almost heavenly compared to this. Vincens put the gadget around his wrist in the jeans' pocket, then placed his clothing up high in the tree.

Finally, he could get to what he came out here for. The Spy carefully stepped to the side of the water, slowly slipping his way into the shallow part. With a bit of time, he eased himself in more and more, trying to ignore the slight chill of the pool.

The halfling faded in and out, partially aware that he had company, unconsciously letting out a small growl before burring his face into the crook of his elbow. He took in a deep breath before slowly exhaling, tail curling a bit as he rested on the bank, waiting for the warm sun to warm his chilled blood.

He raised a brow when he heard movement, the quiet sound of water breaking, someone else was definitely here, not just him and the other critters of the swamp. He sat up a bit, still a bit groggy but managing to be somewhat quiet. He didn't bother slipping into the water, he would be heard, and if it was a RED then he really didn't want to get shot in the ass this early...

He waddled through the muddy swamp, stepping over cypress knees and the occasional crawfish mound before spotting someone's clothes hanging on a branch. He sank down a bit, trying to make himself smaller, those green scales blending in with the swamp grass and mud.

He peeked out from behind a large tree trunk, spotting someone trying to ease their way into the cold water. Those two yellow-green eyes blink, curiously observing the man who had just wandered out into the swamp.

Ugh, this was stupid. The further he moved into the water, the more stupid he decided this was. One couldn't just jump into a pool of swamp water and know how to swim. Why did he ever think this was a good idea?

Huffing under his breath, he glared down at the water, arms held just above. The Spy had now made it to where his chest was starting to sink away into the murky depths, it slowly rising and falling with silent exhales and inhales. Teeth settled on his tongue, his eyes trained on whatever was ahead of him, trying to search the water before he stepped forward. He continued to inch his way in until the water level was at his neck, starting to get a bit nervous now. Water brought back bad memories, so it only made sense he didn't take time to learn how to swim. Although, he wished he had now, seeing as it could cost him his life.

Now, Vin wasn't the paranoid type, not at all. So, it was a bit of a surprise when he had the feeling of somebody else around. Which, that was ridiculous, right? Who else would be out here this early? He tensed, ears trying to pick up on any signs of other life around him. He stopped moving now, only looking around and listening. Perhaps this idea was a lot more stupid than he had thought?

The Sniper watched for a few moments, keeping an eye on the man moving further into the water, then reached forward, clawed hand slipping into the pair of jeans that were hanging over the branch. He felt around till he found something familiar, a watch, and pulled it out.

He was a spy.... but what team?

He turned it over and squinted, eyes focusing in the small bit of light he had. On the back, Property of BLU, was engraved in it. That was good... at least he was a friend... but did that mean he was friendly?

He doubted it, most spys he'd had the pleasure of dealing with, kept to themselves and wanted nothing to do with anyone else.

He would wait he supposed... and so, he slipped the spy's watch back into the pair of jeans and went back to quietly watching the man swim. He felt like he was being creepy, but he didn't want to go out and just randomly say hello... he would get stabbed in the neck...

And yet, the feeling of somebody else being around lingered. This simply would not do if he was going to attempt to swim-- how embarrassing would it be to have somebody watch him fail horribly at the unpracticed action?

So, now it was down to call out or not. Well, it wouldn't hurt to do so if nobody was around, right? If there was nobody, and he was just being paranoid, then his voice would fall on the deaf ears of the swamp. If there was somebody, however, then they'd most likely show themselves, and then it'd be problem solved. It seemed like voicing his knowledge of somebody being around sounded like a good idea. Waiting for a few moments, he turned slowly, eyes still searching.

Finally, "Show jourzelf." His voice was low, but unshaking or anything of the sort to show signs of being slightly nervous.

He jumped a bit when he heard the other speak, sinking down a bit to hide behind the large cypress trunk... his gator body trying to stay hidden in the foliage, though his long scaly tail was poking out a bit. Should he show himself? Probably...

He let out a small sigh then waved a hand and poked his head out from behind the tree. "... Mornin'... wasn't really expectin' anybody else t' be out here..." He said, not yet stepping out fully from his hiding spot. "... Yer one of the BLU spah's right? Nice t' meat ya... I'm the Sniper." 'The' since there didn't seem to be any other Snipers on their team as of yet.

"... Sorry for disturbin' ya..." He felt a bit foolish now, then again, how could he expect to be stealthy when he was probably the largest thing in this swamp.

No reply? The Spy stayed still for a few more moments, almost sure he had heard something. Was he hearing things now...?

No, there was a voice. Hissing softly, he damned his luck, turning to glare off at whatever had spoke. Well, so much for all of this.

Vincens gazed over the man's face, rather curious of the hand that waved. Hrm... Watching with a critical eye, he listened intently, waiting until the other was finished. "Nezher waz I, obveezously." He motioned to the pool of water, scowling. "Oui, I am," he answered offhandedly.

Wait a minute... the Sniper? He searched his memory for a moment, attempting to recollect what he knew of the current marksman they had. Hrm, only one way to make sure what he had read and heard of was true. "Any certain re'zon jou are not showing jourzelf completely?" The Frenchman had demanded that of him, so it was only right he would get it.

He could tell this conversation wasn't going to go well...

"Oh... uh... well..." He paused and then looked around some, trying to step over the jagged cypress knees, one poking him in his gator belly, causing him quite a bit of discomfort as he tries to crawl out of hiding. "Ow... I guess I jus' didn't wanna freak ya out some..." Then again it wasn't like it wasn't something written in his file.

He pulled his tail in close so that it wasn't twisted awkwardly in the cypress knees, short stubby legs holding up his body. "... Kinda early for ya to be out here..." At least out in the swamp...

Feeling quite awkward with his head basically being the only thing showing, he slipped back up towards the bank, finding his practice was paused for now. Hmph. Sitting Indian style just before the water, he turned to watch the other as he got situated.

Well, that certainly wasn't something you saw every day. He was glad he had a bit of a "forewarning" thanks to the files-- it would be rude to come off as completely surprised, hm? But, it seemed they didn't lie. Vincens rose a brow, eyelids lowered some, his expression rather bored-- but if anything else, unreadable. Masking everything under the only present emotion would prove to be useful in this situation, he mused silently.

"Oh," was the simple reply to the Sniper's concern. What else could he say? 'Oh, I didn't expect you to really be part alligator' didn't seem rather pleasant to try and hold a conversation off of. So, what was better than not delving into a conversation at all? The other would probably appreciate it, anyway.

He turned to stare at the water, brows furrowing now. It was a bit to take in, and if he was going to do so, he'd rather do it where his face was a bit more hidden. How often did you come across something like the halfling? He supposed it would just have to be something he got used to-- but that wouldn't come quickly. How would you react if some part-man, part-gator showed up and thwarted your plans of swimming? Vin would just not react, and save it for later when he was in the company of himself. He preferred it that way-- only sharing his feelings with himself.

The comment made him snort a silent laugh, eyes now focusing on something else. "What, can't I be about at zhe times I would like?"

Yes... not commenting was probably a better option than saying something that might not be appropriate. He was glad that no scouts had shown up yet...

He sat there awkwardly, listening to the spy, watching him curiously from where he stood. When the awkward silence began to consume them, he hesitantly began waddling over, flopping down beside the other, front legs crossing over one another while his hind legs pulled close to his form, tiny toes digging into the mud.

He noticed that the Spy was trying to look at anything else, anything but him. It was nice not to be stared at, but it kind of felt like the other didn't want to see him, so, he scooted away some, letting the spy have his space in case it bothered him that he was sitting right beside the man.

He looked up at the mandarin colored sky... shades of pink and yellow streaking the sky as the sun rose. Many of the swamps creatures were heading off to sleep, like his fellow larger reptilian brothers who were surely going to nap after a long night of hunting.

The Sniper glanced over at his colleague as he spoke. "... I never said that... I was jus' curious as to why ya were up and about so early... It's not really a common thing to see anybody else up so early... and even less common to see them swimin' out here..."

A confused sound was caught in the smaller's voice when the other moved over next to him, soon settling down there. Well, he seemed friendly enough. Hrm.

Pale eyes traveled back over to land on the Sniper, finally letting his expression fall a little curious. Perhaps he should try for conversation. Many people didn't like silence to fall when they first met somebody, especially when they deemed the silence "awkward." No need to be rude right away.

He cringed the slightest. Swimming? He almost felt mocked. Although, it was ridiculous-- the other didn't know that Vin couldn't swim. The other also didn't know that he had come out here to try and teach himself.

"Merely getting myzelf ready for zhe early mornings to come." Sure, the Spy might have been short with his replies, but it was better than nothing, right? Sighing softly, he figured adding a question back would keep the silence from sneaking back, "And jourzelf?" The hybrid seemed to like to talk... perhaps with a bit of help, he could easily carry it on almost by himself.

The Sniper watched his companion, two greenish yellow eyes peering over at him before shifting to look down into the water, spotting a frog that was trying to make it to the other side. He heard the other answer but continued watching the amphibian as it finally made it across, hopping onto the muddy bank and chirping away.

"I was waitin' for the sun to come up so I can soak up the heat... Kinda sluggish when I first wake up an' the sun helps me perk up..." He paused then looked back at the Spy, smiling sheepishly. "Think of it like havin' a cup a coffee in the mornin'."

He hated being cold blooded, during the winter he had to wrap up in one of those electrically heated blankets just to stay warm and keep from passing out till it warmed up. Thank god it rarely got cold enough for a freeze.... he was getting old and didn't really know if he could handle a freeze now.

"We don't have battle or nothin' today right? Still cease fire?" He really needed to practice with his bow so really hoped that they didn't have to fight for a while... he was getting rusty...

There was a bit of a delay until the other replied, and Vincens had no problem with that. For all he cared, the hybrid could take his time answering every time. Didn't bother him any.

He didn't know why people rarely welcomed silence. Was it really that bad? He thought of it as comforting, really. Although, many found it unpleasant. Peace and quiet was all the Spy wished for, a lot of the time. As well as the company of himself. It gave one time to relax and figure out things, think and just unwind completely. If there was somebody else, you would have to deal with two, rather than just yourself.

Pulling from his thoughts, something he often had to do when with another person, he gave a bored look at the other. There was a faint smile offered at his example, nodding lightly. Huh, and he thought he was horrible when waking up. How would it be like to actually have to warm up, rather than just in the figurative sense? "Ah. Understandable." Agreeing should be enough for that, he supposed.

His eyes fell back onto the murky water, focusing on it, damning it silently. The Frenchman nodded once more at the questions, waiting a few moments before he finally answered. "Oui, still a ceaze fire." From what he knew, they were here rather early, and they were still shipping in people. There weren't many people here to fight.

The southerner couldn't help it, he was just talkative, he liked the company of others, he liked conversation. Whenever things went quiet, it usually meant something was wrong. He was wrong a somewhat large family, sometimes he felt like a scout when talking about his family.

Though just because he was used to talking, didn't mean he wasn't capable of being quiet and enjoying silence. He enjoyed laying out early in the morning or at night and listening to the sounds of the swamp... nature. The chirping frogs and singing birds, the sound of the occasional splash of water... the pitter-patter of rain and thunder...

Yeah, it kinda sucked to have to go lay out in the sun every morning just to be able to function when he was needed, but he'd gotten used to it over the years. It was like clockwork... Wake up every morning at the same time, groggy and hungry, waddle outside and flop down on the bank to warm up.

He nodded and looked off into the distance, watching an egret wade through the water, plucking up a fish or frog to eat. "Good. It'd be pretty crappy to have to start fightin' just after most of us are jus' gettin' here." Many of them needed to learn their way around the base and swamp first...

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Vincens really only got along with himself, and barely even that at times. If he was in an agreeable mood, he'd tolerate company, but only in small portions. When the Spy was basically forced to get along with others, he'd try his best to be polite and what not. Although, he never felt he was obligated to stay that way. He had a stubborn streak, and would sometimes just go against what he's told just to do so.

Holding conversations? He never felt it was something he should be expected to do. If he wanted to talk, he would. The chances of that, however, were quite slim. The less he knew you, the less he would talk-- sometimes he'd only give gestures or noises in reply.

He gave a gruff sound of agreement (see?), shoulders slouching a bit. Waiting a few moments, he sighed, "I suppoze." The hybrid deserved a bit more of an answer out of him, he guessed.

Well, now what? His plans were trashed now, and he really didn't have anything else to do. He couldn't go back and sleep, that would be a waste of time. And there was no way he'd try to swim with the Sniper watching him... There wasn't much to do back at base, and he certainly was not going to try and find somebody to waste time with. He'd rather hide out in the supply room and smoke the day away.

Jacque's small stubby legs begin to lift him before he waddles into the small pond, the egret tensing up as the large reptilian man stepped over to the water. He paused and stood at the waters edge, large scaly toes sinking into the mud. He would have plopped into the water but it was probably a little too cold at the moment, he still needed to warm up a bit more.

His stomach growled a bit, face flushing red quickly shifting a bit to try and silence it. He was indeed very hungry, but he still needed to warm up before he went hunting, too bad, his breakfast was just out of reach. He didn't want to eat up the others rations, so he went hunting for his own meals, usually choosing turtles or birds... the occasional nutria.

Don't worry, he did cook his meals... unless he was absolutely starving.

He didn't speak now, instead just sitting where he was, watching the bird go back to eating its own breakfast... He hoped the Spy hadn't heard his stomach growling for food. Just in case, he didn't look over, not wanting to possibly see the other staring at him awkwardly.

His eyes flitted over to the bird that seemed to be in the Sniper's interests, face falling expressionless. He watched it for a few moments, brows furrowing after a minute or two of just eyeing it. Boring of it, the Frenchman's gaze averted, hunting for something else to look at.

He tensed at the sound, it sudden. He knew it wasn't his own stomach that had done it-- his rarely did. It was used to going for long periods of time without anything. Plus, it was a bit too loud for something to come from him. So, it logically had to have been the hybrid.

Smirking lightly, Vin cocked a brow, "'ungry, non?" The southern hadn't turned around and said anything, and he seemed like the type to apologize for the sound. Maybe he was embarrassed of it? If so, then a bit of teasing was in order, obviously.

And he must have been, seeing as he hadn't tried to start up on another topic. Or maybe he was just really focused on the dining animal? Whatever it was, it silenced the hybrid, and Vincens was quietly curious of this.

He shifted a bit when the other asked if he was hungry, stubby clawed feet digging into the muddy ground. His tail curled lightly, pulling in a bit close as he watched the creature across the pond. He peeked over at the Spy who was watching him curiously, it made him feel awkward. He raised a hand and scratched the scales on his jaw and neck a bit, not that they itched really, it was just a nervous habit of his to scratch or run his fingertips over them.

He finally nodded, eyes shifting to watch the bird fly away, a small sound escaping the Sniper. Looked like he wasn't having egret for breakfast. He would get another chance to eat though, the swamp was full of wildlife, one didn't go hungry there. Well, unless it was a drought...

Vincens continued to watch him, smirk fading slightly. He mentally noted almost ever movement, trying to calculate how the other felt. There was a lack of an actual vocal response, and he seemed to be going through a cycle of what could only be guessed as nervous ticks. But why nervous? Hrm...

A few things seemed to click when the bird had flown away-- the main thing was his teammate's sound when it fled. He agreed to being hungry, was part gator (croc?), had been rather quiet, and was watching the white animal intently. Perhaps he was planning on eating it? It would make a bit sense, he guessed.

Shaking his head, he gazed down at the mud his toes were currently sinking into. Well, as much fun as this all was, he wasn't one to sit around nearly in a pool of swamp water and make small talk with hybrids. Although, what else was there to do?

"Jou were.. ah, planning on eating zhe bird, hm?" If he was going to have to talk, he'd go about it in a way that would work interesting reactions. Whenever around people, he tried to pass the time by simply gauging the way they acted in certain situations. It was the only way he could keep his head in a conversation. He would admit, humans (and half-humans) were quite interesting if pushed in ways they weren't used to, and every one of them seemed to be different in some aspect. Collecting replies and reactions would be the only way Vin could see himself actually talking with somebody for a little longer than a few minutes.

The spy was still watching him...

He squirmed a bit then turned to look at the other, cheeks faintly pink. "... Yeah..." He didn't want the other to judge him for wanting to eat the bird... He was just hungry and again, didn't want to go and eat up all the others food. He had to eat a lot in order to keep himself healthy and functioning correctly...

"... I uh... haven't eaten yet today..." He looked over to a small sunny patch and began waddling over. He flopped down, glad to now be in direct sunlight, that way he could warm up faster.

He had to hold back the urge to flash a small grin. Ah, he got the other to blush just the slightest? Perhaps things would get a bit more interesting at this rate...

That was until the other moved off. Oh. Maybe that was a hint? He wasn't sure. Had he pushed a bit too much? The hybrid did say he was out here early to get in some sunbathing to warm him up for the day, so that could possibly be it. He took this as his cue to head back for now. Maybe he'd try again tomorrow.

Whatever he'd decide on later, he knew for now, he was done with trying to swim. He was also done messing with the Sniper, it seemed he had things to do anyway.

Slowly pushing himself up, the smaller moved carefully, minding the quicksand-like mud that had been trying to swallow in his feet. Vin made his way towards the tree his clothes hung on, eyes darting around this way and that to make sure nothing would get in his way. However, one could never predict how nature would react to being stepped upon. And the Frenchman surely could not.

One misstep on a slick patch on a rather large rock, and he lost his balance. Arms flailing, he quickly moved, trying to right himself again. He furrowed his brows, jumping off to another rock, attempting to find a better place to stand while he recollected. And just his luck, it was even worse. As soon as he landed one foot on it, he slipped again, unable to catch himself this time. Well shit. The Spy closed his eyes, damning all nature to hell, and braced himself for the water he knew he was going to be hitting quite soon.
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Re: Sunrise in the Swamp [Jacque, Vincens]

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The gator-hybrid closed his eyes and spread out on the bank, sun warming his slow, bulky form. He could hear the other get up and begin walking away, probably heading back to the base. He wondered if he'd put the other off by wandering over to the sun. Oh well... he guessed he wasn't very good company.

That was alright, he knew not everyone would enjoy his company for whatever reason. Whether it be because he was a monstrosity or because he didn't sound intelligent, or just because maybe he talked too much. He didn't really mind.

He quickly sat up when he heard the spy make a sound as he slipped and fell into the dark water, just happening to fall in a particularly deep section. He stood up and looked over, hoping the other hadn't hurt himself, beginning to waddle over to where the other had fallen.

Of course. Perfect. So much for being done with swimming. Though, one couldn't call the Spy's drowning flails swimming. Not even sure what to do, he swiped his arms downwards, trying to move himself up. Holding his breath, he kept his eyes shut tightly, hoping for the best.

Dammit, so much for not "swimming" in front of the other. Ugh, he should have learned when he had the chance. Though, he wasn't expected to be sent out into a swamp where his weakness stared back at him constantly.

Trying to push away bad memories, he clawed at the water. Hell, at this point, he didn't even know what direction he was going in.

The spy's desperate flailing was enough for the Sniper to hop in after him. Well, it seemed he had an idea now just what the Spy was doing out here to begin with. However he couldn't help but wonder why he chose to practice so far away from the base... there were only a handful of people there... Who would see?

Swimming over to him with ease, the reptilian marksman gently grabbed his arm and tugging him up so that his head was at least out of the water. He made sure to hold on tight enough so that the man wouldn't slip free, but gentle enough so as to not hurt him, starting back for shore.

That powerful tail of his propelled them to the shallower section of water, allowing the Frenchman to touch the bottom and get his bearings. He didn't speak just yet, knowing the other would probably just get more upset if he said anything about nearly drowning.

Snorting a few breaths of air, he found it difficult to keep his lungs from burning with all of the oxygen he was using up by all of his moving. Thrown into utter panic by now, he actually thought for a second he was going to drown.

That was, until he felt something grab one of his flailing arms. Freezing, he wasn't too sure what to make of it. The smaller fought the urge to open his eyes and see what had a hold on him, and stilled, allowing whatever it was to pull him up and along.

Once his head broke through the water, he inhaled a giant gasp, trying to sate his lungs before anything else. His free hand moved to his face, trying to free his eyes from a thick mop of hair.

Pale eyes no longer obscured, the Spy blinked to whatever "rescued" him, a bit surprised it was the hybrid who had done so. He felt thanking the other was expected of him, but his pride wouldn't let him. So instead, he allowed the other to basically drag him through the water until he could stand. He stepped along once he could touch, huffing silently.

Well, this was fantastic first swimming practice.

Crawling up onto the bank, Jacque looked at the other a bit, frowning some as he sees the other to relax a bit and get himself together. This man really needed to be more careful... Perhaps he needed to keep an eye on the spy to make sure he didn't end up getting himself hurt via drowning or something much worse.

Once the spy had caught his breath he gave a friendly smile and ran a hand thought his hair, slicking it back some. "Y' alright?" He questioned, guessing he would say something now that the other was out of harms away. He hoped the other wouldn't be offended or agitated by him asking, he was just making sure the man was alright.

Heaving a frustrated sigh, he continued walking back up to the bank by himself as soon as the Sniper released him. Once there, he sat down loudly, situated Indian style. Frowning heavily, he glared at the water, trying to hide how embarrassed he was from the whole thing. His footing was usually perfect (it needed to be), but it seemed the swamp would have nothing of that.

He wiped at his face again, wet curls sliding down. Without his mask on, his mess of hair seemed to do as it pleased. His vision was soon cleared again, and when it was, he turned to stare at the southerner. It was hard not to feel judged or mocked with what had just happened. So, naturally, he jumped to the defensive, expecting this out of the other. Upper lip curled, his brows lowered.

The Frenchman folded his hands in his lap, huffing silently before finally answering. "Oui. Fine. Zhank jou." His tone was sharp, it all obviously forced out. His hardened gaze fell back on the water, bristling a bit.

That curly hair caught his eye, watching as it bounced back into place when he moved. The other certainly looked rather miserable and annoyed, his tone proved that. The other seemed very easily aggravated actually, he would have to remember that, remember to try his best not to do or say anything that might set him off.

He had a short fuse.

"S' no problem... just couldn't have ya gettin' yerself hurt out here..." He shifted a bit then began to get up, turning and waddling over to where the other had his clothes. He stood up on his hind legs, front feet bracing him against the tree while he reached for the Spy's jeans and shirt.

Once he'd gotten them he hopped back onto the ground, being careful not to accidentally hurt himself on one of the cypress knees, and waddled back over to the Spy. "... I got yer clothes for ya..." His lips curled into a nervous smile.

His usual reply to everything sounded again: a snort. Sitting there rather awkwardly, he tried to figure out what he was to do now. He tried to drown out the world with thoughts, really not wanting to deal with anything. He was rarely embarrassed, and when he was, it sent him into a pissy fit.

The smaller raised an eyebrow when the hybrid neared him again, giving an exasperated sigh. Though, he wasn't as irritated when he realized what the other brought with him. Ah, his clothes. He knew better than to think the other was doing it just to tease him.

There was a quick, upward quirk to his lips. Though, the faint smile disappeared as fast as it had appeared. However, it was only allowed because he had caught him off guard with it. And, the fact that he basically just saved his life. Fine, the Sniper would get a smile. It only killed him a little bit to do so.

He nodded a thanks, carefully taking them from the other. Seeking out a dry place to set them in the meantime, his eyes scanned for a rock, even though he hated the things at the moment. Finally finding one close to him, he plopped them down, glancing over to the other. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to stick around for a little bit longer. He'd make arrangements in his oh-so busy schedule.

He was glad the other hadn't scowled at him and snatched his clothes away out of irritation. It meant he was doing something right at least. The small smile was appreciated as well, if he was more familiar with the spy he would have felt special to have received the the gesture.

He watched the other move over to a rock, staying in place since it was a somewhat sunny spot and the quick jump into the chilly water had made his temperature drop a bit. He smiled again when the other looked back at him.

Deciding that it was probably best to not talk about the spy's little accident, he instead started trying to think of something else to talk about, that was if the other BLU showed any interest of holding a conversation with him...

"So uh... You're from France right?" He wondered if that was an okay topic, maybe asking the spy to talk about himself... but he knew most spies didn't like to, it was part of the job to stay secretive...

The other really should cherish that small smile, seeing as it was hard as hell to work one out of the easily-agitated Frenchman. Especially when he had just met them.

Clothes set off to the side, on an almost impossible to find dry spot, he moved to sit Indian style once again. He'd wait until he dried off a bit more to get into his clothes. He was getting a bit of sun where he was positioned, so it shouldn't be too long, really.

In the meantime, he'd continue his attempts of conversing with the southerner. He was actually doing a lot more of it than what would be expected. The Spy was a man of few words, but he usually tried to make them count when he did talk.

A brow was cocked at the question. Hopefully the Sniper didn't think he'd be successful with trying to learn more about him through questions. "Oui, very much zo."

There was a beat before he returned a question, "And where exactly are jou from, hm?"

He knew a little bit of French, but not enough to actually hold a conversation with the Spy in his native tongue. He supposed he wanted to get to know the man a bit more but that probably wasn't going to happen today. The spy obviously didn't want to talk about himself.

That was alright though, it was understandable.

He smiled when he was asked where he was from and looked around. "Well... here... I was born 'n raised in New Orleans. I'm a local." He hoped the other wouldn't tease him for being southern, he knew a most people assumed that he was stupid just because he was southern or the way he spoke... He may not have finished high school but it wasn't because he was stupid. He dropped out because his father needed the help.

"... This your first time in America? Or just Louisiana?"

It was just as hard to pull any important information from about the Spy as to get to him to crack a smile (or a laugh, that was even harder in many cases). Both were very rare, and you were lucky to get either. Although, if you were to get them, it meant he was comfortable to let his guard down just the slightest.

So, these occurances were rather uncommon.

There was a silent, thoughtful hum (it being hidden under his breath) when the other smiled at the question. What would cause that? Maybe pride of where he was from? Hrm. Well, he supposed he'd find out soon enough.

Vincens nodded lightly at the reply he was given. No wonder he seemed so savvy in these parts. He'd be useful to stick around, most likely.

He tensed at the next question, hoping it wasn't very visible. Though, they were simple questions. The hybrid obviously wasn't trying to hit anything sensitive. "Juz Louiziana," the Spy answered, his gaze falling elsewhere now. Distractions.

He really wasn't trying to upset the other, he was just curious, trying to be friendly and get to know his team mate a bit better. Maybe being friendly wasn't enough though, maybe the spy just didn't really want to have anything to do with him. The thought sat in the back of his mind, eating away a bit. He tried not to admit to himself that maybe it was because he was different...

He hid his insecurity rather well, behind a smile. No one suspected a smile. No one.

"Where else have ya been?" He questioned, knowing that he would get a short answer, if an answer at all.

To be honest, Jacque was much better off than the usual person. Seeing as Vin had a bit of a soft spot for most animals, the southerner had a bit of an "advantage."

The smaller furrowed his brows at the question, thinking on how to answer it correctly. Did he mean country-wise, or in the 'States? "If jou are meaning countriez, zhen none ozher zhan 'ere anz France."

A beat. "State-wize, I do not recall." Which, was partially a lie. With traveling back and forth, he couldn't remember all of the places he had been, but he did know a few. Though, it wasn't important for the other to know, so it would be left the way it was.

Well he did mean states but he thought the Spy would have traveled to more countries. Huh...

"Oh, no other countries?" He questioned curiously, a bit surprised. He studied the spy a bit longer before looking out into the water, watching a fish snatch a mosquito from off the surface of the water. The mosquitoes weren't too bad during the day thankfully, they were bad at dusk though...

"Bet you've met all kinda people... Any interestin' ones?" He questioned, hoping the other would tell him about his travels... He really hadn't gotten to travel too much in his life... and now he doubted he would.

He would have loved to travel to more places, but thanks to the job he got lost in and family problems, time didn't really allow for that. He was still quite young, so maybe after this, he could set to traveling.

The Spy sighed softly, shaking his head no. This would be the only answer he would give on that topic for now.

Tensing when he noticed the other eyeing him, he watched back until eye contact broke. Once it did, he glanced down to himself, almost paranoid. Why was the other so curious? He felt so open when pelted with questions-- a feeling he really, really hated.

Vin flicked his gaze over his legs, then feet, searching. He didn't know why he didn't look for them before-- leeches. Surely there would be tons of the parasites in the murky water. Squirming, he stared at the water, hoping there weren't any on him that he didn't spot.

Ah, another question. Heaving a loud breath, he looked back over to the Sniper. "I 'ave, but not much to tell." Hopefully the southerner'd take the short answers as a "pass" on the questions, rather than trying to shut him up. For once, he'd try to take on a few questions. It wasn't like he had much of anything else to do.

The others short questions bothered him, but again, it was obvious the other really didn't want to talk, he was trying though, trying to make conversation, trying to a spark of interest. It didn't seem to be there though... He would keep through though, gauging the others reactions.

Leeches were indeed a problem he probably had a couple on him already.... he hoped not though, they were always a pain in the ass to deal with. He could never quite reach them or they were buried too far under his belly plates... Now those hurt... It was particularly embarrassing and aggravating when they decided to try biting him around his rump....

He stared out at the water noticing a small little black water snake swimming along the surface, probably heading off to find a place to rest for the day. He looked up, a blue heron flying overhead along with a few dragonflies and the occasional beetle. He shifted a bit, spreading his large scaly body out more on the ground, trying to soak up as much sunlight as possible.

"... 'S it nice in France?" He questioned, glancing back over at him, guessing already what his answer would be.....

Giving a heavy exhale, his eyes traveled the area. When it wasn't busy kicking his ass, nature really interested the Spy. The main reason he enjoyed walking was for the sole reason of just taking in everything. It was so nice just to stroll along and appreciate what was around you. It wasn't often one did this, seeing as their life was much too busy to settle down and do such a thing. Though, Vin tried to do it was much as he could. Nature was one of the few things he enjoyed the company of.

His gaze fell on a frog, watching it while he thought of an answer for the hybrid. "I enjoy it." Of course, it would have been a lot more enjoyable if he didn't have the constant worry of family issues or being caught. He then added on, "Zhough it really depenz on zhe perzon." It was a bit longer of a question than he planned on.

"'ave jou traveled much?" What the hell, he'd even throw a question back.

Jacque noticed the man looking down on the small amphibian, wondering what he thought about the many creatures that inhabited the swamp. He waited patiently for the other to answer, glad when he did instead of just saying what he thought he was going to say. It was even better when he was asked a question, though it wasn't one he could answer with something interesting.

"Naw. I didn't get to travel around too often. Mostly just stayed around here... Never got to venture too far from home."

He removed his aviators and brought a hand up, rubbing his right eye a bit with the back of his knuckle. "I see ya watchin' that frog, y' an animal person?" He questioned curiously.

"Ah. Too bad," was his simple reply. Unless, the other didn't wish to travel-- then it didn't matter. For all the Spy knew, the southerner could have hated leaving his home area. Or, he could even yearn to travel around. Although, judging from the wording the other used, it sounded slightly like he would like to travel. Or would have liked to, at some point.

Slowly, he looked from the amphibian to the hybrid, brow arched. "Oui." Gazing off to the trees now, he shrugged, "Prefer zhem over people."

His lips curled into a smile. That was a good sign, he certainly fit into the category of animal, and there were plenty of different critters he could show the other. Maybe it would be something they could do together, though he doubted the Spy would want to spend time with him on a regular basis.

"Oh? What kinda critters ya like? Fish? Birds? Cats? .... Reptiles?" He scooted a bit closer to the spy, tiny legs shuffling him closer. The frog hopped away as he moved closer, hopping off into the water and swimming away.

It would be quite the feat to get the Frenchman to spend time with somebody on a regular basis willingly. It was hard enough to get him to when he had to.

Looking back to the frog he had been watching, he continued where he left off. That is, until it had been startled, darting off as if its life depended on it. Glancing boredly to the cause, he raised a brow. He gave a bit of a small, lopsided smirk at the reptiles part. "Manzy, but catz anz birdz moz'ly." Humming a soft sound, he watched as the Sniper waddled over, "Azhough, I don mind reptilez." He wondered what sort of reaction he'd get out of that.

Cants and birds were his favorites huh? He'd have to keep an eye out for the many different kinds of avians then...

His grin widened a bit when the other added that he didn't mind reptiles. Now, that could have just been something said just so he didn't feel bad, but even so, it made the marksman very happy. "Y' know, I could show ya some of um if ya wanted..." He couldn't catch birds very well unless he killed them, so that was out of the question, but he could catch smaller things, like frogs, turtles, and lizards.

"If ya wanted that is..."

Hrm, a grin as a reaction? He was almost expecting (probably hoping for, as well) the other to get caught off guard, blush, maybe even stutter or something along those lines. Hm. Oh well.

He sat his hands back behind himself, leaning on them, aiming for a bit more of a relaxing seating situation for looking up and around higher. Giving a silent hum of a temporary answer, his eyes drifted around slowly.

Although, the Frenchman rose a brow when the second part had been thrown onto the end. Blinking, he stopped his "sight-seeing" to look at the southerner. "I would's not mind." Sounded enjoyable, actually.

A spark of interest, this was just what he'd been looking for.

Seeing the Spy react to his offer was good news. He could possibly keep this man entertained then, at least for a little while that was, till the Spy either lost interest or moved on to something better.

The halfling began to stand up a bit. "Wait here then. I'll be back in a second!" He smiled then turned to the water and quickly slipped down into its murky depths, disappearing a moment later beneath the surface, leaving the Spy alone momentarily.

The swamp was quiet, a few frogs chirping, birds singing off in the distance, the occasional splash of water. It wasn't very terrifying for now, mostly because everything was so well lit...

Sure enough, Jacque returned a few moments later, waddling back onto the bank, soaking wet but didn't seem to mind, in fact he looked very happy. There was algae on his back and tail, but he didn't notice, probably because he couldn't really feel it that much. He was holding something in his hands, it looked like a stone almost.

It seemed like the hybrid had finally found something that would work a bit of interest from the Spy. With patience, there was usually a reward. And with Vin, one would need quite a bit of patience if they ever wanted to get anywhere with the man-- especially on friendly terms.

Wait here? Well, he supposed he could do that. It didn't require energy or was something that he disagreed with-- actually he was quite content with sitting where he was. So, this was no problem.

Nodding, he watched the other, curiosity lit. Though, he clearly didn't let it show. His eyes lingered a bit after the other had disappeared, unsure of what was to come.

The younger sighed softly, his vision wandering off again. He tried to relax and just enjoy that of what was around him. Not too hard, right?

He tensed when the other surfaced, gaze and concentration snapping to him. The Sniper looked pretty excited... but over what? Well, he was quite certain he'd find out soon enough.

The Frenchman sat up completely as the marksman neared him again, brows raised, but eyes lidded. He allowed a bit of his curiosity shine through, for the other BLU's sake. Tilting his head a bit, he eyed the halfing's hands, as if to ask what he had.

Jacque waddled up beside the Spy and sat back down, tinny legs pulling in close to his body to keep his heat from escaping. He ignored the bits of green algae that were stuck in his hair and shoulders, instead just grinning proudly and thrusting his arms forward for the Spy to get a better look.

Clutched in those scaly hands, was a small green shelled turtle. The small creature had receded into his shell, hiding from the half man who had just captured it and the Spy whom he was presenting it to. The Sniper was beaming, obviously very happy that he'd been able to catch the tiny little reptile for the other.

Situating himself, his hands folded in his lap, he waited for the Sniper to get comfortable. The hybrid seemed rather proud of whatever he held in his hands, and it seemed rather urgent for him to have gotten it.

Vincens eyed the creature as soon as it was in held closer, unable to keep a small smile creeping across his face. Ah, a small turtle. Inching in more, he looked it over a bit better. His brows lowered, expression softening when he noticed the animal try to sink away and hide completely in its shell.

He wasn't sure what the older planned to do with it, or if he was supposed to take it or something. Though, he at least knew it was meant for him to enjoy.

Quietly, he finally spoke, "'e'z razher ...ah, cute."

That large tail of his thumped against the ground a few times, the motion going unnoticed if it hadn't been for the quiet smacking noise against the damp mud. Obviously the southerner was pleased to see the other was interested in it. Whenever he caught his thumping tail, he quickly stopped, not realizing he'd been doing it, and flushed red a moment.

It seemed it took very little to please the marksman.

"S' a little red eared slider. We've got plenty of um 'round here." He said looking down at the turtle, gently stroking its back with his thumb, hoping to coax it out of its shell.

The Spy glanced up to the other, catching a hint of a blush. Curious, he thought it would be best to ignore it, and concentrate on the animal that had been brought to him.

Hunching over slightly, he went back to watching the reptile. He hoped it would relax and show itself, although he didn't count on it. Turtles seemed to be shy little things when they wanted to be.

He nodded at the species name provided, concentrating on the pointed snout that was slowly sneaking out. It was rather pretty to look at, shell and all-- he hadn't expected the colors on it. Although, it seemed a lot of the animals were eye-appealing in some way.

Cooing silently, he tried to help in coaxing the animal out. Blocking out nearly everything, he watched it, calm, rather than tense and agitated.

Jacque just quietly ran his finger over the small animal's back before finally stopping when he felt he'd done enough. His eyes shifted from the small thing up to look at the Spy who seemed fixated on it. Slowly it eased its head out a bit, watching the Spy, tiny little clawed toes gripping the Sniper's skin.

He studied the younger merc's face, seeing how much more relaxed he was now that he had been earlier. He studied the still slightly dampened curls that framed the Spy's face, how those two pale blue eyes stared so intently at the small animal he'd offered.

"... I'm Jacque." He decided to finally break the silence with an introduction.
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Re: Sunrise in the Swamp [Jacque, Vincens]

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Ah, finally. There we go. He allowed a content smile slip through, carefully reaching up towards it. Of course, it was a bit startled and unsure at this. Murmuring a few reassurances in his native tongue, he tried again.

He repeated this a few times-- his hand inching towards the turtle, then pausing before it hid away, softly telling the creature it'd be okay soon after.

And finally, he managed to pet the thing on the head.

Rather pleased with this, he pulled his hand back, it falling in his lap. The Frenchman sat up straight once again, eyes travelling from the smaller reptile, up to the larger, half-reptile.

Oh. They hadn't even introduced properly, had they? Tsk, where were his manners? The younger provided his own name, "Vincenz." Smile faintly hanging around, he gave a soft breath of air. "Nice zo meet jou."

The Sniper smiled, this time, instead of grinning proudly or with excitement, it was soft and relaxed.

"S, nice 't meet you too, Vincenz." He replied, his lips still curled into that soft smile. He didn't say anything more for the time being, instead looking back down at the small creature he was still resting in his palm.

He watched the small reptile crawl to the edge of his hand, then gently lowered it to the ground so it could scurry off back into the water and return home. He watched it disappear into the murky water, staring at the ripples that were left behind, still staring even as those ripples settled and he was simply staring at their reflections in the water.

He allowed his smile to stray longer than planned when he noticed the southerner was matching the lip quirk. The other BLU member seemed to like when he smiled, so he'd allow it.

There was a breathless laugh, his quiet reply. Pale blue eyes broke contact with yellow-green ones moments later, his attention falling back to the shelled animal, as the other's had done so too. Huh. It seemed as though the Sniper's efforts had finally paid off.

He too watched the reptile flee back into its watery home, it causing the water to stir momentarily. Soon enough, it was out of sight, but certainly not out of mind. Gaze locked onto the water, he tensed slightly as the wake from the animal's departure had vanished-- all that was left was the two's reflections.

Clearing his throat silently, he looked up, trying to find something new to focus on. Distractions.

The Sniper didn't seem to be bothered, in fact, he continued staring into the water, eyes focusing a bit to look at Vincen's reflection. The Spy was trying to find something else to focus his attention on now. He went back to studying the others features, knowing the other liked silence, so he decided why not give it to him?

He wanted to speak, but even if he did, at this point he wasn't quite sure what to say, his mind having exhausted most things for now. He could make small talk, comment on how nice a day it would probably be, how quiet the swamp was at the moment, maybe ask him what he would be doing for the day.

But he didn't.

The southerner just quietly sat there, staring into the water, his tail pulling close to his form, small legs relaxing, letting his bulky body rest on the bank... He raised a hand and ran it though his hair brushing some of the algae away.

Finally he broke the silence.

".... 'S real pretty at night..."

He had to admit, the silence was a nice surprise. One that he actually wasn't expecting the slightest. It caused him to ease up once more, relaxing to the early sounds of the swamp.

It wasn't hard to tell the other wanted to talk. Vin almost expected him to at any moment.

But he didn't.

Drawing his legs in to his chest, he sat his chin on his knees, back arching a bit to make this position slightly more comfortable. His eyelids drifted downwards, barely gazing out by now.

The Spy laughed under his breath when the halfing finally spoke up. "Iz it?" He questioned, slowly looking back to the other. He could imagine the sounds at night would be quite enjoyable, just by itself.

He continued staring down into the water slipping a hand in it as a few minnows swam up close, gently nudging them away, as though warning them not to get too close. He nodded a bit in response to the other, giving a quiet 'mhmm' as well.

The sounds were nice, he enjoyed listening to the 'voice of the swamp' as he called it. It was calming to him, familiar, made him feel at home... Without the sound, he didn't know if he could take it. Straight silence. It could drive him crazy. He needed that familiar voice to help calm him...

"... S' like an orchestra..." He looked over at Vincens, still smiling softly at the other. "... Sometimes y' get t' see fireflies... but its rare, don't think they like it down here..."

He turned his head some to look at Jacque better, chin still on his knees. He wrapped his arms around his legs, fighting off a yawn.

Oh, fireflies. How he loved those. He'd only got lucky enough to spot them a few times, and that definitely was not enough for him. So, the sound of maybe seeing them was promising. "I like zhoze," he commented softly.

One of his hands moved to his hair, testing it. Seemed rather dry. It wormed back to its spot, helping to hold his legs in close. His trunks were about there as well. The rest of him, for the most part, was dry too. Good.

Well, now what?

"Heh... Yeah... me too." He watched the other a bit then looked forward again, shifting to lay back down again, backing away from the water some so he could lay his front half down. He knew the other was drying off, which meant he would be leaving soon.

"If I see um I'll come lookin' for ya... alright?" He questions glancing over at the other, two green eyes looking somewhat hopeful that the other would say okay. He was glad someone was interested in his home. Sadly it was all he knew. He didn't know much about the rest of the world, and now he knew even less about the world outside of the swamp...

He hoped maybe if he shared with Vincens, he would in turn share with him; something, anything.

The younger flashed a quick, upward quirk of the mouth (it barely passing as a smile) when the Sniper said he liked lightning bugs too. Although, who didn't enjoy them and the small show they put on?

Curiously, he eyed the hybrid as he situated himself once again, laying down. Getting comfortable again, it looked like.

He arched an eyebrow when the half-reptile offered to find him if he spotted the bugs they both seemed to enjoy. This time, the smile stuck a bit longer. "Zhat sounz fine wizh me."

He needed to finish sunbathing if he wanted to be able to go hunting later so he doesn't go hungry. He would probably head inside later as well, maybe have a look around, see if everything was still in place, maybe fix a few things before too many people started to show up. He still needed to find a place to bunk, he sure as hell wasn't sleeping in some fish tank.

Vincens's approval pleased him, it meant he was doing something right if the other actually agreed to spending time again at a later date. He would have to keep a sharp eye out for fireflies.

He hoped he was winning the others favor.

"An' if I see any other little critters y' might like I'll bring um to ya t' check out..."

He chuckled softly at this, nodding. "Zhat soundz like a plan." The Spy wouldn't mind seeing more of the creatures that lurked about the area.

Stretching his hands out, he allowed a small yawn, rocking backwards the slightest. Reeling back in, he scratched at the back of his neck.

It was probably about time he headed back. There was most likely something back at the base waiting on him-- and if not, there was surely something to do in that office of "his" (he probably should be doing paperwork and what not, but he didn't feel he had to). Filling as a temporary leader was proving to be a bit of a pain in his ass. But, until somebody he deemed worthy of the position showed up, there wasn't really anybody to move the task over to.

So, remain with the job nobody wanted, he would.

Another quick test of how damp he still was, and the Spy slowly moved onto his feet, standing. Grabbing his clothes on the way up, he tossed a curious look to the Sniper (or one of them, at least) of his team. Hrm.

"Z'apoze I should be off." The smaller stood there hesitantly, trying to read any tells from the other.

The marksman watched the other begin to stand and scoop up his belongings, keeping a close eye on him to make sure he didn't slip into the water again. He tensed a bit, ready to jump forward at a moment's notice. Thankfully that hadn't been needed to be done, the spy was up on his feet and was doing better than before thanks to there not being any slippery stones around.

"I'll be seein' ya 'round then... Hope y' have a nice day. B' careful on yer way back, don't wantcha gettin' hurt by nothin'."

He found it almost silly to pull on his clothes now, even though it had been his idea-- wasn't that the reason he was lingering around? To wait for his swimming shorts to dry so he could pull his jeans on over them, and tug on his shirt as well? It would seem almost awkward to him to "get dressed" with the other there... and it all was pointless, seeing as he could just cloak on the way back to the base, then to his room...

The Spy dug around in his pocket, relieved his Invisiwatch was still present. It in one palm, while the other hand held his clothing, he started to slink his way from the other, base-ward bound.

Tossing a look over his shoulder, he smirked lightly, "Jou should not 'ave to worry about me."

And with this, he fizzled away, disappearing from view.

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Re: Sunrise in the Swamp [Jacque, Vincens]

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For Posterity...

Vincens Laure Perrault

Date of Birth:
November 20th



French and English

Team Favorite Color:


&gt;Primary: Revolver
&gt;Secondary: Electro Sapper
&gt;Melee: Conniver's Kunai
&gt;PDA: Disguise Kit
&gt;PDA2: Dead Ringer

&gt;Strengths: quick, fast plans and always has a back-up one, smooth-talking in most situations
&gt;Weaknesses: trying to be solely self-sufficient, not asking for help when needed, reckless and cocky at times
&gt;Likes: solitude, rain, cigarettes, sex, cooking, hot weather, walks by himself, dancing
&gt;Dislikes: groups of people, being forced to be social, losing, swimming, sleeping in, snow, being unable to figure out his feelings/emotions, asking for help or receiving help, chocolate
&gt;Fears: needles, being rendered useless, vomiting, commitment, thunder
Vincens prefers the role of the loner as well as the asshole. He really doesn't enjoy getting near people unless it's completely necessary (like if losing is at stake). Trust comes hard from him, and there will never be a second chance. His beliefs are strong in that people do not change, and it's best to discard them as soon as they make a mistake large enough (a few small ones are acceptable, of course). It's hard to become his friend, seeing as the word is very foriegn to him-- but that doesn't mean there's no trying. Vin has the ability to make friends and letting people &quot;in&quot; (he just prefers not to, it keeps work and other things cleaner), though it takes time and you're lucky to do so. However, when he does allow somebody to get close, he will either use them for his own gain in some shape or form, or award them with sex. He marks friends this way, and sees no problem with sleeping around (actually, he's terrified of commitment, but shh). Males more often than not are chosen for this, but he doesn't have a problem with girls here and there. Getting him to talk past more than calling you names or completely ignoring you is quite the feat, seeing as it takes patience and time to end this (it's like a test to see if you're worthy of his attention). Vincens can be capable of being nice, though usually it's a trap. He believes heavily in self-gain, seeing the world as a dog-eat-dog place. But, once in a blue moon, he will be sincere and polite-- but you have to be quite special for this. It's a hard hike to get on the man's good side, but he'll be sure to make it worth it if you make it that far.

&gt;Sexuality: bisexual (prefers men, however)
&gt;Virgin: nope
&gt;Friends: nobody seems lucky enough just yet
&gt;Relationships: nobody's lucky enough still (isn't sarcasm fun?)

&gt;Ethnicity: French
&gt;Country of Origin: France
Born and raised in France, Vin was brought up into a shakey family. By the time he was born, he had a brother Lazare Claude of the age of six, and his mother had moved on to a new husband, for he had been killed in the risky business he played around with. To Lazare, Vincen's father was his step-father. Although, Vin always felt as if his &quot;father&quot; fit the role of a step-father. Or even just an authoritive male figure-- he never was much of a father at all to the boy. His brother and father were very belittling and harsh towards the youngest, and the mother was never able to speak up to the abusive man. Her oldest son detested his own mother, somehow thinking it was her fault his real father died. Vin was always seeking his mother for comfort, seeing as she was the only acceptance he could find. Going through school was difficult with their constant moving around, and money was getting bad. Vincens could never really make friends, because he rarely trusted people. He also thought of it as a waste, seeing as he would move just before he got to know somebody. His father got worse with his abuse towards his son and wife, and while this ramped up, Vin took it upon himself to runaway a few times. It never did him any good, seeing as his dad or brother would always find him, even if it took a few days. This of course only made his father more destructive. During one of his runaways at the age of seventeen, the father had actually convinced Lazare to kill his wife, he feeding into the lies spurred by his step-father that she had a part in his real father's death. When Vincens had come back and learned of his mother's death, he freaked out and turned as cold as ever. He was led to believe it was his fault for her death, he not there when it happened and didn't protect her. He started to counter his negative feelings towards his father, stepping up more and more towards the dad (who now had custody over him), and finally had a successful getaway. Lazare was left for the father's outlet of endless rage, and quickly tired of it. Being more powerful, he had easily run from &quot;home&quot; and set out to find his younger brother (also to go a bit into hiding). It took him nearly a year to track him down in the Americas, having not expected the move of countries. Vincens had picked up quite a bit of English in his time of living off of the streets, and eagerly learned whatever else he could, wanting to fit in and start new here. By the time Lazare had found the sibling, he had gotten himself into the &quot;Spy&quot; business (he was promised protection from his little stunt) and figured he'd get his brother into it as well. It had started as a way for him to mock and use the younger, and constantly reminded him he'd never grow to anything. Though, it wasn't until a year later of the teaching and helping that he actually had gone back to his old ways, treating Vin like he did when they lived with their parent(s). A year later, Vincens killed his older brother, his already short fuse being gnawed down as far as he'd allow it. Fearing himself from the almost accidental murder, he was scared he'd turn into a product of his childhood home life. He knew commitment (something he already hated) would have to be sworn off, not wanting to cause any more damage that he would expect out of his father (or brother). He fled back to France and continued to persue the &quot;career&quot; his older sibling had started him off in, doing it for him. He may have killed him, but Vincens had always loved his brother. He carried on for two years in France and built himself a small reputation. Off of this, he started up as a freelance assassin, finally getting himself off of the streets. The now turned assassin got himself up on his feet, and got pulled into his job, mind and heart set to it. It was a way to get out his frustrations from his past, a way to run away from the pent up feelings he could never share or completely get out. Though, it came to a crashing halt when Vin picked up on word of his father hot on his trail. Doing the only thing he could, he set off back to the Americas, really not wanting to deal with &quot;family affairs.&quot; It was sure his father wouldn't put more effort than planned into finding him, so he'd be safe in another country. Taking about a year of hiding and laying a lot lower, he went about his bussiness when he thought it was safe enough, unable to stay away from the satisfaction of the kill and the aderaline that accompanied it. Finally back up on his feet, he once more felt reckless, glad to be self-suficient again. Although, this all came to a screeching stop when the risky business and financial problems caught up with him, as well as the law. Ducking into hiding once more, he started looking for an escape of the constant worry of being caught. Another year of complete hiding and searching, he changed things around (actually becoming known as Vincens now), escaping his past the best he could (and willing it off to his dead brother). With his searching he had caught wind of a place that caught his interest, deciding it was now or never to make a move. After a bit of prep, he made his way for Swamp Rat Corp, aiming to truly bury his past and plant a new one over it.

&gt;Eye color: pale blue
&gt;Hair color: brown
&gt;Hair style: short and tossled, curly, bit of sideways bangs
&gt;Weight: 137 lbs
&gt;Height: 5'4&quot;
&gt;Scar(s): a deep one on his left cheek, downwards diagonal; usually hidden completely by his balaclava
First off, don't let his size fool you. He may be small, but it just means the moody killing-machine has everything all compact, his fuse being shorter than expected. Vincens is rarely seen out of his suit, and if he is, he still keeps on the balacava. He is quite fit (but not overly so), thanks to his class/profession, so you won't find any &quot;fat&quot; on the youngin'. Vin has an untameable mop of brown hair, it always curly and bothersome (another reason his balacava stays on-- it's just easier to tame it once). His eyes are an icy shade of blue and usually very serious, so his gaze may be more intimidating than he aims for in some cases. He has long legs for his size, and his chest size is average (meanly not overly broad). Vincen's hands are a bit bigger than what would be expected, and are rough and scarred from overuse. His feet however, are small, and he prefers to wear socks at least, having been made fun of them a few times (he doesn't really mind it, but just likes to stay away from the chance of it happening again). Also, he shaves. Everywhere. Except his head (his mother always loved his hair, so he tries to keep it as is) and eyebrows (and things that would just look weird shaving). Vin's also a bit higher than averagely &quot;endowed,&quot; but his attitude of being a giant dick kind of makes up for that (plus, there has to be a real reward for somebody he considers close, right?). But, he's an overall nice-looking kid (with leetle feet), just has a shitty personality until he trusts you.


Roleplay Examples:
&gt;First-person: It was always the smallest of mistakes that could guarantee you death out on the battle-field-- even more-so for those in the same class as myself. One needed to be alert always, constantly aware of the surroundings or situation, for one tiny change could, and would, mean the end. To make things a bit more of a challenge to make sure I was always cautious, I had quite the predecessor to live up to. I couldn’t afford to make silly mistakes, and those same silly mistakes were the ones that had offed previous Spies for the blue side. For my first few weeks, not to boast, I had done utterly terrific. Within the short period of time, with my help and watchful eye, we had taken two of RED’s points, pushing them back rather far, they now forced on complete defense. Two more and we would easily reach their Intel room. Things were in BLU’s favor-- but I worried my luck would soon be turning for the worst... and my gut feeling (I believed that’s what it was called) was never off. Sure enough, with the excitement of nearly capturing yet another point, I had grown cocky and careless... An easy mistake for being as young and fresh to this all as I was. I was quickly reminded of how real all of this really could be. This pleasant reminder was a blade similar to my own being slashed past my calf, rather deep. How my calf? I had a bit of a clash with the opposing team’s spy and I thought I was home-free (after he had been grounded), being a bit of a braggart with my “victory” over the older of my class. Though, I was very, very wrong to believe I’d be getting away to brag over my feat. It seemed my cloaking and impossible path all went to waste, seeing as I had let a convenient little path of blood to trail along after. My wounded leg had been forgotten about, survival and getting away successfully being the only two things on my mind. The second I had stopped to survey the area, thinking I was safe in my hiding spot, I had a rather familiar balisong ram its way into my lower stomach, the knife being ripped to the side in a bit of a jagged motion. Of course, the other hadn’t been aiming for anything-- no, his real aim was to hit nothing vital, instead have me suffer through the slow process of bleeding out. Luckily, I was filled to the brim with adrenaline, eagerly feeding off of this to summon my revolver. I shot where ever in front of myself, eyes glazing over the slightest from the rather fatal blow. Something was hit that was rather painful, and that’s all I knew. Not bothering to check or find out, I cloaked once my watch was ready for another long go, holding my midsection as if my innards were to fall out at any second (it sure felt like it, anyway), darting off and around the other Spy. Hurrying off, I looked around quickly, mind scrambling for a plan. I needed help fast if I planned on living longer than a hour at the most. Flagging down a Medic would be chancy and stupid seeing as I was on enemy lines, and I didn’t want to risk trying to get the attention of a RED one. Chewing on the inside of my cheek, I settled on possibly one of the stupidest plans I could ever follow through with. Revolver being traded for my disguise kit, I stole the appearance of the one I had just been attacked by (and attacked, thank you), headed for the loft I knew that would be manned by a Sniper. I could either hope he’d take pity on me and help out a “fellow teammate,” or go with the more drastic choice of killing him and taking his hideout hostage-- he had to have First Aid kits up there or /something/. Carefully ascending the ladder, I tried to be as stealthy as I could-- but not overly so. Scaring him would only result in being killed out of fear. That would be rather counterproductive and would have proved all of this hassle a waste. Once I only had a few more pegs to go, I made a bit more sound, nearly collapsing as I had reached the top. God my stomach killed. I heaved myself to the wall of the “nest,” eyes on the opposing team member now. “Jour az'istance would be appreciated.” Now I had my other hand back from climbing the stairs, it to was held to my stomach, as if holding the wound would keep blood from continuing to spill out.
&gt;Third-person example: Vincens really detested the &quot;company&quot; of others, especially when they made their &quot;playful&quot; jabs. These would result in rather physical jabs of his own, but only after a few things were uttered in his home land's language. The assassin found himself &quot;hidden&quot; off in the Storage Room, having placed himself in their to cool off after the little fight he had with a Scout. The stubborn little bastard was wrong, and Vin knew it. Whatever, he really couldn't afford to think about it again-- it was over, and he came in here to relax a bit. And sate his nicotine fix. The BLU member sighed a quiet breath and fished out his disguise kit, remembering that he'd need to restock the case of more cigs sometime very soon. Tugging one out carefully, it was soon placed between the man's lips, lighter now his target. He searched his front pockets, very pleased to find one; he almost worried he wouldn't. Lighting the cigarette and putting everything back in their respective hiding places, Vincens then reclined back against a crate. Eyes closed, he took a deep and long drawl, thoroughly enjoying the first fix he had all day. This was rather unusual for the Spy, seeing as he could easily sail through a pack on a normal day. He eased his mind onto emptiness, making sure to concentrate on nothing but the blissful cancer stick settling on the edge of his bottom lip and the man-made fog floating around himself. It was hard to think of nothing when he had &quot;company,&quot; seeing as they usually spurred confusing feelings and trust issues. No, lonliness and quiet surroundings suited the assassin much more, and he would make sure it would stay this way.

&gt;Vin has the (usually) hidden talent of ventriloquism. He dabbled around in it, practicing the ability to throw his voice mainly for means of escape. He's actually quite good at this, having a lot of spare time to put into it (and a lot of reason to do so). Mimicking accents and ways of speech comes easily, though he can't just pick up the person's language and tone within seconds of hearing them. It takes practice and a bit of research, obviously, as anything else would. Usually, the Spy just wings it and hopes for the best. His own voice and accent, however, is (obviously) perfected, and he tends to just stay safe and use it.
&gt;Although Vincens comes off as one to hate everything, it's mainly people-centered-- and one thing is safe from this seemingly all-around hatred: animals. That's right, the man has a soft spot for animals and the like. Especially cats, seeing as he can easily relate; they hate almost everything, are antisocial and prefer their own company generally, and use others when it seems fit.
&gt;Probably not the best fit for it, the Frenchman is a bit of a power junkie; he loves being in charge. His favorite instance would probably have to be controlling from a stand-point that would be nearly impossible (ex: controlling the situation when the enemy has the upperhand).
&gt;His hearing is by far his best sense, and his ears are quite &quot;sensitive&quot; as well. The order of his five senses would go in order as so: hearing, smell, sight, taste, touch.

Thread List:
&gt;Arrival (OPEN)
Let's see what this Medic's all about, hm?
&gt;Sunrise in the Swamp [Private] - FINISHED
Well, an early-morning swim was intended...
&gt;Tobacco Topaz [Vincens]
Intentions: Smoke and unwind alone in the Smoker's Lounge. What really happens: Find a fellow teammate occupying that very room.
&gt;Can Brains Atrophy? (Fefe+Vincens)
It seems every time Vin seeks solitude he comes across a new teammate. What's this one like?

Name: Jacque Duhon

Nicknames: Jacob (Jacque is a variation of Jacob)

Age: 46

Date of Birth: June 7

Gender: Male

Position: Sniper, Gator-Sniper

Company: [color=739BA6]Builder's League United[/color]

Appearance: The first thing one would notice about this Sniper would be, well, from the waist down is a large reptilian body. Now, after getting over the initial shock of spotting him, you may notice the subtle changes in his skin tone, around his waist, the large bumps running along his back, the tiny, almost black scales along his shoulders and jaw, the small scars over his lips or along his left shoulder... those two olive green reptilian eyes staring at you...
Jacque tends to go shirtless, his blue uniform shirt usually just dragging in the water, though on occasion he may wear the thing, that is if it is rather chilly out. He keeps his aviators on, finding them useful when he's out sunbathing in the morning or trying to line up a decent shot and the sun is blinding him. He'll occasionally wear his company issued slouch hat, but finds it rather pointless when diving into the water.

Personality: Jacque is a local, born and raised. It is obvious in the way he speaks and the way he acts. One might even go so far as to call him a real southern gentleman. He'd always been friendly and social and despite becoming a horrible abomination, he doesn't let that get him down, he's just as friendly as ever. He tries to make the best of every situation, being optimistic even when facing impossible odds.
There are few things that will upset the man, though when he does get upset, you better run for the hills unless you want to get between a seven-hundred pound hybrid and his target.

Background: Born in New Orleans, Jaque grew up living in the French Quarter with his rather large family, but grew particularly attached to his younger sister Valerie. His younger years were spent mostly helping his mother around the house till he was old enough to go out working with his father who was a hunter and trapper.
Jacque worked along side his father up until he was about twenty-three years old when his father died in a hunting accident, ironically he was killed by an alligator. Unable to take care of the family business on his own, he was forced to give it up. There was a long period of scrounging for cash, that was until about six years later that he found that BLU was hiring.
He took it upon himself to take care of his family, even if that meant he would have to become a mercenary... What he didn't realize though was that whenever he signed up, he was signing his life away.
Jacque worked as a field agent for ten years, thankfully being stationed close to home had its advantages. He could slip out and see his sister Valerie for one, though he kept these visits short and rare, he didn't want to get her into trouble. He found being a Sniper was rather easy, mostly because of his previous hunting experience.
He stuck close to home till he was reassigned and sent to a research facility. This was where he was where he learned just what he'd gotten himself into... He received daily injections of some mysterious liquid... put through tests and frequent physical exams... It didn't take long to see physical changes, excruciatingly painful changes.
Now, he doesn't quite remember some of the experience... having either blocked it out or he simply wasn't awake during the time, having been sedated for fear he would go into shock. To him it just seems like some horrific nightmare.
A while after this transformation he was sent home in Louisiana, home to his family, home to his sister, who seems to have gotten a family of her own. He was an uncle now. That was the best new's he'd ever heard in his life... He saw it as a silver-lining...
He stayed at a local facility for a few years, occasionally finding his way out and being able to see his sister who, though horrified by what he'd become, still saw him as her brother... Now he's returning to his old base, the base he'd started off at all those years ago. The one he'd been ripped away from for testing...

He'd heard strange rumors... apparently there was some mystery surrounding his old home... He had no idea what had gone on while he was gone, maybe once he returned... he could see what had become of the place with his own eyes....

Weapons: Huntsman, Claws, Teeth, and Tail

- He is unbelievably protective of his family and friends. Don't talk bad about them.
- He can play the harmonica and Cajun accordion, though sticks to the harmonica considering his situation.
- He can stomach almost anything. This however does not mean he will ENJOY whatever it is he is given or has to eat... He prefers fresh food.

Roleplay Sample [First Person] - (note: I don't usually do first person.)
They just had to send me here during the driest part of summer.

I thought to myself as I laid in probably the shallowest pond I'd laid in for a while. My scales ached as I rolled over, trying to dampen the rest of my body to keep my skin from starting to dry up. I look up to see a heron picking off the small minnows stuck on the bank that were trying desperately to reach the water.

&quot;Sorry lil guys... survival of the fittest.&quot; I mutter to myself as watch the large white bird pluck one of the tiny fish off.

Oh well... at least it's overcast... looks like we'll finally get some rain, hope its a lot.

Roleplay Sample [Third Person] -
It was a warm night, the sun having set an hour before but the heat staying with them... the humidity was the worst part about living in a swamp, but he was used to it. He was however somewhat curious to know just what his colleagues thought of this sort of heat. The spys would learn not to wear those heavy suits all the time unless they wanted to pass out and end up in the med-bay on regular occasions.

He always explained the humidity like a blanket being put over you, or having to carry weights around wherever you went. It could be exhausting... He'd learned not to overwork himself though and did alright.

He laid out in the darkness staring up at the starry night sky, the branches of the cypress obstructing his view a bit.

He squeezed an eye shut when a light was shone at him, quickly getting up from off the small dock and quickly jumping into the water, disappearing before whomever had stumbled upon him got a decent look...


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Sunrise in the Swamp (Closed)
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Scaly Encounters (Closed)
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