Scaly Encounters [Jacque, Riley]

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Scaly Encounters [Jacque, Riley]

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Scaly Encounters [Private]
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Venturing into the swamp had been a terrible, terrible idea. It was nothing like the Outback he was used to. It was murky, dark, and dank and all together creepy. He knew a bit about the fauna that lived in swamps and kept his eyes peeled for signs of gators as he waded through the water which was getting deep at an alarming rate. Thankfully, it became shallow just as the water was starting to reach chest height and he was glad to reach a dry patch of land that was dominated by a tall, sickly looking, leafless tree.

It was then that he heard something splashing around in the water and turned slowly toward the noise, entire body on edge as he looked for the source of the disturbance, heart leaping into his throat. A gator. He could see it's back poking out of the water and it looked like a big one. Well, that was what he assume from the brief time he spent looking at it as he was now scrambling up the tree to the safety of the branches above.

What the RED didn't realize was that he was only half correct...

The gator he had spotted was in reality, Jacque, who's front end was submerged in the water looking for 'treasure' as he put it. He had this thing about collecting old things, coins, bottles, signs, plates, anything he could get his hands on. He was a collector, keeping his 'treasures' hidden under one of the small docks near the base.

He was hoping maybe to get a room of some kind for himself, even if it was just some old storage shed, he couldn't fit into any of the beds inside, and the rooms were WAY too small for him to move around comfortably. He would have to have another look around the base to see if he could find someplace.

He surfaced after a moment, holding an old whiskey bottle in hand. He smiled to himself, happy that he'd found something else to add to his little collection of personal belongings.

While admiring his prize he heard a twig snap and instantly turned around, eyes darting about. He didn't see anything just yet and so swam over to the small little island and looked at a fresh set of footprints.

A branch fell and knocked him on the head, a small yelp of surprise escaping the merc, not having expected to get knocked on the head by anything. He looked up and there and noticed something strange. A large scaly tail hanging from the tree...

It was attached to a man who was cowering up in the tree.

"... Uh... 'ello." He said aving a bit, standing up on his hind legs, tiny front legs clawing at the bark as he tried to get a better look at the man. He was close but just couldn't quite reach him. "...What're ya doin' up there?" He questioned curiously.

Pulling himself up into the branching, Riley clung tightly to the trunk, digging the claws on all four of his limbs into the bark; a fall from here would surely kill him but that wasn’t why he was holding on so tightly. He wasn't...afraid of crocodiles and alligators per say but the attack from one had left a nasty impression on him. Plus, he knew no one else that could help him if he was seriously injured from a mauling.

The sight of the crocodile man looking and then coming toward him made Riley freeze. It wasn't what he had expected in the slightest. Shifting his tail to try and hold it up made one of the smaller branch fall off which then hit then the man in the head who then looked up.

Riley froze, staring briefly before averting his eyes to the surrounding water. He didn't want to be rude and make the other angry. "Um... 'Allo," he called back nervously, forcing himself to look back, a strained smile appearing on his face. The question was met with brief silence which Riley spent adjusting his grip, not liking how the other stood up on his hind legs to get a better look at him.

"...Thought yeh were a gator," he admitted sheepishly, pursing his lips and wiping the smile from his face. "Sorry..."

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The southerner cocked his head to the side a bit, watching the other cling to the cypress' branch. It wasn't a very wise move for him to climb up an almost dead tree... then again he was sure the other hadn't really taken a good look at it.

"Sorry, wasn't expectin' anybody to be way out here." After all they were about a mile or two away from base now...

He thought for a few moments trying to think of what he could say to get the other to come down, knowing that he was probably very frightening. Probably just telling him that it wasn't very safe up there was a start... snakes like to hide in the trees, as well as spiders and god knew what else.

"You uh... wanna come on down? 'S really not as safe as ya think up there..."

'Way out here...'? He frowned a bit, not liking the sound of that. The swamp had definitely turned him around but he had been stupid to try exploring it without knowing where the hell he was going. It was his own darn fault for getting lost.

"Oh." Shifting to let his legs hang off the branch (a rather dizzying feeling to be honest and peered down. The ground seemed a long way down but...maybe this man knew what he was talking about. "...Alroight." Nodding, he moved to the side of the trunk the other wasn't leaning against and slowly, carefully, made his way down, drawing deep marks in the wood as he went. Once his feet touched solid earth he let go of the tree but didn't move away from it, just in case this man turned hostile. "...Name's Riley." Looking and feeling awkward, he stuck out his hand in the others direction, staring over his shoulder.

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He smiled a bit when the other had slowly begun to slide down, backing off from the tree himself. He hopped down into the mud, front legs sinking into the mud a bit. Stepping back some to make the other feel a bit more comfortable, he ran a hand through his damp hair, plucking out bits of moss and plant life that had gotten stuck. This guy was obviously skittish, he needed to make sure he didn't move too quickly.

Once his new acquaintance had found his way back to earth and introduced himself, his lips curled into a grin, showing those jagged teeth. He quickly closed his mouth some, knowing that those teeth could be intimidating, and held out his hand, scaly fingers curling around the man's hand.

"M' Jacque, sorry 'bout scarin' ya."

The feeling of scales against his palm made him start put he was quick to suppress the reaction, not wanting to insult the other- Jacque- and forced a smile onto his face. "Nice t'meet yeh." After an awkward shaky, he slipped his hand out of the others grasp and stuffed his hands into his pockets, leaning back on his heels. "No worries," he assured the other, pulling out a hand to rub at the back of his neck. Christ, this was awkward. He'd never thought he'd meet another person with a condition like his own even though he'd heard it was quite common on other bases. Assuming Jacque even worked for RED or BLU.

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He let his hand fall after Riley had released it, the other still playing in his hair for a bit longer.

"S' nice t' meet you two. Always nice to see a new face." He could always use more company. Friends were something to be cherished.

"So... are ya lost?" He raised a brow, wondering if the other knew exactly where he was, from the looks of it, not, not one bit. That was alright, he supposed he could help the other back if he needed it. It wasn't safe to be out this close to dusk, that was when the particularly dangerous critters started to come out...

"So... are ya lost?" He raised a brow, wondering if the other knew exactly where he was, from the looks of it, not, not one bit. That was alright, he supposed he could help the other back if he needed it. It wasn't safe to be out this close to dusk, that was when the particularly dangerous critters started to come out...

Shifting his gaze to his surrounding, he shifting his weight from one foot to the other, trying to prevent sinking into the soggy ground. He'd read about quicksand being a common hazard in swamps. Not that he didn't know how to escape them but it was still a scary thought to be ensnared by one.

"...Yeah, m'lost." Fidgeting, he hoped that the other didn't think any less of him because of it. Sure, he wasn't familiar with this sort of environment but he was a bushman and he should be able to get a grasp for the surroundings quickly. Hopefully. "...Yeh got any place fer me t'stay? Oi... Oi'd rather not go back t'me base." Riley wasn't about to get his hopes up that this stranger would take pity on him but maybe...

He didn't mind that the other was lost, it was an easy thing to do really, especially if you weren't familiar with this terrain. You could get turned around easily and loose track of time, before you knew it, it's getting dark and you're about to end up as gator food.

His base... this guy must have been a RED because he hadn't seen him around BLU base... Well... it was a ceasefire, and he seemed pretty harmless for now, he guessed he could help the guy back, or at least bring him closer so he didn't get so lost next time.

"I'll help ya back, but for now I dunno where ya can sleep, I'd say stick to the darker sections of the bases, try findin' a nice shed or somethin' to sleep in if ya really don't wanna go back to your base..."


Pursing his lips, he nodded. He had no idea where to sleep; anywhere near the base seemed too dangerous to him. Clawing up the maniac, while at the time had seemed like a good idea, now resembled a death wish more than anything else. Sleeping in the swamp would be his best bet to remain safe. Near enough to the base that he could get away from a gator or snake if one got to close but far enough so he wouldn't be seen.

Not a solid plan but it would do. "...Oi'd, uh, really appreciate it if yeh could do that..." Pulling his hands out of his pocket, he glanced toward the murky water, not thrilled at the idea of have to swim back part of the way.

His lips curled into another smile. "If I dun' help ya back, who will? The birds?" Really, who would end up helping this guy back? It was quite a was back, and now that it was getting dark, things would get way more dangerous. "C'mon. I'll show ya the way." He turned and began waddling back over to the water picking up the old whiskey bottle he'd set down earlier.

He paused when he noticed the other standing there. "... Y' comin'?"

Hesitating, Riley nodded quickly and began to wade out into the water. The bottom was as slippery as before and he floundered slightly as he water deepened without warning. The scare sent him back up into shallower water, giving Jacque an apologetic smile. "M'not a very good swimmer... Sorry."

Looking back to the water, he made a second attempt to enter, moving to awkwardly treading water when the bottom became too deep to reach. After a moment of getting used to the nerve wracking sensation of having nothing to stand over, he looked back over to Jacque. "...Which way?"

He watched the other, floating in place a bit as he waited patiently. He couldn't help but grin a bit, watching Riley awkwardly try to swim. "How can ya not be good at swimin' when you're half croc?" He swam over a bit and gently grabbed the other by the back of his shirt, pulling him somewhat close so he wouldn't slip under and began swimming back to base.

It was nice that he didn't have to use his legs to swim that often, his powerful tail doing most of the work...

Riley flushed as the other poked fun at him, smiling even as he was teased. "Never got the chance--"

Tensing visibly as the other swam over to him, he flinched as he was grabbed but didn't resist the pull. There was, however, a flash of fear that Jacque was going to do...something Not for any particular reason, just because he could. A minute of just being tugged along as the other swam relaxed him and he remained quiet, glancing over his shoulder to watch how the Sniper propelled himself along with his tail. He'd have to give that a try, once he was used to the layout of the swamp.

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He eased up his grip on the other when he saw how terrified he was on the inside, smiling sweetly, trying to show that he meant no harm.

He easily swam through the dark water, not bothered by the fish that were surely swimming right beneath him, the occasional turtle ducking under the surface. He supposed he would have to tell the other what critters were alright to mess around with and which ones he needed to stay away from, but he was sure that the Aussie had an idea...

"Yer gonna need to learn how to swim better if yer gonna live out here... Water gets pretty damn high when it rains..."

Embarrassed at his inability to swim despite his reptilian parts Riley nodded quickly, giving his tail a few weak strokes to try and help the other along, though he seemed well suited in his journey back to the base. "Oi'll try when I can," he promised quickly before resigning himself to the ride. There was an occasional lazy fish that snapped past his leg and off into the murky depths. SO far, fish and turtles seemed to be the biggest wildlife aside from the unseen crocodiles and goodness knows what else."Owe yeh big toime, mate."

The marksman looked down at Riley and smiled a bit. "Naw, y' don't owe me nothin' just don't wander too far off anymore, I might not be 'round next time t' help ya find yer way back." He looked forward, swimming around a large fallen tree, a turtle that had been resting on it quickly sliding into the water to escape the two.

"Um... Alroight." Disturbed that Jacque wouldn't accept a favor, he turned his attention to the surrounding environment, or what he could see through the shrubbery and mist. The turtle startled him and he followed its progress as it swam a little ways ways away from them and disappeared from sight. He would have rather liked to have a turtle as a pet, provided he could find someplace to make his room and store what little belongings he had brought.

"...Still, thanks. A lot." Speaking meekly to the sky overhead, the Sniper tried to keep track of the surroundings in the more than probable chance that he was out here without Jacque to take him home.

The BLU marksman gave a smile and nodded. "S no problem, jus' don't go an' make me regret it..." He replies, glancing over his shoulder a bit, those two reptilian eyes watching him closely.

He looked forward, avoiding anything that happened to be in his way, not wanting to run into any predators that may have been wandering about. They weren't too far from the base now, which was good considering how dark it was getting...

The dark was no problem for Riley because he, like Jacque, had eyes suited for the dark. It was a dark the RED Sniper was unused to. The Outback was a familiar back drop for him; the swamp was not. Kicking his feet and flicking his tail to try and quicken their pace, he listened to the sound of unfamiliar frogs croaking in unison from seemingly everywhere. Without Jacque to guide him back home, it would have been very disorienting.

They reached the bases shortly after, the sky having faded to a dark lavender, almost black, but there was a clear ring of orange where the sun had just set. "... Well, here we are... Back at the base." He let the other go once they were at the bank, waddling up onto the mud, a frog hopping away into the water.

"Just be more careful next time, alright? Don't want you to get lost in there forever."

Riley was quick to follow Jacque up onto the safety of dry land, not wanting to leave himself open for anything lurking below. Nodding to the Sniper, he took a step away, then turned, smiling faintly. "Ta, again. Wouldn't know wot woulda happened t'me if yeh hadn't come along..." Probably been ambushed by something a hell of a lot stronger then he was put he kept that to himself, smile becoming strained.

"...See yeh 'round, mate." Giving a tentative wave, he turned again and pad toward the base. He wasn't going in and instead veered away from the door, heading down the dock, around the corner and out of sight. There was still his bag, hidden under the docks, to retrieve.

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Jacque shrugged a bit and smiled. "S' no problem really. Just don't get lost again, might not be around next time." He watched the other turn and leave, sitting there for a bit before pulling himself up onto the wooden planking and heading over towards the base, guess he would go get something to eat and turn in.

Wouldn't be long before he saw the other Sniper again most likely.

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Re: Scaly Encounters [Jacque, Riley]

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Riley Bio:
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Significant Other
He's most definitely married. No doubt about it.
Name: Riley O'Neil.
Age: Forty-four.
Sex: Male.
DOB: February 17th.
Blood Type: O.
Height: 187.96 cm (6ft 2in).
Weight: 71.67 kg (158 lbs).

Team/Class: RED/Croc-Sniper.
Marital Status: Divorced.
Known languages: English, several Aboriginal dialects, can produce crocodile noises.
Nationality: Australian.
Ethnicity: Swedish-Australian.
Level of Education: High-school graduate.
Place of Birth: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Orientation: Pansexual (Refers to the potential for sexual attractions, sexual desire, or romantic love, towards people of all gender identities and biological sexes). Considers himself heterosexual however.
Disorders/Physical Ailments: Social anxiety disorder and PTS disorder/Nearsighted, prescription aviators.

Primary — Huntsman.
Secondary — Submachine gun.
Melee — Kukri.
Hat(s) — Personal Sniper hat and Ol' Snaggletooth.

Wracked with anxiety and insecurities, Riley is easily swayed by the majority’s opinion. However, when it comes to things that absolutely need to be done, he will do it, regardless of his or others comfort level or opinion. While this usually involves doing his job even with a squeamish stomach, a sudden appearance of a spine can also be associated with taking a stand on a serious issue or defending his mates. Nervous behavior aside, he’s quite easy going when relaxed and a simple guy once one gets past his tendency to run at the first sign of social conflict. Riley's antisocial tendencies usually mean he's incredibly secretive, not because he has anything to hide but because he enjoys his privacy.

Excellent Marksman — Skilled shooter. That, however, does not mean he's morally sound with shooting folks.

Bushman — Having lived and thrived in the Outback, leaning from native Aboriginals, Riley is well equipped to survive in the wilderness, living off the land. The swamps are new territory and he's going to have to learn the tricks of the trade all over again.

Craftsman — Good with his hands but only when it comes to whittling and carving wood. He has quite a collection and is open for request.

Zero Pain Threshold — He simply cannot stand mild or extreme pain. Being injured in battle will almost always incapacitate him.

Hypersensitivity — Sensitive to bright lights, loud noises, and strong, unpleasant odors. He will do anything to put as much distance between himself and the disturbance when it overwhelms him. Or just curl into a ball if escape is impossible.

Bodily Injures — Riley has suffered multiple broken bones and fractures. His worst injury thus far as been a concussion from being shoved down the stairs by his wife. Memories from prior to the incident are slightly hazy and his currently memory lapses at times.

The crocodile bite to his upper arm leave his left arm, hand, and fingers stiff sometimes but not immobile.

- Smell is the most enhanced sense.
- Has excellent night vision with no change to regular vision.
- Increased lung capacity, can hold breath for up to 30 minutes.
- Claws. And sharp teeth.
- Can digest raw meat but doesn't prefer it.
- Third eye lid like a croc, doesn't blink as much as he 'should'.

- Sense of touch is poor where body is covered in scales.
- Tail and feet make him a clumsy runner.
- Sheds teeth once a year. It's painful and embarrassing but he does use them for the heads of his arrows.
- With only the tail of a crocodile, it's impossible for him to swim gracefully.
- When bopped on the nose, he will open his mouth on reflex.

Notable Scars
- Jagged, running from the top of his right ear to the top of head, hidden by hair.
- Three thin slashes on the back of his neck, one on his lower back.
- Small, faint burn marks on knuckles, covers them with gloves.

A native of Sydney, Australia, Riley might have been born a city boy but he didn't stay that way for long. Growing up with a love for the outdoors and animals, regardless of shape and size, Riley made every effort to distance himself from Sydney. Forced into college by his parent's urging that he would never get a decent job, he attended the University of Sydney and flunked within the fist quarter. Ashamed, he retreated into the deep Outback, cutting off his ties from his parents and the few former friends he had. After securing a position as a librarian, he bought a little house on the outskirts of a town in the middle of nowhere and acclimated himself to the wilderness with the help of some friendly Aboriginals. For the next four years, Riley spent every waking moment immersed in nature when he wasn't buried among stacks of books.

A serious bite by a temperamental crocodile to the upper arm dragged him back into society, the tanned and scarred man was to find the love of his life. Marrying a Nancy Turner, everything seemed to be going right. Four years later, with a collection of broken bones, bruises and scratches, Riley was (literally) thrown out of the house along with his few belongings. The marriage annulled and Riley too shaken and broken to return to his parents, he struggled to land another job, sleeping under the stars more than one night.

A job with RED was a godsend for him even if he doesn't really believe in that sort of religious garbage. Signing up for a Sniper position, he took quickly to the new surroundings despite his shaken foundation. The RED Medic on his team took quick advantage of him and subjected him to experimentation. Riley remembers little of the encounter aside from the fact that he was a successful experiment and a well liked one at that, evident from the small 'x' on his back.

It was more out of dumb luck that Riley managed to get free and registered to be transferred as soon as possible.

Even with his height, Riley isn't imposing in the slightest. He simply does not exude that intimidating vibe; the fact that he's rather scrawny and fidgety certainly doesn't help, nor does his seemingly permanent slouch. Weighing in on the unhealthy side, Riley could be said to be plain in terms of coloration: brown eyes and hair, slightly tanned skin with the occasional scar showing. He suffers from a serious case of hat hair as his hat almost never leaves his head— he becomes physically uncomfortable without it on. Same goes for his orange aviators, which are a size too big and constantly slipping down his face.

There are some inhuman components to his appearance. The tooth that sticks crookedly out of his mouth gives away the mouth of less than pearly white jagged dental work. Clawed hands and reptilian looking feet continue to give away his less than human status but it would be the trailing crocdilian tail dragging behind him that gave up the game. With his entire back covered in scales mirroring a shrunk down version of a crocdile's back, he dislikes tight fitting clothes uncomfortable and will usually remain shirtless unless he's in unfamiliar or familiar company or during battle.

Mugshot [Art belongs to Mutiler. Thank you luv &lt;3)

Roleplay Samples
First Person
It was difficult to believe, impossible really, but I couldn't deny the fact that I'd been assigned to was horrible. Dark and deary, it was the stuff of all those horror films I'd never gotten the nerve to watch as a kid. Documentaries about lions mauling wildebeest? I can handle them. Anything even remotely close to a slasher? I'll pass.

Shifting my bag over to my other shoulder, I stared forward, trying hard not to dread what lay inside the base. Surely, the people here would be friendlier than the last batch?

Third Person
It was utterly pointless, he knew, to try and use a rifle in close range but when you were running from a Pyro from hell and your other gun had been lost over the ledge of the walkway, it was good enough. The reload took forever as he ran around the corner, nearly tripping over his own two feet in his panic, the Pyro exclaiming in glee as it shot a burst of flames that nearly caught him in the back. He could smell singed hairs.

Leaping down off the platform, he landed in a roll so as not to snap both of his legs, tossing his rifle to the side before springing to his feet. His knee protested as he snatched up his rifle but it wasn't a fracture, just old age nipping at his heels. A much better substitute to the Pyro who was glowering at him from its position, or at least he thought so. It was hard to tell with the mask in the way. Not wanting to let it get any closer than this distance, he sprinted off, hauling himself up the side of one of the wooden buildings and through the window.

Wiping the sweat from his forehead and adjusting the brim of his hat, he turned back to the window, just daring to peer out into the deserted battlefield. Safe, for now.
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