About the Town

There's a dilapidated old fishing town not too far beyond the range of Respawn, and despite the fact that it's a tired little backwater, it's still a modicum of civilization that the (human) mercenaries may visit during the off hours.
If they can get there.

About the Town

Postby Gerhard Melsbach » Wed Apr 25, 2012 8:48 pm

Some 30 minutes walk from either base in a vaguely Northerly direction, the tiny town of Innsmouth isn't really much to look at.
All the buildings are up on stilts to prevent them being flooded in the wet season, and the lonely little graveyard is built up high to prevent the dead from being washed away.

There are two main section to the town; the Upper and the Lower.
Upper Innsmouth is the space that is currently livable and holds the main centers of shopping and the residential district, with a boat dock at the far end where the local fishermen tie up their dinghies after a long day of gathering the river's bounty. You can find the small local clinic, with the town's only doctor, as well as the inn, home to the local drinking hole, and a few small mom-pop type shops where you can buy imported goods such as bread, tea, and synthetic clothing.
Lower Innsmouth is the part of town that was sunken into the swamp during a terrible flood of years ago, and some of the poorer locals can still be found trying to scavenge from the ruins. It's said that a voodoo priestess lives somewhere in the midst of the destruction, and the bodies that were never recovered from the drowned homes are under her control.

The locals are generally helpful, and you can open tabs pretty much in any shop that will be paid out of your monthly salary.
Just... Don't ask about the flood. They get antsy.
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