An overview of what to expect from the roleplay. You're expected to read this, and it is required in order to be accepted.


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Section 1

General & Roleplay

- Be mindful of the game's setting. It takes place at the titular Swamp Rat during the late 80s-early 90s. Horror is a thematic element, so expect darker content. As this is a swamp, supplies will arrive via train or boat, depending on the fluctuations of the water levels. One can expect gators, snakes, and other such creatures to be present. Also, the weather leans towards overcast or storms.

- Also take into consideration the pseudo-modernism: Characters may think and speak in a more current fashion as opposed to TF2's 50s era. Better living standards, differing social values, and more advanced technology are all plausible. (However, this is a war setting, thus luxuries and certain commodities will be sparse.) No iPods blasting Ke$ha please. The time and month correspond to the current date IRL* [in real life]. For example, if it were July 30th, 2011, it would be July 30th, 19XX in game.
*Posting in a thread timestamped a day older or more is an exception. If a thread was started on the 30th, any response to said thread is automatically treated as occuring on the original day unless otherwise stated.

- No power-playing or godmodding. The former refers to taking control of another person's character. The latter is when you assume all strikes (in terms of combat) land on an opponent. Nobody likes a control freak, and nobody likes a cheater either.

- Literacy is important. Threads should be written from a third person perspective and either past OR present tense (we're flexible on that regard, but choose one and stick to it.) Anything else is best left for the IRC.

- We expect full sentences when you respond. Length is subjective as quality does not equal quantity. We'll take issue with you when we start seeing one-word replies. And remember, as this is a group roleplay, there may be more than two people tagging in a thread at once. A good rule of thumb is to start a queue where players tag in order (A tags B tags C tags A tags B, etc.) Tea-partying is exclusive behavior and not very nice. Patience is a virtue!

- Please don't expect people to flock towards you when you throw your character out in the middle of nowhere. Roleplay is about character interaction, and it's rather difficult to interact when people lack a reason to do so. At least communicate with your fellow players if you'd like to set up some sort of rescue mission (or similar plotline.)

Section 2

Application Process

- The application template can be found here.

- Please allow 72 hours for an admin to get back to you on your application. If more than three days have elapsed, you may email (Head Admin) or (Secondary Admin).

- If your application is denied, a reason will be stated and you may re-attempt the application process at a later date.

-Other players as well as admins and moderators have the right to critique or comment on your application, so long as it is polite and constructive. Don't take it personally, it is part of the application process.

Section 3


- Each team has a total of 36 combatants, excluding Team Leaders and four mystery extras, or Specials. We encourage four of each class and no more than seven. (A class ban may be enacted if we receive too many applicants.) -This is currently skimmed due to low membership, but still encouraged.

- As a precaution, we recommend that characters are no younger than 22. Anyone below the age limit is most likely inexperienced (and thus unlikely to be hired). Medics and Engineers are classes that require higher education and should have a minimum age of approximately 35 (regardless if they still have their certifications or not).

Exceptions are made and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Contact an admin if you want to explain your case.

- No Mary Sues or Gary Stus. Perfection grows dull quickly. We want to see room for character development. We want flaws. We want ammo for the Announcer!
Here is a test you can take to check and see if your character is at risk for being a Gary Stu.

- Stay true to your character. People change over time, yes, but this isn't Mr. Jekyll and Hyde. With this said, we consider your application to be a guideline and not set in stone.

-Don't be afraid to think outside the box! This is sort of an off-the-wall setting, so coming up with characters who are different from the canon classes and class stereotypes are encouraged and welcomed!

- Relationships come in many shapes and sizes. Not everyone has to get along with your character and don't take it personally. Conflict is fun!

- Romance is generally a big part of roleplay. While it's all good and fun, we're not here to ship characters right off the bat. Let things build up realistically. No, seriously, keep your pants on.

Section 4


- When it comes to replying, we've a bare minimum of once every two weeks (a more frequent pace is preferred). We also have a monthly Activity Check, and you will be email notified of it.

- There are many ways to stay in contact with the admins and your fellow players. It's mandatory that you have some sort of messenger (AIM/MSN/YIM/Steam/Skype) OR access to our IRC channel @ #SwampRatCorp (most commonly used is our Steam Group Chat).
Don't be afraid to poke each other and plan threads.

- Valid reasons for a hiatus are: Vacation, holidays, family issues, etc. A hiatus may last no longer than a month (4 weeks). At 4 weeks, you will be marked as Inactive and will receive an email stating this and you will have a week to put up a post of some kind or message an Admin. After that week, you and your characters are considered Deceased and your account will be deleted. It's your responsibility to keep active, and 5 weeks is more than enough time to toss up a post or two.

-If you do need to leave for whatever reason, PLEASE notify us either through PM or in the Absence and Limited Availability thread. If you don't notify us and suddenly become inactive, it will be assumed that you simply didn't care/lost interest and your characters and accounts are much more likely to be deleted.

Section 5


- Absolutely no OOC drama. Everything that goes on in the game is fictional and should not cause a disturbance; if you have a problem with one of the players, please contact a moderator instead of making a scene. You only get one warning before you're kicked from the game.

- When reporting someone, we require either proof of the infraction or a witness. Moderators take a lot of time to make sure things run smoothly, and abuse of this effort is not tolerated. If someone happens to be harassing you outside of the forum and over another medium, it is within your right to report this. Your mod team cares about you!

- Moderators operate on a checks-and-balances-esque system. If one of the admins or mods aren't overly fond of you, the others are allowed to vouch for you. So if you believe that you aren't in the wrong, remember to speak up and ask for a second opinion.
Current Admins are: Gerhard Melsbach, The Announcer, Henry Adams, Puffin.
Current Mods are: ~

-Rudeness to your fellow players and admins will NOT be tolerated. Repeat offenses WILL result in a ban, eventually a permanent ban and deletion if the offenses are repeated.
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