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PostPosted: Wed Nov 09, 2011 11:52 pm
by Gerhard Melsbach
Due to the current low activity, a few new rules are being implemented in the hopes that they will help boost activity.

1) No user may have a second character until they first reach 20 posts with their first character.

2) A new character's first post must be made within two days of the character application's acceptance.

3) A character that has not been played in over 2 weeks without prior notice from the user will have their profile moved to the Graveyard and an admin or moderator must be contacted to have the character reactivated.

4) If a user in Inactive for over a month without a Leave of Absence post or PMing an Admin, that user's profile will be deleted. Posts and character application will remain, but the profile will be gone and the user will have to make a new profile if they wish to come back.

Extra notes for people starting with Specials or who would like to have a Special:
+If Special slots are full, a Special character may still be made if the person wishing to make a Special has made 100+ posts on the site with other characters and has had an Application approved by an Admin or Mod via PM.
+If Special slots are NOT full, a Special character may be apped as normal.


PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2013 5:04 pm
by Gerhard Melsbach
Further Addendum:

We have been getting a LOT of spam bots attempting to apply to the site in the past few months. If you are someone who has attempted to apply within that time, please note that you have likely been lost in the clutter and deleted along with the spam bots. There is a new Guest Access forum where you can ask around and get yourself back into the account application process, and if you still wish to join, it is there that you should direct your questions and complaints.

Also note that display names of accounts should all be your Primary Character's name, and even if you have applied under a pseudonym, you should change to your Primary Character's name within a week of character acceptance.