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  • RED Base
    The RED barracks jut out of the swamp here. The base looks like some sort of sheet metal disaster, the outside rusted from the swamp moisture. The RED painted on is near unreadable from the warping of the metal, but you guess it can be made out. On entry to the base, however, it looks strangely spotless. There is not a single speck of dust, and no rust to be noted. However, all the glass in the windows is missing. It looks like most of it fell out, and some was snapped out after.
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    Fri Nov 04, 2016 3:30 am
  • BLU Base
    The BLU barracks lie here. The BLU logo that lies above it hangs from a nail, the sloppily painted BLU logo scraping off with age. The windows are boarded up, the nails that hold the boards there rusty from exposure. You swear you see a large spiderweb out of the corner of your eye, but can't bear to look. The floorboards creak as you move inside, and the light coating of dust compliments the cobwebs and aged wood inside. It looks like someone recently halfheartedly tried to clean up the place. They didn't do a very good job of it.
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  • Battlements
    Where the combat commences. Battles currently are not occurring due to a rash of missing teammates; a Ceasefire is in effect and has been for some time due to increasingly strange and unusual circumstances.
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  • The Docks
    Where everyone arrives. Arrival is not team-separate, and we trust you'll be able to figure out which you're on. We send supplies plus purchases every month, on the first. The original dock was destroyed, and the current one is still only half-finished, so you're dropped off a bit of a ways up the bank where its safer to land. Just don't get lost.
    The team Warehouses also stand out near here, or at least used to. RED's is the only one still standing, while BLUs seems to have been burned to the ground. Or maybe exploded. Or both.
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    Fri Nov 22, 2013 1:22 am
  • In The Swamp
    The swamp that is a fixture surrounding the battlefield. The swamp, like most, is quite full of trees, moss, and most notably leeches. There are some strange things that pop out of the waters; are you willing to brave into them?
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  • In Town
    There's a dilapidated old fishing town not too far beyond the range of Respawn, and despite the fact that it's a tired little backwater, it's still a modicum of civilization that the (human) mercenaries may visit during the off hours.
    If they can get there.
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