First Floor

The first floor of RED base is where all the action happens, from sparring to medical mishaps to general cooking hi-jinks, this is where it happens.
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  • Front Porch
    A little space before the main entrance that looks out over the Battlefield and the swamps beyond. A nice spot to sit and chat when there's nothing on the television.
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  • Infirmary
    Where the medical staff of the base tends to roam. There is an Office hidden in the very back past the Laboratory, where a small number of tanks sit and bubble quietly.
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  • Kitchen
    The kitchen and dining area's dividing line is a layer of once-white tile, now covered in grime. Here is the less than perfect kitchen, full of canned goods, counters, and the team bulletin board.
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  • Dining Room
    The communal, cafeteria-style dining area, with 7 tables and enough chairs to seat everyone in the whole base. It's connected to the Kitchen, and contains the stairwell that leads upstairs into the Common Room.
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  • Laundry Room
    Where the laundry happens. Unfortunately, RED doesn't wash clothes unless you respawn in them, and so this cramped little room has all the commodities for you to do it yourself.
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  • Bathroom
    Where the mercenaries go for a handwash or otherwise. There's quite a few stalls in case of food poisoning, but there's only one bathroom; no gender divide.
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  • Showers
    The place one goes to wash up. In total, there are 20 showers and 36 lockers; more than enough. The lockers centerpiece the stall-showers, which only have a curtain to protect from prying eyes. Same as the bathroom, this is unisex.
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    Tue Jan 31, 2012 1:29 am
  • Storage Rooms
    There are three total storage rooms, and anyone is allowed to put things here. Anyone is also allowed to take things others put here, so beware.
    One of these Storage Rooms is reserved to hold equipment for the Shooting Range.
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  • Shooting Range
    The range is an open space of land graded with gravel with targets set up at varying distances. You can get spare equipment from one of the Storage Rooms if you're looking to shoot more than paper targets.
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  • Weapons Development
    A large research station for the team to attempt to develop improved weapons. There are no chemicals supplied, and if they're needed they must be ordered.
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  • Exercise Room
    A place for working out and a little play wrestling, if you're into that sort of thing. It doesn't have the best equipment, but it's good enough to keep the Heavies in shape.
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  • Generator Room
    The backup generators sit behind the Infirmary, lined up safe and sound atop concrete and surrounded by wood. Though old and dusty, these four generators are the lifeblood of the base, and should be treated with care.
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